Harem life with the hypnosis app I got Volume 1 Chapter 6 part 1

Chapter Six: My Next Target is the Plain-Looking Girl!

” …………… “
” …………… “
In front of me, Saika Wagatsuma is sitting in her underwear.
Her body is so beautiful that I almost doubt if she’s really a high school student… but more than that, the bruises visible on her body look painfully serious.
” ……Seriously, what happened?”
Just like Aisaka, Wagatsuma also clearly has some issues.
Maybe everyone in town was hypnotized for an experiment before…. No, if that were the case, my fate would be in serious trouble, and modern Japan would be doomed.
” Here’s this top-quality female body right in front of me… And yet.”
Anyway, let’s try asking her some questions.
” What about sexual violence…?”
“That’s still hasn’t happened.”
” Still…?”
With the way she said it, it’s like it could happen at any time?
I’m still a kid, so I don’t understand the feelings of adults… but I can say for sure that parents who abuse their children are scum.
Well, they’re scum just for resorting to violence in the first place.
“Wagatsuma, come a little closer.”
As Wagatsuma approaches, a sweet scent wafts from her.
It’s a different scent from Aisaka’s, but it makes me feel like I’m smelling flowers.
In other words, it’s a nice smell.
Of course, my attention was drawn to Wagatsuma’s ample bust, but I put my hand on her forehead and lift up her bangs.
“Underneath these hidden bangs… Wow. You have such a beautiful face.”
I felt a slight sense of bleakness, probably… well, it’s probably not wrong considering the current situation.
” ……What a waste.”
Even aside from hiding her eyes with long bangs and being in a daze in a hypnotic state, Wagatsuma lacks any vitality at all.
This not only ruins everything about Wagatsuma but also seems to contribute to creating a dark and depressing expression on her face.
” Since when did the violence start?”
“Since I became a high school student… But at first, it was light, and recently, it’s been leaving marks like this.”
” ……You’ve been enduring it all this time?”
“Yeah. There’s no one I can rely on, so…”
” …………… “
This feeling… I felt it with Aisaka too.
While I enjoy my days with my family and friends, people like Aisaka and Wagatsuma are walking through tough lives.
Of course, there’s plenty of this kind of problem on TV news and online, but I’ve never really thought about it being so close to me.
” …………… “
What am I sympathizing with when I’ve been trying to do whatever I want with the help of my partner… but still, but… Ah, geez!
I scratch my head vigorously.
Being subjected to violence from your family… What must that feel like?
My parents genuinely love me and my sister, and I’ve never felt like we were in each other’s way… So I’ve been blessed with a family like that.
Parents should be the most familiar and dependable people to children… It must be incredibly painful to be subjected to violence from such people.
” ……Do you ever think about dying?”
It was a dreadful question.
I couldn’t ask Wagatsuma something like this in her original state, but I can ask her now that she’s straightforward and without memory.
Wagatsuma answered without hesitation.
“I have no one to rely on, no one to help me. I often wonder what my worth is. Sometimes, I think it would be easier if I just disappeared.”
Wagatsuma said, looking down.
At this point, she doesn’t seem to be considering it, but if there’s one more push, Wagatsuma will surely end herself… I could feel that fragility in her words, and I let out a tired sigh.
“If you have no one to rely on, there’s no one to help you either…”
Well, can I really say that when I don’t know her suffering as an outsider?
But yeah… maybe Wagatsuma’s darkness is caused by the violence she’s subjected to, and that has combined with the worst form of match, resulting in her current inability to even make friends.
” ……But.”
“My grandparents on my father’s side are good to me. But at the same time, they care about my father, so if they found out he was being violent, they would definitely be sad. So I don’t want to cause them any trouble.”
” ……I see.”
It’s a dilemma.
Even though she says she can’t rely on anyone, there’s someone she can rely on… but if she does rely on them, it could also make that person sad.
Even though she could just say it without worrying about herself, I stopped myself from saying something irresponsible.
(But now that I think about it…maybe Wagatsuma considered that if she brought this up, her grandparents might side with her father over her…and turn against her.)
Thinking that possibility, I couldn’t irresponsibly voice my thoughts
“But geez… it’s a difficult story for just a student.”


