The Deeds of Arrogant Noble Volume 2 chapter 3 part 2

“Hey, Luke. –That.”
At that moment, Alice whispered in my ear while gesturing with her eyes. Looking over, I see a student approaching us. I instantly understood who it was, and a deep sorrow, like the ocean, spread through my heart. The one walking towards us is– Shota Prince [Polpon].
Stop… don’t drag me into more trouble.
Wait, it’s too soon to make assumptions. There’s a chance he’s here for something else–
I didn’t see him.

scene transition

I knew it. I’m blessed with the talent of getting caught up in trouble.
“I humbly request a favor of you!”
“I refuse.”
“Wha–? But, but…”
Ah, he’s surprisingly sensitive. He looks utterly dejected.
“…But, I can’t give up here! Please, at least hear me out!”
He has a strangely resolute look. He doesn’t seem like he’ll back down.
Plus, this bizarre scene is bound to draw attention.
I wanted to end this situation as quickly as possible.
“…Spit it out.”
“Thank you!”
So, I decided to at least hear him out–
“–Please teach me magic!”
……I really regret this.
Who could have imagined something so nonsensical? If I couldn’t do it, it’s impossible for anyone.
Top-notch facilities, wisdom-filled books, and first-rate teachers. With so many options available, why me?
“I know that you were teaching magic to that girl named [Mia] there. And in just one month, she achieved unbelievable growth. I understood the reason for that in yesterday’s ranking battle. –Please, teach me magic as well! I have to… absolutely make it into the top 10 rank!”
……So even that is affecting things.
My initial thought of using Mia as a [pawn] has led to this country’s prince demanding that I, the villainous noble, teach him magic. ……Why?
“I am, after all, a member of the royal family. The rumor that I am studying under you, Luke, will surely raise your reputation. ……Wh-what do you think?”
……Truly, my actions seem to be causing unforeseen circumstances.
I really don’t feel loved in this world. –Well, so what.
I’ll overturn fate as much as I want.
This academy values ability above all else. Whether he’s a prince or not, since I’ve proven I’m above him in the ranking battle, I have no need to show him courtesy.
“Disappear, little bug. Who do you think you are–“
“Please… I beg you…”
…Huh, why does this guy look like he’s about to cry? Don’t mess with me.
I’m just rejecting him, for fuck’s sake. Damn it. I guess I have no choice but to move to a different location and listen to what he has to say.
But the situation only grows more chaotic, due to Mia’s bombshell of a statement.

“–I was able to be taught because I became Luke’s [pawn]. The prince should become Luke’s [pawn] too.”

There was not a single cloud in Mia’s eyes.
As if she wholeheartedly believes that this would bring happiness to everyone–
The Shota Prince is, of course, bewildered.
I’m just… tired… Ugh, my stomach…



Judging that the presence of Abel and Lily would only further complicate the matter, Luke dismissed them.
Only Alice, Mia, and Polpon, the source of the current trouble, should discuss this going forward.
However, Luke had one dissatisfaction. And that was–
“Why are you in my room? …… “
“That’s right, only I’m allowed in Luke’s room.”
“You, shut up.”
“S-sorry… Haaah.”
“Luke’s room… so calming.”
“I-I’m sorry for intruding.”
While it was not a cramped room, Luke had no desire to indiscriminately invite people in.
It was tremendously unpleasant, but considering the content of the discussion to come, he briefly felt it might be appropriate. However–
(Still, I don’t think there was a need for it to be my room. …Well, whatever. Let’s get this over with as soon as possible.)
“Now that I think about it… Aren’t you a member of the Lennox family?”
“…That’s right.”
Interrupting the already mentally exhausted Luke was the prince Polpon, the root cause of the current situation.
“To be slow in recognizing a member of the royal faction, how shameful for a prince.”
“–Your Highness, isn’t that not what you came to discuss?”
A frigid atmosphere emanated from Mia. Sensing that the conversation was about to take an even more troublesome turn, Luke sighed softly.
“…It’s not entirely unrelated. the heir of the Gilbert household, the leading faction of the aristocrats, I’m doing a favor for Luke-kun, their eldest son.”
Polpon’s expression became slightly stern.
There are three powerful marquises in the Milestia Kingdom, called the Three Great Nobles. They are Marquis Godwin, Marquis Drummond, and Marquis Gilbert.
Of them, the faction formed by the alliance of Marquis Godwin and Marquis Gilbert is the aristocratic faction, while the royalist faction includes the other nobles who follow the King, including Marquis Drummond.
There was fierce power struggle up until twenty years ago, but it has settled down now. It’s because Claude completely lost his ambition after Luke was born.

