A Story of a Cannon Fodder Volume 2 Extra 1 part 2

76: Anonymous God
This guy is seriously creepy.

77: Anonymous God
No, I thought so too. Rather than being amazing, it’s creepy first.

78: Anonymous God
Is it true that the taste of Maria’s cooking changes slightly? God?

79: Anonymous God
I… know… nothing!!! It’s absurd to think that Lilia appears frequently or that she changes the seasoning in cooking! That’s not in the game’s scenario or events!!
Besides, even True, the protagonist, doesn’t notice anything, even though she’s become like a split personality!!
Why do I know this? How should I know!!

80: Anonymous God
Ah, I see.

81: Anonymous God
Then why did you notice?

82: Anonymous God
Just a hunch called protagonist correction (only correct about 30% of the time; for Yururu, it’s interpreted as a battle flag).

83: Anonymous God
God, if explanations are too much, can you do analysis?

84: Anonymous God
Originally, Maria was equal to everyone, for better or worse. But she always treated Fei with special feelings because she don’t want Fei to go down the path of revenge… Fei also had suspicions of her being a heroine. They keep having misunderstanding, but somehow they managed to communicate with each other because they had special feelings for each other… or something…

No, I don’t know either!!!

85: Anonymous God
A human that even gods can’t understand.

86: Anonymous God
He’s really creepy.

87: Anonymous God
Can Maria & Lilia and Fei be together?

88: Anonymous God
Surprisingly, I think it’s the most likely so far. Fei is suspicions of Maria being the heroine, and Fei doesn’t think of Maria as a mother, Fei also nitices Lilia and protects her, giving her presents and gradually becoming stronger in personality.

89: Anonymous God
True, aren’t you too much like air? You don’t have enough appearances…

90: Anonymous God
True’s scenes are being cut a lot. There are quite a few events where he’s heavily praised by the magic teacher. But Athena is cutting them out and not streaming them.

91: Anonymous God
Speaking of which, True came in second place in the warrior tournament, didn’t he?

92: Anonymous God
Wasn’t that also an event in the original work?

93: Anonymous God
Yeah. It’s the same as the original where Arthur won and True came in second. That event was more like a side note, so nothing special. But Fei also appeared as a bit character, losing badly to last year winner in the first round, and there was a hint of him falling into darkness from there.

94: Anonymous God
He fell into darkness and disappeared without a trace.

95: Anonymous God
Losing in the first round to last year winner…

96: Anonymous God
Well, the opponent was tough. I never expected Fei to be last year winner opponent in the first round.

97: Anonymous God
If it weren’t for Fei, I think he would have gone a bit further. But luck plays a part in this.

98: Anonymous God
Last year’s winner did well just by knocking Fei out.

99: Anonymous God
Fei just knocked himself out, worthy of praise.

100: Anonymous God
Fei, you were seriously crazy at that time.

101: Anonymous God
Fei: “Because I’m the protagonist, I can’t lose.”
Last year’s winner: “What, is this guy… a zombie!?”

102: Anonymous God
A man who keeps coming back with zombie attacks no matter how many times you knock him down.

103: Anonymous God
It’s scarier because Fei was the underdog. It felt like he was trying to drag him down from below.

104: Anonymous God
And Fei looked like he was having fun.

105: Anonymous God
Fei: “I want to be a hero who gives hope to children!! Ah! The children are so moved by my unwavering figure that they’re crying!!”
Innocent child: “Uwaaaah! You’re scary!!!”


106: Anonymous God
It’s planting trauma, but it’s funny.

107: Anonymous God
Even adults were trembling.

108: Anonymous God
Speaking of which, wasn’t a card made for Fei?

109: Anonymous God
–I wrote it down, so I’ll paste it here.
Fei Gender: Male
Strength: B Intelligence: D Agility: D Spirit: SSS
Never give up. An indomitable man. Possessing a spirit like steel that rises from the dead like a zombie and faces the opponent. After defeating a contender in the first round, he fainted. Therefore, he couldn’t make it in time for the other matches and had to forfeit. But he’s expected to participate in next year’s tournament.
Weapons: Longsword, martial arts
Magic Aptitude:
Black hair and black eyes. Looks fierce but surprisingly gentle.

110: Anonymous God
Hey, isn’t his performance too biased?

111: Anonymous God
From a trading card enthusiast like me, this kind of pointed card can be useful until the endgame. It might find some forbidden combo with some other cards, and there’s a chance it’ll end up in the Hall of Fame or become a restricted card.

112: Anonymous God
Having an SSS spirit is a bit too much of a downgrade. This guy is even creepier.

113: Anonymous God
So when will Fei die? Personally, I want him to come to the heavenly realm soon.

114: Anonymous God
What, what, what? Suddenly scary.

115: Anonymous God
It’s Freyja. This guy is a troublesome otaku for Fei.

116: Anonymous God
Even if you come to the heavenly realm, you won’t be able to handle it. Freyja.

117: Anonymous God
That’s not true, Fei and I are a perfect match. I just love him so much, I can’t stop drooling.

118: Anonymous God
No, shut up. (laughs)

119: Anonymous God
Freya, stop it, you’re ruining the atmosphere of the thread.

120: Anonymous God
The veteran gods are really annoying. Oh god, even Zeus was selling doujinshi of Fei and Yururu at the God’s Comic Market the other day.

121: Anonymous God
I’ll allow doujinshi at least. I buy them too.

122: Anonymous God
True getting punched by Fei. Who was your favorite there?

123: Anonymous God
I know. That was my favorite too.
124: Anonymous God
It was almost like a master and disciple banter.

125: Anonymous God
Hitting True with his fist and pumping him up!!!

126: Anonymous God
Even though he’s the protagonist, he’s thinking about punching him and pumping him up, but there’s an extra laugh because he’s thinking that it’s something you shouldn’t do in the original Japanese setting.

127: Anonymous God
What kind of ethics are you talking about?

128: Anonymous God
Saving his master who’s Falling into darkness
Unconsciously pleasing the communication-shy Arthur
Defeating last year’s tournament winner in the warrior tournament
Saving Maria & Lilia
Reviving the protagonist who’s on the verge of falling into darkness

129: Anonymous God
His achievements are insane. He’s going to be the number one in the popularity poll.

130: Anonymous God
Because things seem dangerous from now on, let’s put our hearts into it and check thoroughly.

131: Anonymous God
Yeah, let’s do that, and the interesting part starts from here.

132: Anonymous God
Because Maria & Lilia were conscious of Fei.

133: Anonymous God
And they were also somewhat looking into Yururu’s teachings.

134: Anonymous God
Here comes the climax. This is exhilarating!!

135: Anonymous God
In the end, aren’t all gods just pieces of crap?

136: Anonymous God
Let’s continue to watch over Fei together.
by Athena

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