Romelia Senki Volume 1 Chapter 5 part 3

The young officer trembled with fear when he saw who had grabbed his sword. But Garios neither looked at the officer nor at the blade in his right hand.
“Yo, Gareth, it’s been a while.”
Garios raised his left hand in a casual greeting, as if they were friends, still holding the blade in his right hand.
It could be called impertinent behavior. For the troops Garios currently commanded numbered only three hundred. In terms of authority, that would make him a colonel of three hundred. This was an unacceptable way to talk, not to an ordinary regimental commander, but to a grand marshal commanding an entire legion.
But like Gami, this man was also a special being in the Demon King’s army.
“It seems that my brother has been killed in our homeland.”
Garios uttered these words casually, causing Gareth to frown.
“It hasn’t been confirmed that the Demon King, who is your brother, has been killed.”
Gareth admonished Garios for his words. For if the Demon King’s brother confirmed his death, it would become a problem.
“Since the magical ships have stopped and we’ve lost contact, he must have been killed.”
Garios declared the Demon King’s death again. The words were neither prudent nor reasonable. Still, this man’s audacity would be forgiven, not only because of his lineage.
“Prince Garios, please accept my apologies.”
The young officer, still clutching his sword, lowered it and knelt to apologize.
“Hm? Ah.”
As if he had just remembered that he held the blade, Garios let go of the sword. Though he had grabbed the bare blade, his hand was unhurt, while the sword was instead crushed flat, bending like a sugar sculpture.
The sword fell to the ground with a grating metallic sound.
“Hey Gami, what should we do about this?”
Garios pointed at the bowed young officer. Gami didn’t even look at him.
“As you wish.”
“Is that so?”
Garios had just finished speaking when he swung a massive hand down and smashed the officer’s head.
His movement was like crushing a bug, but in reality, the young officer’s head was crushed like an insect, his head sinking into his body, even his feet shattered.
Blood splattered everywhere, as if a fruit had been squashed, and splattered Gareth’s face.

“Ah, Gareth, sorry about that.”
Garios apologized with a smile and opened his hand. After releasing it, the young officer’s body had shrunk to half its original size.
Truly amazing freakish strength. The officer’s sturdy armor was destroyed along with his body like a piece of paper.
Due to the excessive power, even veteran officers did not dare to make a sound.
Although many in the Demon King’s army boasted of their strength, there was no power greater than this.
In pure physical strength alone, he was undoubtedly the strongest man in the Demon King’s army. Even his brother, the Demon King, admitted that he was no match for Garios in a contest of strength.
“So why did you come from Roban?”
Gareth sighed, forgetting the dead officer and asking instead.
Since Roban was the rear base, there were many excellent civil and military officials, but few high-ranking generals. All volunteered for the armies of the direction, seeking deeds, leaving only minor figures behind.
Even so, Gareth remained suspicious of Roban precisely because of these two.
Two with anomalous natures in the Demon King’s army. They were not the ones he wanted as enemies.
“Well, with the Demon King’s passing, there were many things we wanted to tell the directional armies.”
Gami pulled the chair the dead officer had been sitting in next to him. He tried to climb up and sit down but couldn’t, so Gami just craned his neck to look up at the giant beside him.
“Lord Garios, please forgive me.”
“Hm? Ah.”
Garios scooped Gami up like a kitten, lifted him easily and put him on the chair.
On the battlefield, Garios was feared as a god of war and a devil of slaughter, but the only one he helped was Gami. Though extremely different, these two seemed to get along well, often together.
However, the presence of these two together was a bad omen. Whether for enemies or allies remained unknown until the revelation.
“So what is it you want to say?”
Gareth urged him to continue.
“The Demon King has died. I cannot confirm this, but since we have lost contact with our homeland, we cannot return there. Therefore, in order to survive, we must establish a demon kingdom on this continent. Do you understand that much?”
Gareth agreed with Gami’s words.
“The problem is who will rule. The commanders of each directional army are all people of great ability. No matter who becomes king, I expect there will be objections. However, it would be foolish for us to fight among ourselves in this situation. Therefore, I believe it should be decided by the fair method of “first come, first served.
“First come, first served?”
Hearing Gami’s words, Gareth’s voice rang out.
“Yes. You have all strengthened your legions to invade the lands. So continue to advance as you have, and the first to dominate the target country will be our king. I hope we can consider this a decisive battle for the Demon King.”


