Before the tutorial begins chapter 47 part 2

I love you, more than anything, more than anyone, forever.

Hundreds of thunderbolts imbued with the full depth of emotion struck the girl’s body, not a single one missing its mark.

Snow explodes.

Lightning dances.

Clouds disperse.

It is nothing short of a natural disaster.

Torrential downpours of lightning strikes capable of altering the climate and terrain have descended.

It matters not that this is the spiritual world.

In fact, being the spiritual world makes it all the more effective.

This is a rare opportunity to kill the master’s heart without risking the danger of killing the master themself.

A chance for Keraunos to create the “good child” it desires and establish a relationship.

[Now, Jupiter, have you properly reflected? If you have, then apologize sincerely with your words. “I’m sorry. I was wrong. My only family is Papa. I don’t need anything else. From now on, I’ll change my heart and do everything Papa says. The only one I love is Papa. As long as I have Papa, that’s enough. Papa is everything. I’ll marry Papa. PapaPapaPapaPapaPapaPapaPapaPapa”—-Come now, my good child, recite this word-for-word without a single deviation. If you don’t obey, the punishment will continue.]

Forcing submission after unleashing unprecedented violence.

For Keraunos, who knows only power and paternal love, this was a perfect checkmate.


“…………Absolutely not.”

As the howling wind and snow subsided, the sight revealed before Keraunos was one that made it doubt its own eyes.

In the center of the snow-covered field bombarded by hundreds of black thunderbolts, the girl stood unwavering, glaring at it.

Her breathing is labored.

Her entire body trembles, her legs convulsing like a newborn fawn.

Yet, the girl did not cease standing.

Exposed to the ferocity of black lightning equivalent to a hundred deaths, she remained unyielding and resolute.

The question “Why?” emerges in the beast’s mind.

It should be impossible to endure.

A weak girl without any power should have no means to withstand its onslaught.

[…………What did you do?]

In response to Keraunos’ interrogation, the girl holds up the pouch hanging from her neck.

“This has lots of accessories inside. All kinds of conversion-type resistance accessories.”

I know.

Those are the clever sources of debuffs that are restraining the power I manifested in the real world.

How dare those insignificant insects trap me, the self-proclaimed paragon, in a trap – the me in the real world is raging at this, but that’s just the physical world.

In the spiritual world where souls intersect, the shackles of reality hold no meaning.

Everything is as the heart desires.

Since Keraunos has defined itself as invincible, it is so in this world.

Therefore, debuffs should have no effect—-.


At this, the beast realizes.

What did the girl just say?

[Conversion-type resistance accessories…?]

Not debuffs, but conversion.

Accessories that gain resistance to attributes in proportion to the decreased status.

In the real world, Keraunos’ power is currently in the process of plummeting.

Even at the maximum estimate, its current ability values are around 40% of normal.

More than half of its status has been used for the insignificant purpose of increasing resistance.


Doubt arises in the beast’s soul.

Is the collection of accessories the girl possesses truly prepared only to debilitate Keraunos?

[……Could it be]

Before the beast’s thoughts could be verbalized, the silver-haired girl reveals the truth.

“All the resistance gained from the many accessories in here is against ‘miasma’ and ‘lightning’. In other words, they are for protecting against black lightning.”

As expected, the answer came back.

Miasma and thunder, combined to grant resistance to black lightning.

I see, in that case keraunos own attacks should be able to be defended against as well.

That also explains why the girl’s heart didn’t break.

But this resistance business is really just about Jupiter in the real world.

[In this world of yours, decorative trinkets won’t do you any good!]

“Precisely because this is that world,”

The girl spoke, her lips moving like flower petals.

“This is the world of the heart. The strength of one’s feelings determines how things are here.”

Since Keraunos had defined his self in this world as being in a perfect state, that is how he is now.

So if the girl in front of him similarly defined “the power of the accessories I have is immense,” then what would happen?

It’s obvious.

That is what would happen.

The gems in the pouch displayed power far exceeding their real-world effects, shielding their owner from countless black lightning strikes.

“I was mistaken, thinking this was a world you controlled.”

—-Escape, defense, even death, none of it was possible.

—-A hell where one must endure the beast’s senseless violence.

It was none other than myself who had decided this.


“I was always so afraid of you. I always clung to you. My entire being was dominated by you.”

Allowing the beast’s whims, she could only crouch on the ground.

The image of myself from before was the very embodiment of all that.

“Please, make me your daughter, and protect me.”

From the moment she had wished that, the girl had truly been the beast’s slave.

Remembering those bitter days when she had given up her humanity, thinking she could never match up and had no choice but to be alone, in order to be protected by her father…

She suppressed her emotions.

Gave up on warmth.

Hated herself, and accepted a lifetime of solitude.

“I couldn’t stop depending on you. I couldn’t protect the people who were my friends from your violence. And yet, I still wished to live…”

Escape, defense, even death, none of it was possible.

Her foolish, weak, and cowardly self was the one she could not forgive most of all.

“But…those people accepted someone like me.”

A light kindled in her heart.

The warm feelings that retained their heat even in the swirling silver world spurred the girl’s body into motion.

“Haruka is my role model. Strong, kind, and warm. I want to become like her when I grow up.”

“Don’t worry, Jupiter! Everything will be absolutely fine, I promise!”

One step.

Keeping the image of that sunlike girl in her mind, the girl began to walk forward.

