Before the tutorial begins chapter 44

Chapter 44: The Thundering Beast and the Dreaming Girl Part 5

Shimizu Residence – Living Room

After finishing the meal, I parted ways with Mr. Szilard and headed straight home.

I’m not entirely sure how I got back,

as I had devoted most of my mental resources to thinking.

“As the leader of the ‘Burning Ice Sword,’ I wish to join your ranks not as a commander, but as a fellow adventurer who loves his comrades. In case of emergencies, I’ve already written my will. So please, use me as a pawn without hesitation! Hahaha!”

No, not “Hahaha!”!

You’re not the kind of character who can join so lightly!

He probably offered to cooperate with us out of a sense of responsibility for not being able to save Jupiter as the clan leader,

but from our perspective, this is far from a stroke of luck – it’s boiling hot water!

Not that his capabilities as a fighter are lacking.

In fact, Mr. Szilard is such a high-spec character that he’s almost overkill.

But you see,

he’s an important character.

Unlike me or Haruka, he’s the kind of person who will play a major role in shaping history from now on. I’m a bit reluctant to involve him in such a dangerous battle.

The thought of him dying in the fight against [Keraunos] sends shivers down my spine.

What I want to change is the crappy fate, not the heroic legends of the protagonists.

As long as my friends and I can live reasonably happily, that’s good enough for me.

But Szilard’s participation has the potential to completely upend my plan.

He’d be an invaluable ally, but the risk of defeat is too great.

For now, I’ve managed to convince him to hold off, but I don’t have much time to agonize over this.

Ugh, what should I do?

“Welcome back, Kyo-kun.”

“I’m home, sis. Is Al out with Jupiter?”

“Yes, Al-chan took Jupiter-chan fishing for frogs. “

Frog fishing? …….

What’s he doing?

“She seemed quite frustrated after the game didn’t go well, and went out saying ‘I’ll teach you the true meaning of hunting, dear sister.'”

The demon lord going out to hunt frogs as payback for not being able to hunt monsters – that’s just too hardcore.

“So, Kyo-kun. Did you need something from Al-chan?”

“Ah, I have something I’d like to discuss with you.”

My sister tilts her head questioningly, resting her chin on her hand.

How cute. I want to marry her.

“If you’d like, I’d be happy to lend an ear to your troubles.”

“Eh!? To you, sis?”

I can’t exactly be straightforward and confess everything.

How do I explain this?

“Well, you see, even though I may not look it, I’m quite the expert when it comes to giving advice. Just the other day, I helped a friend of mine who was getting caught up in a dangerous pyramid scheme!”

My angelic sister puffs out her chest proudly.

Ah, if only time could stop right here.

“And lately, I’ve noticed that you’ve been so busy, you’ve been a bit neglectful dear little brother. I’m here to help!”

“That’s not true at all. sister-“

“But it is true!”

She firmly cut me off.

Submitting to the way of the world, I obediently back down, the uncompromising affirmation bot that I am.

“Alright then, sis. Can you lend me an ear?”

“Of course! Leave it to your big sister!”

She dramatically slaps her ample bosom.

Such motherly charm.

If I weren’t her brother, I’d be proposing right now.

“Hmm, let me gather my thoughts here.”

As I sit on the cushion, I plan out my strategy.

Alright, let’s go with this.

“The thing is, I’ve been keeping a secret from you all this time – I’ve been writing a novel.”

“My, my, my!”

My sister’s reaction is about 40% more intense than usual, and she seems genuinely delighted.

I feel so guilty.

“In the past, the saying was ‘if you don’t see someone for three days, look at them with fresh eyes.’ But you’ve grown up so much, Kyo-kun. Gone are the days when your only ‘hobby’ was fighting!”

“Haha, thanks.”

Another piece of Kyouichiro’s dark history has been revealed, and I feel the urge to just die. But I manage to soldier on and continue the story.

“Once upon a time, in a far, far away galaxy…”


“–in the midst of a grand galactic operation, a monster called a ‘Galaxy Being’ appeared, and–“

“My goodness!”

“–in order to take revenge on the ‘Laughing Bats’ connected to the Nebula Multiverse–“

“How dreadful!”


