The Devil Princess Volume 3 Chapter 2 part 1

Chapter 2: I Became a First-Year Student 

It has been almost a year since I Eurushia-von-Verzenia moving from my manor in the capital to attend the main campus of the Magic Academy, and I have turned seven years old. 
If asked whether anything has changed since leaving the Tull Province where I had lived, not much has changed really, as the people around me remain the same.  
I suppose the biggest difference is that my birthday celebration is now held in just one location in the capital…Ever since I moved here, it’s been held in one place without being divided up. …Though that’s normal, I suppose. I didn’t want it at the royal castle…but then again, the annex in the capital couldn’t accommodate all the “rumored” hopefuls wishing to attend if it was held at my castle in Tull. I realized that it was useless to complain.. 
But for some reason, high-ranking clergy from sects with churches in the Holy Kingdom have been bringing suspiciously good-looking young male clerics to fawn over me!  
They normally keep their distance, so what in the world do they want? 
At least by moving to the capital, I get to see Father every day, get to fluff Sherry’s fluffy hair, and get forcibly taught etiquette alongside the unfortunately plain-looking Betty, increasing my interactions with people. 
However, the problem lies with the Magic Academy. 
Right from the outset marked as a “problem,” I can somewhat anticipate how things will go…… 
I enrolled as a regular student, and at first my classmates were a bit apprehensive due to the difference in status, but I did manage to make a few friends. We studied together, traded lunch box items, accidentally wandered into the senior garden only permitted to upperclassmen and got harassed by the scary senior girls until a dashing senior came to my rescue… 
There was a time I indulged in such “fantasies” that could never come true.  
Now then, let me show you the “reality.” 
The murmuring stops abruptly.  
While most nobility attend the main Magic Academy campus in the capital, they are children after all. 
Since many were raised as spoiled nobles, the lavishly decorated dining hall, far grander than any school facility, was filled with children noisily chatting away as they pleased. 
That is…until they all fell silent in an instant, as if doused with water,  
the moment I appeared. 

– Clank – 
In that bizarre atmosphere, a girl who seemed to be a commoner dropped her utensils in tension, rolling them across my path. 
The girl and surrounding students paled instantly,  
unable to move in the frozen, suffocating air as Nia gave a thin, icy smile and Tina gazed at the girl with a perfect poker face. 
Just that alone drained the color from the girl’s face past blue to an unhealthy green as she broke into an abnormal sweat and began trembling, looking positively ill. 
She had clumsily offended me yet offered no apology. A murderous aura began leaking from Nia, while in the silence where a dropped pin could be heard, Tina muttered “A worm…” 
This is– 
Oh no, this won’t do at all! This is bad! 
How did it come to this? Ah yes, it’s my fault! 
Officially, the academy treats all students as equals, be they nobles or commoners.  
However! I am a princess of the royal family, doted upon by the Holy Kingdom!  
The firstborn daughter of an immensely wealthy and powerful archduke household! 
Viewed as a holy maiden candidate by various sects in this religious nation,  
yet simultaneously treated as a problematic anomaly by them due to my overwhelming magical and political power! 
Well, an ordinary girl wouldn’t dare approach such an existence, would they? If I were in their position, I definitely wouldn’t go near myself. 
siiiiiiiiigh (an extremely long sigh) 
So the problem is: 
What is the best course of action a holy maiden and princess of the Holy Kingdom like myself can take in this situation!? (Drum roll) 
Option 1: 
I ignore the girl and walk past this frozen atmosphere.  
This is probably the right answer, the option with the least harm, but isn’t this the route to becoming a “villainess noblewoman” trope that shows up in stories?! I’d be guaranteed to become a loner! 
Option 2:  
I smile pleasantly and return the dropped utensils to her. 
Sounds like a nice idea…but wait. Wouldn’t this risk her misunderstanding that I’ve “taken an interest” in her? Whether in a good or bad way, my school life would be hell. 
Option 3: 
Eliminate all witnesses. Leave no survivors.  
The easiest and most straightforward option…in fact, isn’t that exactly what Nia is trying to do right now?! 
With an overly cheerful smile, she reached for her sword, her demonic aura leaking out. I instinctively chopped the back of her head. 

