Strongest in the Supernatural School Volume 2 chapter 1 part 3

“Hm? Sakaki-sensei! What’s up today? Isn’t it a bit early?”
Recently, Nishikimachi, who has joined the Sakuma group (the undisputed top of the class hierarchy) as a mood maker, asked in a ridiculously loud voice.
Since Sakuma is standing next to him, there must be something going on.
I’ve been paying attention to this lately, but…yes, Nishikimachi is still Nishikimachi.
However, he’s just a dumb brute with a big build and a loud voice. His tension is also strange.
If this character is being deliberately acted out, Kurashiki would probably be in awe. That level of pure stupidity.
“Nishikimachi, your voice is noisy. …And good morning, everyone. Actually, Manabe, who was hit by Netsuhara, has finally been able to come to school. This time, I escorted him on my way to school as a special case.”
At her words, the class was in an uproar.
The door at the front of the class opened. There stood a bespectacled young man.
His gloomy loner-like aura was not even trying to hide the otaku-ness.
Pushing up his glasses with his middle finger, the bag he was carrying was jingling with a large number of anime character straps. No doubt…that’s Manabe-kun!
As he stepped into the classroom, he spoke in the same atmosphere as before.
“It’s been a while, 3D classmates. Thanks to you, I was able to enjoy a honeymoon time with my wife.”
The smartphone he was holding displayed a scantily clad anime character.
At this sight, everyone in the class was completely taken aback.
Th-this…the way he speaks, constantly emitting a creepy vibe…there’s no doubt about it!
If there was nothing else, he would have been at the top of the list of people I would have wanted to be friends with!
The embodiment of the [unknown] for me, the object of my curiosity, that Manabe-kun!
Representing the class, Karasuma, with a twitching cheek, called out to him.
“So you’re back…welcome back, Manabe!”
“Ah, Karasuma of 3D. I’m back.”
And so, Class 1-C was completely back to normal.
For a while, we would be able to lead a peaceful and uneventful school life.
–That’s what I thought, but it was only a moment.
“And there’s one more reason I came early today.”
Sakaki-sensei said, placing a stack of printouts on the podium.
The classmates, sensing an unpleasant premonition, fell silent. It seems they have deeply understood that this school is not normal. The liveliness from earlier was like a lie.
However, what she announced was something rather [normal] for a school.
“You guys, it’s about time to decide on [club activities].”
“…Club activities?”
Representing the class, Kurashiki expressed his confusion.
In response to that, Teacher Sakaki said something like “Didn’t I tell you?”
“As for Kirido, Netsuhara, and various other things, I had forgotten, but at this school, it is a rule that you must join a club activity. ……Well, since there are no such provisions in the school rules, many probably don’t know, but it’s like an unspoken agreement.”
I see……a club activity.
I had also suspected it might be another call to battle, so I was a little disappointed.
But for a loner like me with communication issues, the decision of which club to join is quite a high hurdle. It feels even more difficult than the Netsuhara battle.
Kurashiki is in the track and field club, Sakuma is in the baseball club.
I also hear that the other students have each joined their respective clubs.
But what about me? I might be able to shine in a sports club, but I don’t feel like I can keep up with the atmosphere of a sports club……and I don’t have any special skills either…….
As I was looking at the club signup forms that had been passed out, the bell for the start of classes rang.
Teacher Sakaki put away the remaining signup forms and just said “Decide on one” before going into the lesson.
“Well then, let’s start the first period class–“
She prepared the teaching materials and turned to face us students.
However, talking about clubs before class was an unusual misstep for Ms. Sakaki.
Many students weren’t listening and were just looking at the club signup forms that had been distributed earlier.
Seeing this, Ms. Sakaki put a hand to her forehead, seeming to finally realize her mistake in judgment.
“–I was planning to start the class, but I’ve changed my mind. This time will be for self-study. The content is choosing a club. Since we have the time, let’s decide on one now.”
It seems Ms. Sakaki judged that the class wouldn’t proceed as normal.
“Ooh! The teacher is being generous!”
“Karasuma, do you want to get expelled?”
With that sharp retort to the rude comment towards the woman, Ms. Sakaki responded with a full smile.
Karasuma, who had made the comment, quickly averted his gaze and changed the topic to clear the air.
“So, so, what should I do…? To be honest, I was planning to join the go-home club.”
“Huh!? That’s unexpected! Karasuma’s in the go-home club!?”
“Nishikimachi, shut up. ……Well, I agree though.”
The voices of Sakuma’s group could be heard right away.
Hmm, so Karasuma’s in the go-home club. Personally, I had thought he’d be the type to be loudly messing around in the basketball club or something. As I was thinking about that, a familiar voice rang out in my head.