In an effort to distance the story from reality, I’ve concocted a space opera-esque narrative. But it got surprisingly immersive, causing me to take much longer than expected to reach the main topic. By the time I finished, the sky outside had turned a deep crimson.

“So Kyo-kun is hesitating about whether to include General Haraguro, who is said to play an important role in the original history, in the operation to rescue Princess Europa, right?”

“That’s right.”

The sister flips through the notebook filled with her scribbles, nodding her head in small motions.

There is surely no angel other than this person who would so seriously record the idle chatter I spouted on a whim.

I should dedicate my whole life to making her happy.

By the way, General Haraguro is Szilard-san, and Princess Europa is Jupiter.

The names don’t hold any deeper meaning, not at all.

“In that case, the solution is simple. Let’s absolutely have General Haraguro join us!”


So straightforward…

“But sis, if something happens to General Haraguro, a time paradox might occur, and the protagonist who came from the future admires him, you know.”

“However, with just the combo of protagonist Chin-Pira-kun and his partner Master-Prometheus-Psycho, the team still uneasy about defeating the dark monster Zeus Omega, right?”


What’s with this ‘Chin-Pira’ name.

I should have chosen a cooler name.

“In that case, let’s use General Haraguro to both increase the combat strength and make him take responsibility for letting the situation deteriorate this much.

Even if it’s for the sake of protecting the country, the one who banished the underage Princess Europa has the gall to show up as an ally. We can pile the most difficult task on him and make him work like a workhorse without any backlash!”

This is quite an aggressive opinion, even for my sister.

“But the time paradox?”

“Wasn’t there a setting in this work where there’s no corrective power of history?”


Maybe there is a possibility, but considering the success of Al’s liberation and Haruka’s rescue, that possibility seems slim.

“In that case, the risk Kyo-kun is concerned about certainly exists.”

“Yeah, that’s true.”

“But such uncertainties are something all the participants in the battle should be bearing. Challenging an unknown future means accepting that, doesn’t it?”


I can’t find the words to respond.

It’s exactly like “doing one’s utmost and then leaving it to providence.”

Maybe the resolve to give my all to obtain the desired future was lacking in me.

“Also, this protagonist Chin-Pira-kun, despite calling himself a ‘rebel against fate’, seems to be overly captivated by the concept of ‘fate’, don’t you think?”

“And what does that mean?”

Clearing her throat lightly, my sister speaks her theory, pointing her index finger towards the ceiling.


“This ‘he’s a historical figure, so let’s not drag him into trouble’ mindset is very orderly. Your sister doesn’t think it’s wrong either.

But flipping it around, it’s also possible to interpret it as ‘since it’s his fate, we should just go along with it.'”


I found myself somewhat convinced by my sister’s words.

“Chin-Pira-kun is probably being cautious because he knows the future events, which makes him a very understanding kid, scoring high points with your big sis.

However, that sensible personality might be his downfall, as he seems to be about to let go of a good opportunity just because of this word ‘fate’.”

That would be a terrible shame, my sister said.

“A person trying to deny fate is now using fate as a reason to choose the less favorable option – Ah, I totally missed that blind spot.”

“Chin-Pira-kun’s way of being is very righteous. But if, by being overly committed to his own moral principles, he fails to protect what’s truly important, he will surely end up hating himself. Your big sis doesn’t want such a sad ending.”

“Yeah, me neither. I want a bright conclusion.”

That’s right.

What I’m seeking is a perfect, happy ending, not a faithful reproduction of the original work.

Of course, I have no intention of arbitrarily disrupting the world, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to become a baby-faced goody-two-shoes who just dutifully upholds order either.

If the future hero is willing to lend us their strength, I should grasp that hero’s hand with the resolve to protect them no matter what.

“Thank you, sis. Thanks to you, I’ve got a clear idea now.”

“I’m glad I could be of help. When your novel is finished, please show it to your big sis, okay?”

As I’m soothed by her gentle smile like a spring breeze, I promise, “Someday.”

“Master, what are you clacking away at?”

“Ah, I promised sis that I’d let her read the novel I wrote. So I’ve decided to start writing a little bit each day from today.”

“Another peculiar thing, I see… What is this ‘Demon God-kuunel-Neet’?”

No hidden meaning, none at all.

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