Mob Villain In An Otome Game Volume 2 Chapter 13 part 5

I was then guided to a spacious area, likely the training grounds outside the main palace. Elias and the others were either sitting on chairs placed along the veranda or standing to watch. It was almost like a small festival.
I believe this type of event is called a “public match” in historical dramas. Even though the main purpose was for Farah and I to meet, somehow it had turned into a demonstration of my martial arts. Well, it’s likely the result of various underlying motives. But they fired the first shot. As the saying goes, “If you’re going to poison me, at least do it with a nice plate.” Glancing at the veranda, I saw my father sitting next to Elias, but his expression seemed even more stern than usual.
Our eyes met, and I could see him letting out a deep sigh. Shouldn’t he be cheering me on a bit more as his son participating in a public match? However, Rubens, who was standing near my father, gave me an encouraging wink and a thumbs up. I should take this as a good opportunity to showcase the results of our usual training.
Suddenly, I heard a voice calling “Lord Reed” behind me. Turning around, I saw Diane there with a rather sinister smile on her face. She then quietly handed me a wooden sword.
“Please, use this.”
“Ah, thank you.”
I wonder why Diane brought the wooden sword? While I was puzzled, I simply accepted it and thanked her. She then leaned in and whispered in my ear.
“It seems they very much want Lord Reed to be thoroughly embarrassed in this match. They had prepared a poor-quality wooden sword for you. I have selected this wooden sword for you instead. It’s not a wooden sword, but a wooden saber, but please don’t worry…”
“I never thought they would go that far…”
They must be desperate, I thought. But more than that, there was something ominous about Diane’s aura. There seemed to be a dark presence swirling around her. She stared straight at me and murmured coldly and cruelly.
“Make sure to deliver an unforgiving punishment to those insolent ones… Absolutely.”
“Uh, yeah, I understand.”
After hearing my response, she gave me a satisfied smile. It was a very charming smile, but the dark anger behind it was still visible.
I took off my outer robe and gave it to Diane, getting myself into a more comfortable outfit for movement. It seems my opponent’s preparations are still not complete, so I spend the waiting time doing some warm-up exercises.
But who will my opponent be? When I was brought to this place, Norris gave me a suspicious look mixed with disgust and said, “Please wait a moment. Appropriate arrangements for your opponent are being made.”
Those in positions of power should at least refrain from displaying malice on their faces. It seems they are looking down on me simply because I am a child.
As I glanced at the veranda while warming up, I noticed Queen Liesel appears to be scolding Elias and Norris about something. I wonder what happened?
By the way, Eltia has his eyes closed, seemingly disinterested in the forthcoming sparring match. Princess Farah and her guard are looking this way. At that moment, Farah’s eyes met mine, and I responded with a smile. She then averted her gaze, her ears twitching slightly up and down. Noticing this, Eltia admonished her again. Yes, I’ve seen this scene before.
The guard girl is gazing at me with what seems to be interest, or perhaps more accurately, observation. I wonder if there’s something she’s curious about? Just then, Elias called out to me.
“Lord Reed, my apologies for the wait. Are you ready?”
“Yes, I’m ready whenever you are.”
I bowed to Elias before answering. Next to him, Queen Liesel seems to be in a rather foul mood.
“Hmm, well, it’s just that someone suddenly insisted on directly testing your abilities, and that’s what took the time. Forgive me.”
“Understood. I am honored that someone wishes to directly assess my abilities.”
As I answered Elias, I recalled what Diane had told me about the wooden sword. It’s likely that the modifications to the sword, as well as arranging an opponent, were done by Norris. In that case, I need not hold back. As Diane said, I should strike with the heart of a hammer, regardless of who the opponent is.
“Then, let me introduce your opponent. It is my son, Raycis-Renalute.”


