Before the tutorial begins chapter 46

Chapter 46 – The Thunderclap Beast and the Dreaming Girl 7

◆ Sakurahana, the Dungeon City – 336th Dungeon [Eternal Darkness], 10th Floor


In the coffin-filled space, the world’s most troublesome thunder-father appeared.

His temper was even more intense than last time he appeared, but that was the same on our side.

I’m sorry, Mr. [Keraunos].

The members gathered this time are all people who have been boiled in hot water by you.

In other words, everyone here wants nothing more than to kill you.

Let’s see who the prey is and who the hunter is, you garbage with a father’s instinct-filled head.

“The plan goes as expected. Mr. Szilard, provide support with your thermal arts attacks and frontline aid. Just be careful of the attacks from his mouth.”


“Haruka, use your special attack to cut off the enemy’s [spiritual power paths], and Ren and I will launch a wave attack, focusing on the legs!”

“Got it!”

Both of them seem to be fully prepared and motivated.

Alright, then let’s do this, you guys!

“It’s the dawn of the father hunt!”

I charge in with a build focused on agility, with Double Leg Strengthening, Thought Acceleration, and Arm Strengthening.

I move forward, forward, at speeds beyond human limits.

No need for Time Acceleration.

I am now far faster than the Black Thunder Beast.


Letting out a rugged battle cry, I bring down the great sword form of Eckesachs onto Keraunos’ right foreleg.

With a dull slashing sound, black spiritual power leaks from the thunder-father’s forelimb.

The first strike was excellent. Just as I was about to get into the second strike with enthusiasm, my attention is drawn to the abnormality in the surrounding spiritual power.

My refined spiritual senses have detected three [eruption points]. Shall we go for a smart snipe?

“Too naive. Fool.”

In an instant, the three [spiritual power paths] connecting Keraunos and the [eruption points] are severed by the flying swallow-like slashes of the azure dome.

On the left, the azure dome wielded by the Haruka gives a flower-like smile and sends a V-sign.

“Thanks, Haruka. Good work.”

“Leave it to me!”

Haruka is a truly reliable partner.

The invincible conviction that I can go anywhere with this one adds fuel to my killing intent.

The sniping from the [eruption points] is indeed troublesome.

However, unlike the type of skill that shoots directly from the vicinity of the caster, the remote-controlled close-range sniping using the [eruption points] requires the formation of an extremely long [spiritual power path].

Imagine it as a long hose and water.

This remote-controlled close-range sniping using the [eruption points] is like using an incredibly long hose to shoot water.

Yes, a long hose.

A thin and long spiritual power vessel that gives directionality to the flow of power.

Needless to say, the [spiritual power path] is the key to remote-controlled close-range sniping.

In other words, it’s the vital point to aim for.

So I’ll aim for it, of course! Isn’t it obvious?

Of course, it’s a Kami-type [spiritual power path].

An ordinary weapon won’t be able to cut it.

But unfortunately, the sword our Haruka possesses is a special one.

It’s particularly strong against energy and spiritual things.

In other words…

“Your lousy sniping is useless, you bastard! Vaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! “

I throw in a taunt and follow up with a greedy set of additional downward strikes and rising slashes.

The torn right forelimb immediately recovers through the reinsertion of spiritual power, but that’s irrelevant.

I’ve already learned the strategy for fighting against those with regenerative abilities from a certain lolicon stalker.

“Take this! Oraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!”

Charge, charge, charge.

Every muscle in my body is howling “attack, attack, attack.”

If you want to regenerate, then go ahead and do it.

During that time, the attention and spiritual power will be focused on the regeneration site, making other attacks easier to land.

And Haruka’s slashes nullify energy-type regenerative abilities.

If you dawdle, your feet will fall short, won’t they, Mr. Thunder-father?


Realizing the unfavorable situation, Keraunos turns with great difficulty and retreats backward.

Ideally, he would have retreated far into the distance to increase the distance, but unfortunately, that’s not how it’s going to go down.

“Hahahaha! How is it, thunder-father? Much narrower than the 15th floor the other day, isn’t it?”

The distance from the entrance to the exit is about 200 meters.

It’s a decent indoor space, but it’s too cramped for a truck-sized quadruped to run at full speed.

Your combat style is more like a shooter, after all.

It must be quite difficult to fight, Mr. [Keraunos].

