Geek Mob Mercenary Chapter 63

HMob #63: “However, until the culprit is arrested, please do not leave here. Attempting to exit may make you a suspect.”

Lucky Madam Rossweise didn’t speak more to me, so the first 12 hour break ended without incident.

The next day’s shift was similarly dull.

All invited guests attended.

With all necessities prepared the previous day, no vendors came and went.

The gala itself must be busy, but security around the colony is extremely idle.

Of course something could still happen so I can’t be negligent.

But there was one change.

Those who handled the queues were assigned to gala security.

Probably to [keep them close].

Well, if they’re good-looking and behave properly, nobles would want to tie them down.

Especially the [Plumed Helmet] duo.

Arthur and Lady Sailer are also prime catches, so it’ll be tough…

This was likely the aim from the start.

I can only pray my acquaintances return safely.

When the second day’s shift ended, I returned to the lodging colony.

Those assigned to gala security had come back.

Some seemed happy, others disappointed, and some furious.

The two female acquaintances in particular were absolutely livid.

“Utterly preposterous! Demands to be my guard are one thing, but be my lover?! Deranged!”

Lady Sailer grew metaphorical demon horns, crushing a juice can.

“Why are all nobles so loathsome…? Would it be bad to reduce that whole colony to space dust…?”

Madam Rossweise muttered dangerous things!

Please stop, you could actually do it!

Meanwhile their partners? Arthur and Lambert were exhausted wrecks.

Likely swarmed by female nobles.

Well, it’s the protagonist’s fate.

After listening to their griping a while,

as I’m relaxing, having eaten and bathed, an emergency alarm blares.

[Emergency! Emergency! Unidentified fleet approaching, refusing identification so likely pirates or raiders! Combat personnel immediately prepare to sortie! Non-combatants evacuate then standby to escape! I repeat…]

The standard emergency broadcast.

I hurried into my suit and shuttle, joining interception as instructed by control.

The attackers were just small crafts and drones but abnormally numerous – I estimated 700-800.

Frankly, besides the colonies themselves the venue and lodging colonies have nothing of value.

Stripping them is time consuming, intact resale requires avoidance of tracking and high costs.

So the aim would be taking the attending nobles hostage for ransom.

That cannot be allowed.

[Control to all! Let none of them near the colonies! Interior security, secure the entrances!]

Control understands, aptly commanding us.

At that signal we began interception.

But I soon felt something was off.

[What gives?! They’ve got no substance!]

[My blows have no impact!]


Absolutely no feedback.

They nominally attack and pursue, but the movements lack vigor.

I’d write it off as them being drones, but the manned ships lack it too.

So Molyze and Levin, eager to flex their skills, complain.

Could the gala host have provided them for an event?

That’d be pretty bad.

[Chill out! It’s an easy job! And look – those two are going all out so leave it to them!]

As Uncle Bernard says, on the battlefield before us Lady Sailer and Madam Rossweise are rampaging.

[I’m loyal to Arthur alone! Don’t cling to my Arthur, garbage messes!]

[Don’t approach me, you disgusting creatures!]

Along with furious shouts, the drones and small ships are obliterated with immense force.

At risk of total annihilation. Getting too close would be disastrous.

The other mercs keep their distance, aware of that.

[But…Lambert was seriously different. Didn’t seem like this when we had our heart-to-heart…]

Watching Madam Rossweise decimate the drones, Levin muttered that.

True enough.

The one raging is Madam Rossweise herself.

But from the outside it likely appears Lambert is piloting and providing support for the shouting Madam Rossweise.

Thanks to the two enraged maidens, the attackers fell silent after just 46 minutes.

And so we received the fresh mission of clearing the resultant debris…

Which fell to those on break, of course.

Should’ve slept earlier.

By the time debris cleanup ended, only 2 hours remained until shift swap.

I napped 90 minutes then headed to the dock, but oddly everyone had returned despite shifts changing on site.

Before I could wonder why,

[Attention all. Return to your assigned rooms immediately. Do not exit until permitted. Doing so risks apprehension as a murderer. Details will follow. For now obediently follow instructions. I repeat. Attention all…]

A bizarre announcement.

Seems something happened at the gala venue colony.

The contents suggest a famous detective was attending that party.

Unsure how long confinement will last, I take the chance to nap again.

About 4 hours later,

[Apologies for the wait. All staff and mercs currently at the lodging colony, gather in the central hall immediately. I repeat. Currently at the lodging colony…]

I’m awoken by the summons and head to the hall used for the initial briefing.

There, the security captain stands with someone who seems to be a detective.

“Ah, hello. I’m Investigator Viboid Royman of the Tammo Capital Police Investigation Division, the closest department to here. Though I came regarding the reported raiders, a murder investigation arose… “

He’s a tired-looking young man in a worn suit.

“The victim is party attendee Earl Badis Chilargis Gaizam. Cause of death stabbing – multiple wounds on his chest. The scene was inside the Earl’s room. The culprit is still being urgently investigated. Over there, the famous wise Baron’s grandson is dramatically revealing deductions or something.”

So one was present – the detective alias death!

And from the repeated stabs, that Earl had quite the grudge against him.

“Also, I’ll declare now that all present at this lodging colony are clear. Accounts confirm the victim was alive when you were battling the raiders.”

With a fed up air, Investigator Royman proclaimed our lack of involvement.

But his next words tensed me up.

“However, until the culprit is arrested, please do not leave here. Attempting to exit may make you a suspect.”

Investigator Royman’s eyes then were incredibly sharp.

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