I was taken aback by the unexpected opponent. I certainly didn’t anticipate that the prince would appear as Norris’s proxy. At that moment, as if on cue from Elias’s words, Prince Raycis emerged from the inner part of the veranda, wearing loose training clothes and even donning protective gear. Ah, I see, that’s why it took time to get ready.
Stepping onto the veranda in his tabi socks, Raycis slowly started walking towards me, a wooden sword already gripped in his hand, exuding a determined air.
Glancing towards the veranda, I noticed my father’s shoulders slumped as he looked down. Rubens, as usual, was smiling and winking at me, giving me a thumbs up… but when he turned his gaze to the prince, he swiftly rotated the thumb 180 degrees. I’d like to tell him not to blatantly boo the prince of another country.
Diane then made Rubens put his hand down and shook her head. That’s right, booing the prince of another country is not allowed. As I was thinking this, Diane also flashed me a smile, giving a firm thumbs up. Then, bringing the raised thumb to the left side of her neck, she tilted her head up slightly, adopting a condescending gaze as she slowly moved the thumb from left to right across the front of her neck, slightly turning her head to the left. Her face remained smiling, but her actions were the most atrocious. I hope no one else noticed that fleeting gesture.
Seeing Rubens and Diane’s smiles, I couldn’t help but let out a sigh. Noticing this, Raycis furrowed his brow, his expression filled with disdain.
“…You seem awfully relaxed. But the kind of sophistry you used earlier won’t work on me.”
Sophistry? Was he referring to the conversation I had with Elias in the main palace? I had intended to logically explain the merits of the marriage, of course with a bit of bluffing, but that shouldn’t have been excessive. After all, Elias seemed interested, and my father didn’t object.
To simply dismiss it as sophistry makes it seem his vision is quite narrow. That’s when I recalled Zack’s words.
[He has become intelligent, but due to his infatuation with Norris, inconsistencies have begun to appear in his behavior as a prince.]
While the wording may not be exact, that was the gist of it… Suddenly, I murmured inwardly.
(“So Zack knew about this…”)
That’s why he used heavy words like “break the prince’s heart” and “a request from the nobles.” In other words, I thought I had recruited him, but instead, I’ve ended up being the one manipulated and utilized effectively. I couldn’t help but chuckle at the realization. Zack… Just who is he, exactly? Next time, I’d like to question him thoroughly. Even if I end up on the receiving end.
“Oi, what are you grinning about by yourself?”
“Ah, just a moment of reminiscent amusement…”
“Tch. I don’t like you.”
Wow, Prince Raycis’s foul-mouthed response is quite intense. Even though I’m the son of a nobleman, this reaction is unbecoming of a royal. What is causing him to be so clouded in his judgment? Well, I might as well give it my all. At that moment, as if judging that both of us were ready, Elias’s voice echoed throughout the area.
“Then, Lord Reed and Prince Raycis will now have a duel before us. The rules are that the one who admits defeat or is judged unable to continue the match will lose.”
When I heard the rules, I had an idea and raised my hand to speak.
“Your Majesty Elias, I’d like to add one thing to that proposal.”
“…What is it?”
My question drew curious looks from those around me, but I continued without hesitation.
“Presumptuous as it may be, I would like to request that only Your Majesty Elias be allowed to judge if the match is unable to continue.”
“Hmm. I suppose I can allow that, but do you think I’m being too merciful?”
“No, this is an important match. I don’t want anyone other than Your Majesty Elias and Prince Raycis to interfere…”
I glanced at Norris as I said that. He seemed to have noticed my gaze and was looking at me with obvious disdain. Elias, seemingly having understood my intent, gave a cunning smile.
“Very well. The match will continue until one admits defeat or I judge it unable to continue. Is that acceptable?”
“Yes, thank you very much.”
Raycis, who had been watching the exchange with Elias, still had an expression full of aversion directed at me.
“Hmph. My father may be lenient towards a noble’s son, but that won’t help you. The moment you stepped onto this stage, your defeat was already decided. At best, you can just tuck your tail between your legs and go back to your backwater in Magnolia.”
” …… “
…Calling the Baldia territory, where my father rules, a backwater? Does he not know that it borders Renalute? I don’t feel good about being called that, but I’ll just let it slide as childish talk. However, he continues to speak brazenly.
“And I hear your mother has been bedridden for a long time due to illness? In the first place, can you even wield a sword, you with a sickly mother you can’t even cure? You’d be better off sucking on your mother’s breasts than holding a sword!”
The moment I heard his words, I felt something inside me start to crack, despite having ignored his previous comments about me. I don’t mind him insulting me, and I could probably overlook him belittling the Baldia territory too. But insulting my mother, who is desperately fighting her illness even now, is something I absolutely cannot forgive.
He must have learned about my mother’s illness through Norris’ machinations, trying to provoke me into making a mistake. Ignoring Raycis, I turned to Elias and shouted.
“Your Majesty Elias, please give the signal to start!”
“Very well. Then, the duel before us shall begin!”

Norris smirked to himself upon hearing the signal to start the match. He had miscalculated earlier when that [boy] had made his presence known. However, by having the duel and pitting Raycis against him, things were progressing as planned.
Raycis was unrivaled among his peers in Renalute, already wielding swordsmanship on par with adults. He had instilled in the prince a hatred for that impertinent brat. Surely, he would give that kid a trauma deep enough to make him never want to have anything to do with Renalute again. That way, they could proclaim to the world that he is unworthy of Princess Fara.
Even as a vassal state, Magnolia cannot completely ignore the opinions coming from Renalute. If that happens, the marriage between the princess and the imperial family will become a little clearer. For now, the important thing is to go from zero to one. Norris, thinking his plan was proceeding smoothly, smirked at the sight.
“Do a good job, you foolish prince.”

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