Monster Meat Led Me To The Throne Volume 1 Extra 1

Side Story I: A King of a Certain Country

I was born a prince of a small country. The eldest son. It was decided I would become the next king. So there was no need for me to strive for anything.
I received education to be king as I was told, and managed to smoothly ascend the throne as planned.
As my queen a beautiful daughter of my mother’s noble family line was allocated, so I had no discontent about my marriage.
Rather, I didn’t even take a second wife in order to prevent infighting over the succession, only having one as much as possible. There was also the factor that my jealous queen disliked it, but the biggest reason was I wanted to pass the throne to my child safely just as I had. If children were born to other wives, it would become a source of calamity.
What I myself had to do was preserve the royal family inherited from my ancestors, everything else was unimportant.
And as I hoped, the queen bore me a son, named Mars. It seemed there would be no issues now.
But here one miscalculation occurred.
With the queen birthing Mars, her already powerful family gained more power. I didn’t think it was a bad thing at first. Because the next king Mars would be supported by the queen’s family. It would lead to future stability of the royal family.
Some nobles criticized the queen’s family for “monopolizing power!” and “squandering the treasury!”, but what mattered was the royal family enduring for the future, so I didn’t care.
The queen and her family thoroughly suppressed all opponents. I neither approved nor objected in particular. With the queen’s family holding power, it would be secure even after Mars’s enthronement.
However, I couldn’t show favoritism. Just in case. If the queen’s family fell from power, and I had cooperated with them, the very survival of the royal family would be endangered.
Therefore I silently watched developments unfold.
For a time, the queen family’s power seemed rock solid.
But one day years later, Gamaras who had curried favor and become Chancellor, united the nobles who hadn’t clearly opposed nor criticized the queen, forming a great faction. And they pressed me for a decision.
“The despotism of Her Majesty’s in-laws has gone too far. The people’s hearts are leaving the royal family, if this continues Faloon will be ruined. I implore you to make a wise decision.”
In short it was coercion saying to eliminate the queen’s family.
Nothing of the sort. They just wanted to seize power for themselves instead of the queen’s family.
However, the territories of the nobles conspiring with Gamaras occupied over half the country, possessing mightier military forces than the queen family holding power.
If I rejected Gamaras’ demand, they would likely resort to force next. In that case, Mars would be unable to become the next king.
On the other hand, even if I accepted Gamaras’ demand here, I couldn’t imagine they would readily acknowledge the enthronement of Mars, child of the queen’s family bloodline.
After agonizing, I promised Gamaras “I won’t lay a hand on the Queen and Prince”, and permitted them to eliminate the queen’s family.
Gamaras’ handling afterwards was brilliant. Bringing soldiers he had prepared into the castle, he captured the queen’s entire family. Then forcing surrender from the rest of the family in their own territories by taking them hostage, he achieved victory without fighting.
I was relieved. If I had brushed off Gamaras’ demand, I might have been driven from the throne as well.
The queen grieved but could do nothing. This is what happens when you lose in a power struggle. The queen’s family should have more ruthlessly and thoroughly hammered the other influential nobles.
The queen’s family, from the elderly to women and children, were indiscriminately executed down to the last one. Only the queen and Mars still carried that blood.
The queen was imprisoned and soon passed away from illness. Likely poisoning, but there was nothing to be gained from pursuing that.
Gamaras pressed me to take his daughter as a new queen. In other words, he wanted to become the new in-law, but this proposal suited me as well. Mars currently had no backing. If he ascended the throne like this, his position would likely be unstable.
In that case, it would be safer for the royal family to marry Gamaras’ daughter, and make the child she bore the next king.
Gamaras’ daughter Lilia resembled her father, lacking virtue, but that wasn’t a significant issue. Everything was secondary to preserving the royal family.


Lilia soon became pregnant and bore a son. The birth of the second prince Nicol.
This decided the next king. I felt bad for Mars but a prince without any backing couldn’t succeed the country.
I would just make the child Lilia bore with me the next king before Gamaras assassinated Mars.
Stopping it would be futile. He would just make excuses like “I have no such intentions.”
Such was the authority of this country’s king. That’s why the nobles struggle over the country’s power.
It was unfortunate but I could do nothing for my own child.
Nicol becoming the next king became implicit consensus not just for me but all the nobles.
All that remained was deciding what to do with Mars. I didn’t think it would be long.

However, contrary to those around him, Mars stubbornly survived. Repelling repeated assassination by poison, he also deflected the villainous blades of assassins.
did my royal family, descended from heroes, get such power?
At least I didn’t have any. I had nothing aside from my royal bloodline to rely on.
With puzzling feelings despite him being my own child, I watched Mars.
Meanwhile, Gamaras would not allow such a Mars to remain. Of course. To secure his own power, Mars’s existence was merely an obstacle.
The bastard made up some pretext and ordered Mars to subdue an organization called the Hundred of unknown origin, intending to have him killed amidst the fighting.
If he died battling the Hundred, that was fine. If not, during combat they would stab him from behind. Bran assigned by Gamaras as Mars’s guard, was a man bearing grudge against the family who killed his clan for the previous queen. He would have no hesitation murdering Mars.
Even Mars would be helpless against a stab in the back while fighting the Hundred.
Knowing that, still I ordered him.
“Mars, will you do it?”
“I humbly accept your order.”
Saying that, Mars knelt.
(Forgive me, die for the royal family)
I apologized in my heart.

The day of Mars’s subjugation of the Hundred arrived.
Taking every precaution, Gamaras hired A-Rank adventurers. In case Mars defeated the Hundred, escaped the evil hands of Bran and the others, and returned to the castle. Truly a crafty man.
The White Knight Order serving as guards yet acting as Gamaras’ agents apparently couldn’t be relied on for military might. And in this country there was no one who could defeat an A-Rank party of adventurers. Not even Frau known as the Thunder Emperor could manage alone.
The one who organized the Hundred was Mars.
Having the Black Knight Order, Red Knight Order, and even Blue Knight Order under his command, he staged a revolt. Seeing the magicians weren’t moving, his fiancée Frau must have sided with Mars as well.
Despite overwhelming advantage, Mars appeared alone in the throne room.
Waiting there was the A-Rank party of adventurers hired by Gamaras. No matter how strong, one person shouldn’t be able to defeat them.
Yet Mars exhibited fearsome power and achieved victory over them.
I was perplexed.
Just what was Mars?
My father, grandfather, and even I never had such power.
But that didn’t matter. If it was Mars, he would likely preserve the royal family.
I relinquished the throne to Mars as told. It felt like a weight was lifted. It had been too much for me from the start.

After the revolt, I was moved away from the capital to a detached palace.
Ironically, the one who accompanied me was Bram, Frau’s father who had become queen.
Bram, who should have become the new in-law, was under house arrest in the detached palace rather than grasping power.
“Our children got the better of us huh.”
Meeting me in the palace, Bram smiled wryly.
It wasn’t like my hand was forced or anything. As long as he inherited the throne, anything was fine.
Just that I hadn’t imagined the throne would be seized from me so forcefully.
One regret was I hadn’t taught Mars the oral traditions passed down in my royal family.

[Eat Meat]

I don’t know what it means. My father and grandfather didn’t know either apparently.
I made sure to eat meat every day just in case, but it doesn’t seem to have had any effect. Maybe it was a secret to longevity, but neither my father nor grandfather lived that long.
But well, since he became king, Mars is probably eating meat every day already.
It might be something unnecessary to tell him now.

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