“Ah… Woo…!”

But without a care for the geographical disadvantage, the thunder-father is storing spiritual power in his mouth.

Whether I catch up or not, he’s going to destroy the approaching flying insects along with the terrain.

“You’re thinking that, but your foresight is too loose, you damn thunder-father!”

Haruka and I moved towards the right wall in unison.

You fool.

Do you even know where you’ve been letting that idiot run free since the battle started, huh?

“As expected, these young people have lived up to my expectations. Seeing you take on the role of the vanguard so boldly fills me with pride.”

An overwhelming torrent of spiritual power comes from the rear.

The demonic aces that have been sharpening their fangs on this side are finally about to unleash their true power!

“Foul beast of black thunder, the many misdeeds you have committed will be atoned for here!”


In an instant, the entire ten-layer area rumbled.

Flashes of light ran, thunderous roars sounded, and two massive energies collided.

What was fired from the direction of the entrance was a concentrated miasmic black thunder.

The relentless, modified divine might whipped up a torrent of destruction, advancing to annihilate all existence in its path.

Meanwhile, from the direction of the exit, a massive spiral-shaped beam of intense heat burst forth.

The super-heated technique that traced a beautiful spiral charged through, aiming to obliterate the sole enemy present.

It was a colossal battle between two kaiju.

An impressive spectacle unfolded before our eyes.

“Hey, Kyo-san.”

“What is it, Haruka-san?”

As the deafening battle raged on, we carried on our conversation by reading each other’s lip movements.

“The technique Szilard-san is using looks really powerful, but it’s just a normal heat technique, right?”

“That’s right.”

Though unconfirmed, Haruka, who has likely copied Soukyu’s abilities to their limit, should be able to easily deflect a skill of that level.

“I don’t distrust Szilard-san or anything, but is that really okay?”

Haruka seems to have doubts about the low rank of the technique clashing head-on with the black thunder.

“It’s fine.”

In fact, it’s a perfect match.

“A technique of the 【Rosso & Blu】 class isn’t necessary for the current opponent, you know.”

“Ah, I see! That’s the one you mentioned in the strategy meeting!”


I nod in affirmation.

It was shortly after that when a change occurred in the clash between Szilard and the Thunder Father.

Szilard began to push forward, ever so slightly but surely.

“Hahaha! What’s the matter, beast? Is this the extent of your full power?”


Step by step, second by second,

the balance between the black thunder and the heat beam was tipping in one direction.

The collision of the unrestrained divine might and the restrained human projectile.

Logically, the former should prevail.

But the reality unfolding was the complete opposite.

Szilard was the one winning.

[Keraunos] was the one being overwhelmed.

It wasn’t a matter of compatibility.

The reason Szilard was gaining the upper hand, or the cause of the Thunder Father’s predicament, was simply a difference in output.

In his current state, [Keraunos] could not defeat Szilard in a technique clash.

Because this guy is significantly weakened.

His agility surpasses even me, who has only undergone simple physical enhancement techniques.

His output is surpassed by Szilard, who hasn’t even used his signature techniques.

How frustrating, [Keraunos].

Your true strength is not this.

You should be a monster worthy of being the mid-boss on the grand route.

But you see, Black Thunder Beast,

Our goal is not to test our skills.

We just want to beat you down and make you understand, completely and utterly.

Fair play? Sportsmanship?

Can you eat or use those?

This isn’t a sport.

To win, I’ll scatter poisons, shit, or anything else.

“The girl who bears the name of the Thunder God, being a Trojan horse, is quite a laughable joke, isn’t it?”

A Trojan horse. A parasite in the body of a lion.

I never imagined that the beloved, beloved Jupiter-chan would cooperate willingly in this strategy.

But I’m sorry.

Your sweet, sweet Jupiter was willing to help us with this mission, right?

[Wow… This conversion rate is insane. It’s way beyond market specs, with a huge boost to attribute resistance.]

The scene of [lali-lali]’s first visit comes to mind.

The name of the shop with a heart-shaped sign and kissing lips is [Mother’s Milk].

It is an accessory shop run by the elderly shopkeeper in a baby cap.

The shop’s main products are accessories with various attribute resistances.

Especially the decorative items that convert ability values into attribute resistance, the “top-class” in the area.

If you can overlook the exorbitant prices and the unpopularity of this item category, that place is a prime business that could take over the world at any time (as for the old man’s baby cap, let’s just say it’s a charming eccentricity).