Just barely holding back, but hitting her to the floor with the same force as smashing bedrock, Nia created a massive spiderweb crack in the marble as she sprawled in a spread-eagle position. 
Oops, I did it again! 
The shockwave sent the students within several dozen meters tumbling from their chairs, covered in tomato stew, but I suppose I shouldn’t let it bother me. 
I’m supposed to be living like a “proper person”, so how did it come to this? 
Still, Nia is pretty tough… I bet she was able to absorb the impact with her “absorption” ability. But despite her rough-and-tumble nature, the knight-in-training Nia got up, rubbing the back of her head and looking at me with a slightly sulky expression. 
And Noa, who has the opposing “release” ability, got the full force of the shock straight from her sister, and ended up being hilariously receiving a direct shock from his sister. 
Anyway, it seems no one got hurt… 
“I’m very sorry for the disturbance… Hehehe.” 
I said that and quickly left the scene before anyone could give me a scolding. 
And so, my “daily life” at this academy carries on. 
I might not be able to go to the cafeteria anymore… 
And from what I heard later, a debate broke out afterwards –  
“As expected of the princess!” (Admiration) 
“As expected of the princess…” (Fear) 
I heard that there was a dispute between the two factions: ……. 


Well, let’s move on! 
The magic academy – or rather, just the main campus in the royal capital – has a special place that only certain privileged students are allowed to enter. 
This place is off-limits to regular students and even teachers, except at the entrance. To enter, you must either be of the royal family or a high-ranking aristocrat. 
In other words, it’s a lounge exclusively for high-ranking nobles. Countess Betty and Baroness Sherry can use it, but the majority of the students here, who are from lower-ranked noble families, are completely barred from it. What a ridiculous waste of resources. 
“Euru, please say ‘Ahhh’ for me, ‘Ahhh’.” 
“Ah, ahhh…” 
Since I can no longer go to the cafeteria due to a certain unfortunate incident, I’ve been having my meals delivered here to this salon. 
Well, neither my servants nor I really need human food, but Sherry and Betty, who seem concerned (?) about the situation, have joined me for meals. 
And now Sherry is trying to feed me, offering me a utensil… No, I really don’t want any food cooked by a stranger! 
“Euru, it’s so tough for you! Everyone doesn’t know how kind you are!” 
What made you think that about me? 
And while Betty is saying such nice things, she seems to want to try the “Ahhh” thing with me too. This prim and proper-looking young lady with black hair grabs a giant lobster-like shrimp with the claw-like hands and tries to shove it into my mouth……… The shrimp is still whole, with the shell still attached 
But even if it’s a bit silly, I can’t say I’m not enjoying it. 
Even though we’re in different grades, being able to wear the same uniform and spend lunchtime with friends is a sight I’ve longed for in the dark Demon Realm – a vision of the “bright world” I’ve dreamed of. 
The uniform isn’t too different, either. It’s a two-piece with a big bow tie, and for me, who was born in this world, it’s the first time I’m wearing a skirt that reveals my calves. 
Well, of course, as a noble lady, I have to wear pure white tights to cover my bare legs! 
Sherry and Betty also look very cute in their uniforms. Once the noble ladies graduate from the sixth year, they’ll have to go back to wearing dresses, so now’s the time to appreciate the schoolgirl look. (I feel like an old man). 
Still, while Sherry is her usual self, Betty seems a bit more energetic and less composed than usual. If you asked me why… 
“You three seem to be getting along well!” 
“Y-Yes, that’s right!” 
Betty replies enthusiastically, and the antenna of the shrimp she’s holding jabs me in the nose. 
The one who said that is the only boy here, my cousin, the Prince of the Holy Kingdom of Taliteld, Timothee. 
As always, he has an adorably sweet aura about him. 
Timothee is also thirteen years old this year. With his rosy-cheeked beautiful boy looks inherited from Crown Princess Elea, he’s a real eye-candy, and it seems Betty is interested in more than just that… 
“Ti, Timothee-sama, would you like to join us for tea as well?” 
Oh my, tee-hee. 
Normally, the royal family is expected to find a fiancé by the time they turn fifteen, the age of adulthood, and get married around the age of twenty. Of course, as the crown prince’s firstborn, Timothee should have a few potential fiancée candidates, but surprisingly, there are no rumors about that. 
Oh boy, the older girls in the academy are definitely eyeing him with great interest. He may be a bit of a airhead, but he’s a prince and a beautiful young man! 
Many girls dream of a prince charming straight out of a storybook, but the chances of a commoner girl becoming a queen are slim to none. 
To marry into the royal family, you need to be at least a countess or higher. And the girls of that social standing have all received at least the minimum education required to become a queen… except for me, that is. 

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