The Demon King Decisive Battle.
The officers present stirred at these words.
“A decisive battle, you say? You want to decide the next Demon King by playing, you bastard! It can’t be decided that way!”
All the officers roared. Indeed, this was not something that could be decided by such methods. But Gami replied nonchalantly.
“The Demon King’s army operates on the principle of might makes right. It is our tradition to recognize the one with the greatest power and the most brilliant achievements. I don’t know if the other legion commanders will agree, but I believe that the first to conquer the target land will have the power befitting the master of Roban.”
Gami’s words stirred the officers again.
Capturing Roban would make the defense rock solid. It could be called a shortcut to the Demon King’s throne.
“Besides, the conquest will be judged by capturing the capital or obtaining a surrender. What do you think?”
Gami showed a provocative smile, but Gareth saw through his scheming.
“I understand. You just want the Grand Marshals to fight the humans decisively and then absorb soldiers from the defeated armies, right?”
Scenes of Grand Marshals, eager to compete, hastily launching their invasions without adequate preparation and suffering fierce human counterattacks flashed through Gareth’s mind.
The already disadvantaged Sixth Army, the hasty Third Army declaring itself Demon King, and more would become the expected outcome on Gami’s palm.
“As expected of a grand marshal, to see through this wretch’s petty cleverness.”
Although his target was exposed, Gami still laughed in his grating voice.
“But does that mean that Lord Gareth will not participate?”
Gami briskly admitted his plans and turned to leave, raising his sleeve as if the conversation was over.
When Gami started to get down from the chair to leave, Gareth stopped him.
While not jumping at Gami’s suggestion was boring, it was a very tempting offer.
The seemingly prudent Fourth Army was actually indecisive. On the other hand, the seemingly superficial Fifth Army was not to be underestimated. But they were still too young to shoulder the heavy responsibilities of the Demon King. Neither the Third Army nor the Sixth Army deserved to be discussed. Essentially, it would be a one-on-one showdown with Kelgal of the First Army.
“If the outcome is already decided, will you help convince the other Grand Marshals?”
Gareth did not look at Gami, but at Garios. If the Demon King’s brother Garios, who possessed the greatest fighting power, came to convince them, there might be Grand Marshals who would join under him out of fear.
“Huh? Ah, I’ll say my piece.”
Although it was a matter of choosing his own king, Garios spoke as if he were discussing someone else’s affair.
Although he was the Demon King’s brother, this man had no ambitions for the throne. He was still a child at heart.

“By the way, considering the imbalance of forces for this decisive battle, I am considering special treatment for Grand Marshal Gareth.”
Gareth looked at Gami suspiciously.
“Yes. After all, the prince of this country is here making the grand claim of defeating the Demon King. I don’t believe that the Demon King would lose to a human, but if it’s true, then Grand Marshal Gareth is facing an exceptionally strong opponent. If it’s just an imbalance, I’ll ignore it, but if there really is someone who has defeated the Demon King, it’s just too unfair. Therefore, I plan to send Lord Garios as the force to defeat that prince.”
Gami’s proposal was far too advantageous for them.
Garios himself was already the mightiest warrior in the Demon King’s army, but the three hundred soldiers under Garios were undoubtedly the strongest unit in the Demon King’s army.
Many soldiers aspired to join Garios’ forces. Knowing that they could fight alongside them would surely boost their morale.
Even if it was only temporary, it could be said that there was no better treatment.
But Gareth was not fooled by Gami’s machinations.
“You make it sound like a favor. Frankly, it’s because this spoiled child insisted on fighting, right?”
Gareth looked at Garios. The oversized child opened his huge mouth in a grin.
“Exactly. if that’s the guy who beat my brother, let me at him, ‘kay Gareth?”
Even Gami could not hide a wry smile at Garios’ open attitude.
Garios would hear nothing against letting him fight the lord and insisted on it, so Gami had no choice but to agree, it seemed.
“Fine, let’s do it like this, Garios. I’ll let you stay with the army, and when the prince comes out, I’ll send you into battle. But don’t forget, you all owe me a favor now.”
If it was glossed over, he’d have a headache, so Gareth wanted some certainty.
“Oh, sure.”
“Can’t be helped.”
One had a casual expression, the other nodded with a bitter look.
Hearing the two, Gareth was quite satisfied.
Even though it was only a verbal promise, this sentimental debt was of great importance. For it was an acknowledgement made without a written contract. In other words, any demand could be made.
He could order someone’s death, or even face them as enemies on the battlefield, and still call for help when he was near death.
To be able to freely use these two, who were the de facto rulers of Roban, even if only once, would be a tremendous power in the decisive battle against Kelgal.
He could see the throne of the Demon King.
Visions of himself ascending the throne flashed through Gareth’s mind.

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