Misunderstood Saintly Life Volume 3 chapter 1.5 

[Stage-Sub] The Past of the Strongest Maid

“Phew…I’m quite tired today…”
With a sigh, I begin unbuttoning my uniform one by one.
It’s undoubtedly not physical fatigue, but mental exhaustion.
I can’t believe I made such a misunderstanding…
I was fully convinced he was seeking a night tryst…!
I got carried away on my own and ended up embarrassing myself.
When he hugged me, my heart was pounding so loudly I thought it might burst out of my chest.
Likely even in my past life-or-death battles, I’ve never experienced such tension.
“The greatest blunder of my life…!”
Overwhelmed with shame, I nearly flung aside the maid uniform I had removed, but stopped myself.
This is the custom-made maid outfit Ouga-sama gifted me. I must never treat it carelessly.
I carefully folded it free of wrinkles and placed it on the sofa.
…The me of the past would have likely just tossed it on the floor before sleeping.
“…I’ve certainly changed a lot.”
My surroundings changed. My position changed.
From Holy Knights Head Commander to a mere arena swordswoman, then to serving as a maid for one of the four great duke families, the Vellet. Not only that, I discarded my name to serve a master younger than myself.
“…If she saw me now, she would surely be surprised.”
She would probably point at me and laugh heartily.
…I dredged up memories from my time as a Holy Knight.
Talking about just my past doesn’t bother me.
But today, her figure kept flickering in my mind’s eye, try as I might.
Perhaps it’s because she was someone I held the same adoring feelings towards as I do for Ouga-sama.
Or because I was asked about my beloved sword.
Still, I didn’t share the full details with Ouga-sama.
I didn’t dare to mention it because I knew.
knowing that if those feelings I’ve sealed away surfaced,
“…Commander Lily.”
I murmured the name of my former superior who passed this sword to me.
…I have a feeling close to certainty that she’ll appear in my dreams tonight.
With that premonition, I drifted off to sleep.

“Welcome, Recruit Chris-Ragnica. I’m Lily Shane Spride, the Holy Knights’ Head Commander. I look forward to working with you.”
“I’m Chris-Ragnica! Pleased to meet you, Commander Spride!”
“Ahaha, so stiff. Just Lily is fine. All my subordinates call me that.”
That was the first conversation I had with her – the one heralded across the world as the “Holy Maiden” and admired by the people.
Lily Shaine-Spride was someone any Londizm citizen would have heard of – a renowned figure.
A heroine born to nobility who enlisted in the Holy Knights driven by her belief to “make everyone in the world smile,” rising through the ranks to commander thanks to her innate talents.
She was also blessed with a beautiful appearance befitting her “Holy Maiden” moniker.
Silver hair that flowed like feathers on the battlefield.
An immaculate, pure white complexion.
Captivating deep crimson eyes that enraptured people’s consciousness with their beauty.
I was particularly fond of Commander Lily’s eyes.
At times sharp, at times gentle – eyes that held her firm, unwavering will.
They say the heavens don’t grant two blessings, but she must have been an exception favored by the gods.
In recent years, many new recruits joined the Holy Knights admiring Commander Lily.
And I too was one of those people enamored by her.


If someone as admirable as Commander Lily devoted herself to training from the earliest hours, there was no way I, still so inexperienced, could neglect my own training.
Plus, this timeframe allowed me to practice one-on-one with the Commander.
Driven by a strong sense of duty and a slight self-indulgence, I often sparred with the Commander in those early morning sessions.
Rain or shine, scorching sun or piling snow – it didn’t matter.
Today too, the cold wind bit at my skin as we faced each other, crossing blades…well, I say that but I was already on my back staring up at the sky, swept off my feet in no time at all.
“Well well, Chris sure has a good build. You pick up what I teach so quickly – at this rate I’ll be outmatched by you before long.”
“No way! There’s no way I could surpass you, Commander Lily!”
“Ahaha. Still as earnest as ever I see, Chris. But I don’t dish out empty flattery. Well then…how about this?”
The crouching Commander Lily extended her beloved sword towards my face.
“If you can beat me, I’ll give you this blade.”
“A-Are you sure?!”
“Having a goal might motivate you more, don’t you think? Besides, I’d be happy to see my cute subordinate grow stronger. So keep training hard.”
“Y-Yes! I’ll give it my utmost effort!!”
Lying Spride out, I shouted back at the spirited encouragement from the jovially laughing Commander.
Of course, I was the loser and she the winner that day.
I could never even imagine surpassing the Commander.
Even now, I could only land a single strike on her.
Next time, I’ll hit her twice – I’ll definitely attack the Commander…!

“Chris, congratulations on your promotion~!”
“Ah, thank you…”
“What’s that? Are you blushing? How cute~”
“C-Commander! You’ll make me spill! If you suddenly hug me like that, my drink will…”
On the day my efforts and achievements were recognized with a promotion to Squad Leader,
Commander Lily celebrated by taking me to a high-class establishment.
This was a place renowned for catering to nobility that I, a common-born, could never set foot in alone.
The dishes arrayed on the table were all unfamiliar delicacies to me…truthfully, I didn’t know which to start with.
“Don’t worry about manners. Today’s a free-for-all, so dig into whatever you want first. I ordered up a storm so they’ll just keep coming out.”
I dug into the dish in front of me.
At first I wondered if my nerves would prevent me from eating much, but the moment that first delectable bite hit my cheeks, such thoughts flew out the window. I steadily cleared plate after plate.
“Fufufu…is it delicious?”
“Huh? Ah…yes…delicious…”
When I noticed Commander Lily’s smiling gaze on me, embarrassment flushed my face.
To act this way in front of someone I so admire…!
“I’m glad. I’ve been wondering about this for a while, you know. With you constantly training morning, noon and night without resting, it seemed like you might neglect other needs.”
“That’s…well, I thought unless I did at least that much, I could never catch up to you, Commander Lily…”
“Didn’t I tell you before? You’ll surpass me someday, Chris. You’re steadily growing stronger. …But training alone isn’t enough. You need to tend to other aspects too from time to time.”
“…Is that how it is?”
“Yes. From my experience, it’s undoubtedly true. People who focus solely on one thing tend to have their perspective narrow dangerously. …So Chris, you have to be careful not to let that happen.”
“Y-Yes! I’ll do my best!”
“Good answer. Now that you’ll be commanding subordinates, training alone will leave you gasping for air with no one to follow.”
“Ugh…I’ll be mindful.”
Having struck at my blind spot, I could only shrink back dejectedly.
The schedule I had planned out did indeed devote nearly every day to training.
As if to console me, the Commander gently patted my head.
“If anything comes up, come consult me. Don’t hold back – you’re my precious subordinate, after all.”
…Why do Commander Lily’s words and smiles warm my heart so?
When I first enlisted, she was just someone I admired from an unreachable place.
But the more I knew her, the fonder I grew.
My desire to become someone like Commander Lily steadily swelled larger.
…I really can’t imagine ever surpassing her though
I wish to wield the sword under you, as your subordinate.
The eyes of the beloved Commander-in-Chief, in which my figure is reflected, still held a blend of strength and gentleness today.

And so, day after day, I repeated the cycle of making mistakes, occasionally achieving my goals, and then updating myself. This cycle continued until one day, in my third year.
On that day, the greatest tragedy in the history of the Holy Knights occurred.

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