(Ah, Amamori-san! What should I do?)
Glancing over, I met eyes with Kurotsuki head-on.
……Ah, so this is that telepathy thing that was briefly mentioned. It’s convenient.
(Well, just do what you want.)
(Then I’ll do the same as Amamori-san!)
Saying that through telepathy, Kurotsuki let out a light laugh.
Beneath the cool, solitary wolf-like exterior, he has this boyish charm.
With the rare sight of Kurotsuki smiling, a crowd of students gathered around him.
Kurotsuki is still as popular as ever. Tch, that’s why good-looking guys are…
“Ah, Amamori-kun! Let’s do the student council together–“
“Well, maybe I’ll try the art club.”
“Ugh, ignored…!”
In front of me, Asahina-san was trembling.
I completely ignored her and wrote [Art Club] on the signup form.
At the same time, Kurotsuki also put away his signup form. ……Yeah, did he use some kind of convenient magic or something to fill it out without anyone seeing? He probably joined the art club too.
……Come to think of it, even though I’m not trying to gain any favors, why am I being so cherished by all these people? Ever since I came to this class, it feels like I’ve been getting attached to unwanted people more and more. Thinking about that, I stared straight at the girl in front of me.
“T-Then I’ll join the art club too–“
“I’ll sue you for stalking.”
Asahina-san, who wouldn’t back down, was shocked by my direct verbal attack.
But she managed to endure it and wrote [Art Club] on her own signup form.
“Fu, fu, fu… I expected that level of rebuttal from you, Amamori-kun! I won’t lose!”
“…Okay, do whatever you want.”
Getting tired of it, I averted my gaze, and she happily returned to her seat.
And after seeing her off–I erased the [Art Club] and wrote [Literary Club] instead.
This way, I can bring Kurotsuki and Asahina-san together and distance myself from these troublesome two.
What a simple strategy, isn’t it? And that Asahina-san falls for such a simple strategy, I’m starting to get a little worried. Well, if she changes in a day or two, no one will have to suffer.
She is chatting with a smile on her face with Kurashiki.
Seeing that figure, that smile, I looked up at the cloudless blue sky.
Yeah, it’s peaceful again today!

Why did Amamori Yuuto choose the Literary Club?
The reason is simple. It just seemed a bit more relaxed. That’s all there is to it.
[The Literary Club… Huh. That’s a club that was just started this year.]
It’s already after school. As I came to see the Literary Club, I recalled Ms. Sakaki’s words.
Unlike other high schools, in this school where the most important thing is the clash of esper powers, the cultural clubs are not popular.
The sports clubs can make you stronger by training your body, and you might be able to get to know some strong second- or third-year students… maybe. And having connections with powerful people may work to your advantage in the future… maybe. But it’s just a maybe.
However, there seem to be many students who only move for [what could be] that reason.
As a result, it is rare for students at this school to try to join cultural clubs.
“Ah, this is… the library.”
I was told that the literary club holds its activities in the library.
This club is run by a first-year student as the president, and apart from the president, there are no other members. In other words, there are no senpai, and there is no benefit in joining in terms of conflict requests. It’s that kind of club. The more I hear about it, the best conditions it seems to have. It looks like I can spend my time freely there.
“Well, as long as it’s not a troublesome person…”
Muttering that, I open the door to the library.
Immediately, a nostalgic scent of books hits my nose.
As I scan the surroundings, my eyes eventually meet with a lone girl.
“Um, uh…”
The girl looks puzzled, and I hold up the club registration form.
“Is this the right place for the literary club?”
“Ah, well… yes.”

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