Keraunos may be ranting about something, but it doesn’t matter.

Yearning for that strength to always face forward, no matter what, the girl started moving ahead.

“Fumika is the one who became my mom. She made delicious food for me. We bathed together. When I was lonely, she’d sleep in the same futon. She’s the kindest person. …And I made a promise with her.”

“Be sure to come back, okay? I’ll have prepared all your favorite dishes waiting for you.”

Two steps.

Firmly stepping on the silver ground, resolute in her determination to return to that precious place that someone had made for her.


An exceptionally large black lightning bolt flew towards the girl’s head.

A large-scale ritual that warped the surrounding terrain.

But such a petty trick held no sway over the current Jupiterters.

“Sis Al is a strange person. She has incredible power, but is so approachable. Spending time with her is so fun. I could play with her forever.”

“Little sister. The times have changed – these are frogs now, not dinosaurs. After all, unlike video game monsters, frogs can be deliciously eaten.”

Three steps.

Mulling over the conversation with her legal sister as she plowed through the lightning-struck snowfield.

“James happily accepted my request to leave the Clan, even though I caused him so much trouble. No, even after that, he kept worrying about me.”

“How fortunate that you called out to me! This James-Szilard shall joyfully join your ranks!”

Four steps.

Filled with heartfelt gratitude towards the leader who had heeded her unreasonable wish.

[Stop, stop, stop]

The beast’s commands rang out, accompanied by countless black lightning bolts.


“I won’t listen.”

I won’t listen, and they won’t work.

Hundreds of thunderbolts, the beast’s oppressive roars – none of it reaches the girl now.

She had touched the light.

Experienced warmth.

Found things to enjoy.

She was happy they had come for her.

And the fact that she had been granted such dream-like days –

That girl was lonely.

That girl was confined.

That girl was always crying.

Sold by her own parents, made into a test subject.

Her new parents would carelessly unleash violence.

She hurt many people.

Many people scorned her.

Everyone denied the girl.

The girl herself hated that self.

“You’ve done nothing wrong. It is this society that is mistaken.”

Eventually, the girl fell.

If she killed someone, she would be praised to the heavens. If she destroyed something, she would be given what she wanted.

Values transforming, ethics being lost.

The puppet whose heart and soul are laid bare indulges in madness at the whims of adults.

[So come on, cry out loudly. Expose your unsightliness and enjoy this Jupiter. That is the only atonement permitted for you, the inept and worthless. Kyahah, kyahahahah, kyahahahahahahahah!]

Inflict wounds to the degree you are wounded.

Destroy to the degree you are destroyed.

The more you hate, the stronger you become.

The crazier you are, the easier it gets.

Hate, hate, hate, hate.

Go mad, go mad, go mad, go mad.

Hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate.

Go mad, go mad, go mad, go mad, go mad, go mad, go mad, go mad.

Hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate.

Go mad, go mad, go mad, go mad, go mad, go mad, go mad, go mad, go mad, go mad, go mad, go mad, go mad, go mad, go mad, go mad.

[I hate everything, I’m the maddest of all! Kyahah, kyahahahah, kyahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah!]

“Black Thunder of Fury” Jupiter.

Sold, used, controlled, just a pitiful dancing puppet performing a “good girl” at the convenience of adults.

The girl who kept killing herself continues to dance a nightmare she can’t wake from.

The madness play won’t end until someone kills her identity.

That is the girl’s fate.

That is the girl’s truth.

That is the girl’s ending.

And that storyline was supposed to be absolute.

“Oh, one more piece of advice. If the Thunder Father grumbles at you, give him a hard punch in the crotch.”

“Yeah, I’ll try that, Kyouichirou.”

Clenching her tiny fist, she enters the beast’s embrace.

[Can’t you hear me telling you to stoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooop—————-!]

She can’t hear.

Because Jupiter was busy.

Now is the time to put into practice the great benefactor’s teachings who led the girl into the sunlit space.

There’s no time to bother with the beast’s hysterics.

Black lightning erupts from the ground—-ineffective.

Keraunos rages uncontrollably—-meaningless.

The beast’s fangs and claws fly towards the girl—-doesn’t get through.

“I’m not afraid of you anymore. To prove it, I’ll castrate you.”

Issuing the death sentence for a male, the girl leans back her hips to take flight.

“A punch to the noisy male’s crotch. In other words, I’m telling you to shut up.”

Sure enough, it was there in the lower abdomen.

It must have appeared because Jupiter decided to punch it.

This is the dream world.

The way things are changes by imagination in this space.

It doesn’t matter if the real Keraunos has it or not.

The one here in this place definitely has it in his crotch.

[Don’t fool around, I absolutely won’t allow such defiance! Listen to your parent, Jupiter!]

“No. My life is for me to decide. I’ll never become someone’s puppet.”

Her tightly clenched fist is harder than diamond.

So her punch is diamond-class.

“My punch is diamond. Your little thing will be smashed to smithereens.”

[Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooop!]

“I won’t—-stop!”

She puts all her heart into an uppercut, the absolute proof of her departure and new path.

The wheel of fate imposed on the girl shatters in this moment.

“Castration, complete.”

The bursting male organ.

The reversal of power dynamics.

This is how the crack in the “if” starts running.

The profile of the girl who knocked away the beast’s symbol with a single punch was wholeheartedly “human.”

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