“…Yes. Perhaps the reason I was so harsh on Alice was that I’ve seen such things since childhood. Unconsciously, I might have disliked people from the aristocratic faction. But…that doesn’t matter anymore. Haha.”

(How scary…)
Seeing Mia chuckling quietly, Luke felt an indescribable fear run down his spine.
The Lennox family belongs to the royalist faction, and the Lonsdale family belongs to the aristocratic faction. Although the overt conflicts have decreased, the rift between the two factions runs deep.
Therefore, Polpon was a little surprised to see Mia acting together with Luke and Alice.
“It’s a bit late, but isn’t it rather clumsy? The prince asking a favor of Luke.”
“…Of course, there are many who don’t think highly of it. But I have no choice. I absolutely need to be in the top ranks. And now, I’m just a student. Please, don’t call me ‘prince’. Can you just call me Polpon?”
“Alright, I’ll call you Polpon then.”
“N-no, it’s nothing…”
(Calling me by name without any honorifics…? I’m a senior, after all…)
Polpon was taken aback by Alice’s casual way of addressing him.
“So, Polpon.”
” ……Huh?”
(He’s even calling Luke-kun casually…? Ah, um… They’re my underclassmen, but…)
“Why are you so obsessed with being in the top 10 rank?”
Polpon was starting to think that maybe he was the one being strange.
But Luke pressed on without hesitation.
” ……It’s because–“
Polpon hesitated a bit, but still looked directly at Luke as he spoke clearly.
“It’s because my father, the King, is incompetent.”
His expression was not filled with anguish and anger, but rather the opposite.
Like blowing out a candle, all emotion disappeared from Polpon’s face.
“My father is too reliant on magic. In the end, he even said that the most powerful magician among the potential successors should become the next King.”
Polpon quietly lamented the future of the kingdom.

“The kingdom has no shortage of problems. Due to the power struggle, the nobles cannot be controlled, and there are many impoverished citizens. The diplomatic front is also plagued with issues. Many neighboring countries view our kingdom with hostility. While we seem to have a friendly relationship with the neighboring empire, it’s nothing more than a castle built on sand, with our national power speaking volumes. And the state of our magical technology is truly critical. They should be aware of how far behind we are, but they dismiss it because of our superior magical abilities.”

The issues he rapidly listed were the festering wounds of the kingdom.
Relying on their overwhelming magical power, the problems that should have been addressed had been overlooked for years.
“I want to change this country. To do that, I need to become a better magician than my brother and become the King. But in my current state, I’m far behind my brother. I can’t let that person who doesn’t care about the people inherit the throne. So…I humbly ask you.”
Saying that, Polpon bowed his head.
Luke, being a member of the royal family, understood the significance of Polpon’s gesture of bowing.
“I want you to teach me magic.”
A moment of silence. And then…
“Heh, what are you misunderstanding?”
A chilling demonic voice was heard.
“Prince…I’m one of the nobles you despise. I only care about my own happiness. I don’t give a damn about this country.”
Polpon was lost for words.
There was certainly anger as the cause. Luke’s words were tantamount to abandoning his duties as a noble. It’s only natural that Polpon, who cares about the country, would feel anger.
But no, that’s not the real reason he lost his words. It was because he was overwhelmed by the inexplicable presence that Luke was exuding.
“If improving this country is necessary for my own happiness, then I’ll do it. But in the current state, I don’t think so.”
“Why…?! You must understand what I’ve been saying, right?”
“Ah, I do understand. But I believe that the [magical power] of this country is far more overwhelming than you think.”
“Don’t worry, I’ll govern my domain perfectly. I can’t stand being considered inferior to other lords.”
Luke had not a shred of patriotism. He had no intention of investing his time to make the country better or to make Polpon the King.
And above all, Luke was certain that this entire situation should never have occurred in the first place.

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