My CF Seems to be The Main Heroine Volume 1 Chapter 10 part 3

“I’m sorry~!”
Despite coming from girls barely in their teens, there was an intimidating aura. The bullies shed tears as they apologized.
“Fine. But don’t ever make fun of Saito again. Otherwise, I’ll throw you again.”
Satisfied with the apologies, Lily punctuated her statement and quickly returned to Saito.
“Did it! I did it, Saito! They apologized properly!”
“Yeah, good job.”
And then, Lily, with a joyful shout, embraced Saito, saying that she, too, could fight and change the world a little. Saito, looking pleased, playfully tousled her hair with excitement.

On that day, the girl named Lily Machigane changed.
No longer the tragic heroine always frightened and seeking help from others, she took a step towards becoming a strong heroine who would face any difficulty, despite her immaturity.

(Feeling the gaze)
Lily had similar thoughts to Saito.
However, unlike Saito, she knew exactly who the gaze was from, and it was clear.
Glancing in that direction, she made eye contact with her ex-boyfriend.
He quickly averted his gaze, as if saying, “Didn’t see anything.”
Even though he was trying to act like nothing happened, it was evident that he was trying to hide. That was Nishizono Haruki.
Having been in a relationship for just two years, Lily could somewhat understand what Haruki was thinking.
Not as much as Saito,
but Haruki was also relatively straightforward.
(He’s probably trying to help me again, like the first time with Akashi.)
Haruki started glancing at Lily all of a sudden today, and she couldn’t help but figure things out.
That her ex-boyfriend also possesses memories from the past, just like her.
And for some reason, she couldn’t understand, he seems to be attempting to start over with her.
(He’s really stupid.)
Haruki, without any doubt, thinks he can recreate everything just like in the first life.
To Lily, it’s pitiful. Because if he just takes a moment to look around, it should be easy to see that Lily is different from the Lily of the past.
She now has close friends, including a childhood friend who didn’t exist in the first life.
She talks to Kai that she used to avoid,
and she has friends who didn’t exist before.
Just by glancing around, it should be noticeable.
But Haruki, without confronting that reality, continues to behave as if everything is the same as the first life.
He’s waiting for an event that shouldn’t happen.
What else can you say but pity for someone trying to repeat the same things from the first life like a broken machine?
Feeling a sense of absurdity, all the hatred, disgust, and anger towards being cheated on became meaningless.
I was also stupid to be caught up with such a person.
(If you regret it so much, you should’ve never dated him again.)
With a curse in her mind, she opened her favorite book to calm herself.
Then, a folded paper fell from the gap in the book.
“What’s this?”
Lily, who didn’t remember putting anything other than a bookmark between the pages, picked it up and opened it to check the contents.
[Waiting on the rooftop after school. From Makabe]
The letter called for a meeting on the rooftop.
Considering the sender’s name being the same as the person who confessed to her on the first day of high school, the reason for the meeting is likely another confession.
Lily sighed, feeling troubled by the situation.


Time goes by and it is after school.
After seeing Saito off to the library, Lily headed to the rooftop mentioned in the letter.
Honestly, she didn’t want to go.
She thought about pretending she didn’t see it and going back.
Because since the day of the confession, Lily and Makabe, the boy in question, hadn’t exchanged a single word.
In other words, the situation was almost the same as when he confessed for the first time, and the outcome was obvious.
Was it really necessary to go and convey this?
But, thinking that if she didn’t, she would keep getting confessed to, Lily reluctantly decided to go.
Opening the door to the rooftop, this time the roles were reversed. Makabe was waiting for Lily.
“Thank you for coming today, Machigane san.”
“I really didn’t want to come, you know.”
“Haha, that’s harsh.”
Makabe, noticing Lily’s presence, welcomed her with a genuinely happy smile.
However, Lily, with a touch of sarcasm, made a disdainful remark, and Makabe scratched his head apologetically.
That sight strangely irritated her. “What’s the matter?” Lily, wanting to end this quickly, straightforwardly asked about the purpose.
“It’s the same as that day. Will you go out with me?”

“No, thank you.”

Immediate response.

Moreover, in the middle of his lines…

“Hehe, ahahaha.”
As expected, it seemed that Makabe’s business was a confession. The moment this became clear, despite Makabe still talking, Lily cut him off decisively.
When she conveyed that she had no intention of dating, Makabe’s face twisted in frustration, but then he broke into laughter as if something had snapped.
In response to Makabe’s sudden change in demeanor, Lily’s instincts rang alarm bells, and she took a step back.
“Hehe, yeah, I knew. This was bound to happen. Because Lily Machigane hates men. She can’t even talk to them, let alone get close. She can’t make others truly understand her. So, I observed Lily Machigane from a distance, thinking about how I could date you. And I observed Saito Minazuki, thinking about how I could be friends. But no matter how much I observed and thought, a direct approach was impossible for a mob like me. So, I had a revelation. I should use underhanded tactics. I should resort to threats! Hey, if you don’t want to die, date me! Lily Machigane.”
As soon as he said that, Makabe took out a box cutter from his pocket and attacked.
Just then, the door swung open, and Haruki, with a panicked expression, appeared.
“Who the hell are you? Don’t get in the way!”
“Lily, run! I’ll handle this.”
A sudden intruder appeared.
Haruki, standing protectively in front of Lily, must have seemed like an interference to Makabe.
The target shifted from Lily to Haruki, and Makabe, armed with a knife, approached.
Seeing that, Haruki urgently instructed Lily to run.
“Get lost.”
However, Lily didn’t obey.
Instead, in defiance of the order, she slipped past Haruki and glared at Makabe.
At that moment, Makabe had already swung the knife towards Lily’s face, and a direct hit was inevitable.
Just when everyone thought that, Lily’s hand grabbed Makabe’s arm just in time, preventing the knife from hitting.
Both men were wide-eyed at the unexpected turn of events.
Leaving the two men in disbelief, Lily moved on to the next action.
She grabbed Makabe’s collar, pulled him close,
Then, when he was off balance, tripped him and twisted his arm, locking the joint.
“Ow, ow, Lily. What the hell is going on!?”
“Who knows? What could it be?”
Makabe, who had underestimated Lily just because she was a woman, was restrained by Lily. Not intending to answer his questions seriously, Lily twisted his arm to the limit and made him drop the box cutter.
“Haruki, pick that up.”
“Uh, okay.”
Unable to release Makabe due to the restraints, Lily instructed Haruki to retrieve the knife, and Haruki did so with a bewildered expression.
Then, with overflowing questions, Haruki asked:
“Are you really the Lily Machigane I know? The one from the past?”
Due to having memories of the past, Haruki knew Lily from her vulnerable times.
So, the current scene must have been unbelievably shocking for him.
In response, Lily laughed and answered:
“I am Lily Machigane. The same Lily Machigane you cheated on and abandoned. But, thanks to someone’s influence, I might be a bit different now.”
With that,
Haruki, at that moment, widened his eyes to the extreme and soon shed tears.

A little time passed, a few minutes later.
Hearing about the attack on Machigane san on the rooftop, Saito and Minaka hurried to the scene.
When the two arrived, they saw Lily holding down a man who seemed to be the attacker.
Saito proudly stated that it was as he said when he saw that.
“…No way.”
Seeing that, Minaka muttered under her breath, then stood still in astonishment.”

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