I scratch my head again.
The issue of abuse runs deep, and simply reporting it to the police doesn’t always solve the problem. In some cases, it can even make things worse or result in being turned away, as I’ve seen somewhere.
Not every case is the same, though… Ugh, why is a high schooler like me worrying about this stuff?
“Lately, my mom hasn’t been coming home at all… And my dad usually comes home late, but he’s always in a bad mood after drinking.”
The more I hear, the worse it sounds.
At that moment, Wagatsuma’s phone rang.
When I ordered her to answer it, she nodded and answered the call.
“Yeah… Yeah… I understand… Okay, then.”
“Was that your dad?”
“Yeah. He said he won’t be coming home tonight.”
Family not coming home… That should be lonely, but Wagatsuma seemed somewhat relieved.
(Tch… It’s easy for me to think lightly of it since I’m not directly involved. I feel bad for her, but I still can’t understand exactly how Wagatsuma feels.)
The gap in emotions between happy people and unhappy people must be immense.
Still, I knew now that nobody was coming home after that call.
With that in mind, I decided to focus solely on my original goal while I had the chance.
“Um… Can you hug me from behind again?”
…Sigh, I still couldn’t muster the courage to touch her myself.
As instructed, Wagatsuma came around behind me, pressing her ample bosom against my back as she hugged me.
“Wow… This is amazing.”
Touching or not touching, maybe that’s an outdated way of thinking.
Nowadays, it’s all about being squished between arms and soft bodies.
(I’m definitely… definitely not avoiding touching her because I’m pathetic! Absolutely not!!)
I felt like I was shedding tears as I reached this conclusion, but I couldn’t let it bother me.
With plenty of time and phone battery left, I decided to have Wagatsuma hug me from the front this time.
“Can you hug me from the front this time?”
This time, she came even closer, right in front of me.
She settled between my legs and pressed her body against mine, hugging me tightly from the front.
Our faces were at about the same height, so her ample chest, pressed against mine, was clearly visible.
“Wow… Wow!”
This was incredible, to say the least.
Come to think of it, when Aisaka hugged me, we were in our uniforms, so I’d never been this close to her before… Hmm, I’ll definitely have to do the same thing with Aisaka someday.
“Wagatsuma, this is amazing!”
“Are you happy about this?”
“I am!”
For about thirty minutes after that, I thoroughly enjoyed Wagatsuma’s body.
Of course, I only touched places like her shoulders, and I made sure she initiated any contact with parts I really wanted to touch. It made me realize just how weak-willed I was.
“…That was amazing.”
Not only her hidden well-formed facial features and outstanding figure, but also her beautiful smooth skin without any scent or when there’s no blemishes – there was truly something wonderful about her.
Although I was still feeling excited, I had reached a sort of “wise time” of satisfaction. I had Wagatsuma put her clothes back on and held her in my arms.
“Ah…this is really dangerous,”
I had thought when with Aisaka, but just being like this makes me happy.
I felt like I was on top of the world… This sensation and pleasure were so sweet… It was like an addictive drug that you couldn’t let go of once you experienced it.
“I’ve never used or even held drugs before.”
“It’s nothing… Right, Wagatsuma?”
” You didn’t aim for that, did you?”
“? “
What I said referred to the part of her I was touching.
I wanted to feel her chest, so she hugged my arm between her breasts, but it wasn’t intentional on her part, right…
If that was the case, did that mean Wagatsuma was secretly a huge perv?
“…Girls like her are always the kinkiest. I wasn’t wrong.”
Just like Aisaka before her, I felt proud of myself for finding a gem like Wagatsuma.
That’s why I couldn’t let her think she wasn’t wanted.
I released my arm from her embrace and placed my hand on her shoulder, pulling her close.

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