I am no hero of the shadows! Volume 1 Chapter 9 part 3

“W-What…!? Could it be, has the battlefield expanded this far!?”
“No, if that were the case, soldiers or someone should have come to inform us! And, above all, the safety of the Holy Maiden is the top priority for the Lilac Kingdom too!”
“If that’s the case, then why—”
At that moment, a distinct sound echoed.
A sharp click-clack of shoes, coming from somewhere.
With the wide-open view and no obstructions, any sound made in that space would inevitably reveal the source immediately.
Understanding only made it worse, bringing unwanted information.
Without any obstructions, there was no way an elusive assassin would show their face with a sneaky approach.
Hence, the person behind the sound wasn’t thinking of anything convoluted like an “assassination.”
Boldly, just like an idol waiting for fans in the audience, the individual confidently appeared in the safety zone.
And that person was—
“Hello there, Milis-chan!♪”
“Saint Kira!?”
─A single saint, dressed purely in white with decorative frills.
“Why are you here, Saint Kira!?”
“That’s not very stylish to ask, is it~? If you’re gonna ask questions, you should do it before the punchline or the audience will lose interest~?”
Her platinum blonde hair fluttering, the petite girl has a large war hammer slung over her shoulder looking very out of place.
Certainly, if a quiz is what Milady desires, perhaps that question was a boring one with an obvious answer.
The tent destroyed from the side, the war hammer the girl held is clearly the culprit. Since Kira is the one holding the war hammer that destroyed the tent, Kira must be the one who destroyed it.
And then, with such a flashy entrance…
“You can’t mean…the saint is assassinating the saint…!”
“Bing badda bing~! No quiz, but I’ll give the knight who got it right a reward and prize~! Specifically…how about another whack~?”
As Kira grips her war hammer again, she swings it down at the ground.
Even with a petite girl swinging a war hammer taller than she is, granted only gravity’s power, it should merely dent the earth a small amount.
However, the war hammer Kira swung down produced a deafening impact and shock wave, giving birth to a gigantic crater.
The knight covers the saint once again.
Rubble and debris dig into his armor, barely keeping his body that threatens to be blown away standing firm.
One look at the massive crater should make it clear─with just a swing, this much power!?
If the earthen shrapnel had a little more force behind it, it would likely have gored his trained body.
Proof of failing to fully protect, the knight’s exposed face has several small rocks jutting from it.
“For the Saint to have such strength…!”
“I hadn’t heard of you having weapons to begin with!”
“I wouldn’t tell you that~! Despite how I look, among the factions I have the [Trump Card]-like position! Their secret weapon~! So that’s my role!”
Slowly ascending the crater, Kira approaches Milis and company.
“W-Why, Saint Kira…?”
With a perplexed face, Milis murmurs in confusion.
She understands, she understands but…reality isn’t catching up to her comprehension and acceptance.
“After one failure, the church assassinating someone can’t be exposed publicly again. Then when it comes to definitively finishing you off──do it on the battlefield. It was obvious you Saints would be placed in the safety zones, and they’re located far from both the battlefield and base zones so no one would notice easily.”
Matter-of-factly, Kira begins explaining.
If this really were a quiz session, this would be like the explanation given after the answer session ends.
“Even if something happened in the safety zone, the soldiers prioritizing the battlefield wouldn’t come running immediately. And even if they did come, everything would be after the fact──smash it all flashy-like, if Milis-chan’s corpse was there when they arrived, they’d judge the enemy country sneak attacked and killed her. That’s fine….as long as they recognize it that way, rather than try assassinating you with weaker force I chose the option of definitively killing you with greater force. Yeah, that talk….just cold calculations.”
In Kira’s words that usually have an airheaded feel, now there is none of that.
Something frosty that even Milis whom she thought of as a friend hadn’t heard before. Thus, she immediately realized these words weren’t some surprise event joke.
“Has the [Arbitration Faction] truly come to even choosing to kill good people!?”
Forgetting the honorifics, the knight shouts.
On the flip side, Kira tilted her head quizzically.
“Once the [Arbitration Faction]’s archbishop takes over as Pope, that path itself becomes justified, you know~? In our words, “that itself becomes justice”! Even if it’s a good person like Milis-chan, once the ruler decrees it, even a weak and kind-hearted girl quickly becomes evil~. “She was secretly trying to crush the church!” or something, they can say that after winning and everyone would blindly believe it ★ Unreasonable, isn’t it? But…that’s exactly how things are now, so you have no choice but to accept it~!”


Kira takes a step forward.
Because she believes it’s a sentence of [Justice] determined in her heart.
“Saint of the [Arbitration Faction]─Magician, Kira Llamir. In the name of executing justice, criminal Milis Alamirea’s death sentence.”
With those words, Kira sprints across the ground.
The war hammer aimed at Milis draws near.
But the knight won’t permit that. He immediately wedges his body diagonally in, drawing his sword.
“Too easy, too eeeasy~! If you wanna stop me, you gotta build at least a fortress or it’ll end up a human bullet show~?”
Swept sideways by the war hammer strike, the knight’s body is batted aside like a ping pong ball.
No screams echo….his body stretched taut to protect his master immediately fulfills its purpose.
Therefore, there is no one left to protect Milis. The only one before her is the death god raising the flag of justice.
Dumbfounded, her body freezes in the face of the looming threat.
The only thing moving is her mouth, set in motion by her brain resolutely facing reality she can’t recognize and her trembling body.
“I…loved you so much, Saint Kira….”
“Yeah, I love Milis-chan lots too~?”
Kira holding the war hammer approaches Milis.
“Both Saints, I thought of you like an older sister…yet….!”
“You think this is evil? That I’m just a murderer? That a Saint giving salvation killing people is wrong? No, you’re mistaken Milis-chan──I save people. The stray people in this world. And the means to that end is killing evil people. It’s merely a difference in direction, standing in different places.”
“I have to kill evil people. For that, the [Other Faction] needs to disappear. So──”
Kira raises the war hammer overhead.
At that time, the girl named Milis Alamirea collapses and looks up at the person she thought of as a sister thinking,
(Ah….where did I go wrong?)
Faced with the reality of clear animosity from the person she admired like an older sister, was there some way she could have avoided it?
Because she participated in the [Civil War]? Due to being of a different faction? Because she had saved people as a Saint?
Or maybe….because she didn’t tout justice that requires killing someone to save others?
But she hates that.
She doesn’t want to kill people to save people.
Salvation leaving lingering resentment can’t become true salvation.
(After all, back at that party….)
──Milis Alamirea is a powerless girl.
A fragile girl you could find anywhere, simply a kind-hearted person.
Therefore, she holds no trump cards that could overturn this situation.
(To the very end, I will─)
Live in sincere honesty.
Upholding the word salvation I swore to when blessed with the goddess’ grace to the very end without wavering.
Even if that results in my untimely death.
Confronted by encroaching death, Milis reaffirms her unwavering heart once more.
Thus, Milis looks up at Kira.
Eyes still fiercely burning with conviction.
And then in that moment.

” …… Ah? “

The ground.
turned black and
One arm was

Extending out…

“Hey you, self-proclaimed executor of justice──”
That hand firmly grabs Kira’s arm.

“Give her back. She’s freedom I saved.”

And the hero seeking freedom shows himself.

scene transition


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