Evil Leader Next Door! Volume 1 Chapter 3.5

Interlude: Daily Life of a Former Top Henchman Turned Part-Time Worker

Once a high-ranking henchman of evil organization Cleared known as Ailsherad, now a part-timer at the local supermarket [Daikokuya].
Currently, she holds a part-time position, working four days a week.
(Seems like she’s getting used to stocking shelves…?)
Ailsherad, who had lived her life with battles as her role, found herself struggling a bit with the job of a supermarket clerk. Nevertheless, she was gradually adapting to it.
Stocking shelves involves arranging and displaying products, pulling out expired items, and organizing shelves. Sometimes, she even puts discount stickers on items in the deli section.
(The murderous intent from people the moment I put those half-price stickers on… Kitchen is indeed a battlefield. Now, which area am I assigned to today? I think it’s the sweets section.)
The sweets section sees a mix of staple items dominating the shelves and frequent replacements with new products. Especially, the food toy series ─ miniature action figures that come with sweets ─ undergo rapid changes.
” …………………………………………Hmm.”
As Ailsherad progresses through the task of organizing and replacing products, her hands and gaze come to a stop.
There, she sees a food toy named “Playful Candy Banshokuger.” It features downsized action figures of popular Banshokuger characters in a 1:15 scale. Naturally, the lineup consists of the well-known five colors. Designed for children, the packaging allows one to see which character is inside.

On the day this new stock arrived, Ailsherad was assigned to handle the stocking in the sweets section.
“Oh, you.. .Banshokuger! Getting carried away, even with these! To think such products would end up here.”
No matter what, as a woman harboring resentment towards Banshokuger, she shouldn’t have been calm. It’s ironic that she ended up assisting as the seller of the enemy’s popular toys, a source of income. Grinding her teeth, she arranged the Banshokuger figurines.
“Kuri-san, your face looks stern. Smile, smile!”
The employer, a wealthy lady, cautioned her.
(No mercy for Banshokuger.)
Days passed after arranging the Banshokuger snacks. Due to the popularity of the new products from the superhero team, the sales were going smoothly, and the quantity was decreasing rapidly.
However, at that moment, Ashella had a smile of delight.
(Hmph… Green, you fool. Pathetic.)
Indeed, only the box of Banshoku Green, also known as Midori Kusama, was standing out, being left over. Popularity could be cruel.
(Hahaha! Serve you right, Banshoku Green! You’re nothing more than this!)
At that time, she returned to work, letting out a sigh of relief.

Now, in the present, Ashella is looking at the [Moving Candy Banshokuger] in the sweets section with an unpleasant expression.
There, amidst the disappearance of the other four boxes, multiple boxes of Banshoku Green still remain.
“Really, to be this incompetent, Green…!”
The new product, [Moving Candy Combined Milliocolor], has already been released. It contains parts of the Banshokuger combined robot, and collecting all types allows it to combine into the decisive battle machine Milliocolor. Originally, it’s supposed to be switched with the Banshokuger snacks, but if she leaves it like this, she’ll have to put discount stickers on the Green boxes.
(In general, what the hell are these humans thinking? The victory against me was only possible because Banshoku Green being there.)
Disgusted, Ashella vents her anger, putting herself on a pedestal and, incidentally, shelfing the merchandise as well.
(Look at these idiots. Despite Green’s indecisive and weak attitude, lacking any flashiness, it’s clear from watching his fighting style that he possesses true courage and decisiveness! Why isn’t he selling? Green, I mean!)
Even if she glares, it won’t affect the inventory, of course. She growls.
“Hmm, hmm. Hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm…………”


After work. At the Kuri residence.
(I ended up buying them all…)
In front of Ashella, who is sitting formally, there are several Banshoku Green figures with discount stickers on the table.
“Well, even if I offer candies to Lord Taratat… What should I do with the contents? Midori used to collect these… but I can’t let him know that I bought these.”
She opens the box with a complicated expression. Inside, the main body, several auxiliary parts, and stickers appear.
“Hmm, like this.”
She puts on the stickers and attaches the parts. Though her hands are a bit unsteady, a Banshoku Green figure of about ten centimeters is completed after a few minutes.
“Oh, wow…”
Despite its small size, Ashella involuntarily lets out a sound at the finely crafted figure. She rolls it in her hands and examines it from various angles.
“Hmm, it’s quite detailed… I couldn’t see it well during the battle, but the pattern on the back looks like this.”
Moreover, this series is poseable. She makes Banshoku Green take various poses.
“Sure, with this kind of pretentious attitude like [Final Boost!], and… “
“Hahaha, yeah, that’s right. When I punched him, he looked so pathetic.”
“Hmm, hmm. Can I make it strike a seductive pose like this…?”
The direction of the story is gradually changing. As Ashella opens new packages and increases the number, she enjoys manipulating her enemies.
“Arranging them like combatants, making them kneel to praise me… [Whatever your orders, Lady Ashella] and so on… Hehe, hehehe… How about it? The feeling of submitting to me…”
With a mysterious smile, Ashella indulges in controlling a doll resembling Midori Kusama.
So, finally noticing Taratatt’s gaze as she peeks into the living room, Ashella reacts slowly.
“…No, I’m not looking at anything…”
With a strangely gentle smile, Taratatt casually averts her gaze and leaves.
“Your preferences… well, can’t be helped…,” mutters Taratatt is heard.
“Wait, please! It’s not like that! It’s not, Taratatt sama!”
After that, the Banshoku Green figure was firmly sealed in Ashella’s desk drawer, or something like that.

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