Yes, attribute resistance-boosting accessories have low demand.

The reason is simple – they have low versatility.

Of course, there are exceptions like super-high resistance accessories for all attributes, but those are rare. Most attribute resistance accessories tend to be niche equipment specialized for specific enemies.

In short, it’s difficult for this kind of item to perform commensurate with its price.

The old man of [Mother’s Milk] was lamenting in a carefree tone, “I wonder why no one is buying it,” but that was to be expected.

Even though the demand is already low, an accessory that sacrifices status to increase resistance wouldn’t possibly become popular.

……Yeah, it’s just too weird in various ways.

However, just like “idiot and scissors,” a “pervert and demerits” can be useful if used properly.

It’s a reversed way of thinking.

If the demerits of converting status into resistance are a concern, then you might as well use that detriment on purpose.

For example, couldn’t you apply an irresistible debuff to the summoned spirit by referencing the master’s ability values?

The magician’s status and the spirit’s power are distinct yet inseparable.

Me and Al are a good example.

Despite possessing the power of the strongest spirit, I’m stuck being a pathetic weakling because the vessel, Kyoichiro Shimizu, is just weak tutorial mid-boss.

The extent of the spirit’s influence on this world depends on the ability of the contracted master.

So even if you contract with a powerful spirit, if the contractor’s ability value is low, it will settle for something appropriate.

And this logic applies even if the magician’s spiritual power fluctuates, either through enhancement or weakening.

Any changes to the magician’s spiritual abilities, whether strengthening or diminishing, will affect the power they can wield.

The skills to summon spirits into the physical world, like [Manifestation] and [Summoning], are also not exceptions, as they are conducted through the “gate” of the magician.

Especially that idiot father who got carried away with his parental love and [Assimilated] his own daughter.

It’s no wonder the effect of the status conversion accessory, [Mother’s Milk], that I gave to Jupiter is working so well. It’s either amusing or just plain pathetic – by the time they realize it, it’s too late. I’m simply delighted.

Hm? When did I give her such a thing, you ask?

In the pouch I handed over before the battle.

I had stuffed it with various ability-lowering conversion items, focusing on output reduction.

And the result is before your eyes.

He was caught off guard by my normal skill-driven approach, and even allowed Szilard’s energy-saving state to break through frontally.



Shouting pathetically, how pitiful.

Yes, that’s the face I’ve been eagerly anticipating –

the face of someone whose only asset is strength, having that strength taken away by none other than his own beloved daughter.

Anguish, humiliation, indignation, and rage.

With all those negatives plastered over your face, you look utterly hideous, and it’s hilarious.

“Kyo-san, your face looks really bad right now.”

“Sorry, I was a bit lost in thought, I’ll snap out of it.”

“Well, I actually like that face…of yours.”

The collision of techniques caused a brief flash in some of the dialogue, but from the context, it seems she was trying to offer some kind of support.

So I expressed my gratitude to the star system.

“Thanks, Haruka. I’m glad to hear you say that.”

“Eh!? Wh-wh-wh-what do you mean by that!?”

What’s this woman getting flustered about.

Lately, Haruka-san tends to glitch out sometimes.

“I was just conveying my gratitude for your support.”

“Ah, I see, support. If it’s support for Kyo-san, you can count on me!”

“Ah, I’m counting on you, partner.”

Gripping the handle of my trusty weapon, I prepare to assault.

“The other side’s decision is about to be made. The moment Szilard-san’s heat technique hits, we’ll resume the attack like before.”

“Okay. ……Hey, Kyo-san, I wonder if Jupiter-chan is alright?”

“……Who knows.”

There’s nothing else to be said other than it’s up to Jupiter.

I feel I’ve exhausted every possible measure, and so far, everything has proceeded smoothly.

However, the outcome of this battle ultimately depends on Jupiter’s “decision” as the contractor of [Keraunos].

Unless he can overcome it, we won’t have a chance to win.

“Hang in there, Jupiter. We’ll do our best too.”

My body is sweaty.

The unpleasant smell of scorched air.

My senses of sight and hearing are slightly overwhelmed by the information overload.

But I can’t afford to show any weakness at this stage.

Adapt, Kyoichiro.

If the instigator is the first to crumble, it would be pathetically uncool.

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