Chore Granting Sorcerer Volume 2 Chapter 5 part 5

Will it be okay?
Will it come out naturally?
Will it not be unnatural?
It’s fun but tiring because I’m not used to it.
There may be more of this after. It’s also part of getting to know people for work, so it’s hard to refuse. I don’t even know where I might mess up.
Then I thought.
There was actually no after-party as such.
Just a few people getting together for another drink, without any obvious coercion.
Oh, they really are capable people, Night Dragonfly.



After encountering the Floor Boss without any casualties, how much does Vim boy understand the significance of this fact?
Countless adventurers feared and tried to avoid Floor Bosss, and inevitably scattered.
How much this fear has delayed the exploration of many adventurers.
It is why exploration of one level of labyrinth floor took years. To be able to face confrontation with Floor Bosss is revolutionary.
And today I was convinced.
Vim boy’s combat power I witnessed is reproducible.
It is not a random accident as he claimed. It works intentionally and effectively, an overwhelmingly powerful absolute combat power.
After all, I was not wrong.
The profits already far exceed what I originally offered as salary. I will be unrestrained with money from now on.
However, money alone is not enough.
If I think money alone can keep him, we may lose our feet to other parties.
What is also needed to keep people is, people themselves.


Night Dragonflly has fully explored the 98th level floor and made preparations for developing the 99th level floor without delay.
Their busy season has finally passed.
All the members seemed to have returned to normal operations by relaxing their shoulders.
In contrast, I felt rather idle since I joined during their busiest time.
I was told to take it easy now and replenish my strength, but I still felt strangely restless.
Then Camilla kindly noticed and asked me to run a small errand at the adventurer’s guild to relax my mind. She said to take a walk in the city.
I took a deep breath as I passed through the guild gates, waiting for my turn at the counter.
Now I am a member of Night Dragonflly, and even a prominent existence among them. It’s not good for me to be oddly fidgeting like this.
“Hello! I’m Vim Strauss from Night Dragonflly! I have the financial statement here!”
Was my voice too loud?
It should be loud and clear enough to get the receptionist’s attention.
Looking around, there were a few people glancing over here.
Well, as an energetic young man, it should be fine, right?
“Ah, yes. This way please.”
“Thank you very much.”
The receptionist flipped through the documents carefully.
“Yes, everything seems to be in order. Thank you for your hard work.”
“Thank you. Excuse me.”
Good, I said it without stuttering or stopping.
One worry lifted.
As if knowing my mind, or not, the receptionist smiled at me and said:
“You seem more cheerful now, Vim.”
“Is that so? That would be nice.”
I was able to smile back genuinely.


On my way back, my footsteps felt light.
Good good. I’m also becoming a proper adventurer now.
There may still be some awkward and funny parts, but it’s a hundred times better than before.
Though others may have known long ago, it seems being openly cheerful makes dealing with others much easier in many ways.
Everything works better that way.
Overall it turns out to be more comfortable, even if it’s a bit tiring.
I noticed something odd after passing through the mansion gates – it was strangely quiet.
There should usually be some traces of voices or presence, but…
The lights were still on though.
Maybe they’re having an emergency meeting somewhere gathering. No rush.
Pushing the heavy doors, I announce my return casually to no one in particular.
“I’m ba-“
Bang bang! A popping sound startled my back.
It was the sound of crackers.
A large banner appeared before my eyes with something written on it.
“Welcome to Night Dragonflly, Vim Strauss”
I was stunned. Then Camilla emerged from behind the banner.
“Ah crap. I meant to say these lines as a cue but, uh, you know. Been so busy I keep postponing it, sorry.”
Everyone’s here apparently.
“Captain, you’ll lose the meaning if you apologize first” Hans said.
Camilla smiled wryly.
“You’re right, my bad. Then, say ‘ah’ everybody!”
Everyone took a deep breath.

” ” “Welcome to Night Dragonflly!” ” “
The volume and pressure was huge.
Only then did I finally understand the situation.
Is this what they call a surprise?!
I understand but can’t fully process these feelings.
Umm, what is this, I…
“Everyone…Thank you!”
I did my best bow with a loud voice, somehow coming out more stable than expected at the end.
Spoken from the heart. I was almost shaking.
When I looked up, I saw everyone’s radiant smiling faces.

It was like a festival feast.
Many kinds of birds like turkey.
When used for meetings, this grand hall could make quite a show as a stand-up party venue. You might even hold weddings here.
“It’s our tradition to hold surprise parties like this every time a new member joins. This time, it kept getting postponed due to the overlapping busy season. Finally, things have settled down a bit, so…”
Camilla said with a shy smile.
“Well, yes. Um, it’s a bit embarrassing to say it again, but there’s something I must say on behalf of the members, along with summarizing what happened on the 98th floor.”
She suddenly became solemn. Then, she gathered everyone’s attention, bowed.
“Sir Vim Strauss, thank you for saving our lives. You are our benefactor. And if you are willing, we would like you to continue fighting alongside us.”
Everyone continued.
“Thank you,” or “Please take care of us,” and words like that were heard one after another.
“I, too, look forward to working with you in the future!”
Is this what they call being deeply moved? I felt like I was about to cry.
The party continued smoothly.
While enjoying delicious food, everyone exchanged greetings again, deepened friendships with those they hadn’t known well before.
“Vim, I…”
Abel stood before me with an unusually tense expression.
“Umm, Vim…that…”
“Eh, did I do something wrong?”
“No, it’s not that, I… Goal, can I have you as my…?!”
I didn’t understand the meaning sincerely though felt apologetic.
“What do you…”
“I’ve thought about it a lot. Just admiring isn’t enough.”
Oh, I see. He’s thought it through.
“I won’t lose to you, Vim! Not just admiration, I’ll truly catch up as a goal!
I didn’t fully get it but understood he’s conveying some respect for me in his own way.
Honestly felt a bit perplexed.
As someone who never received such pure feelings before, my past self may have drawn back in surprise.
But I’m different now.
I know the decency to accept the feelings I receive head-on.
“Yeah! If you like, I’ll train with you!”
“Whoa!” voices echoed.
Abel looked incredibly moved.
“But probably you’d beat me easily in wrestling or something, yeah?”
A warm chuckle arose.

–Reflecting again, Night Dragonflly is a truly wonderful party.
Not just high skills, they also have a richness of heart to care for others.
People born with honest hearts, growing up rightly surrounded by a blessed environment and warm people, achieving results through their own efforts and abilities.
They must know frustration and hardship too. That’s why they can be kind to others.
Facing limitations of fate or talent, perhaps with family, friends or lovers by their side. And overcoming them.
Everyone here, All of us, the chosen ones.
These people look up to me as the person who saved their lives, and they recognize me.
How wonderfully amazing!
I am evaluated and welcomed here. I enter the circle of people I think are tremendous. I’m in it.
With these people, I can go anywhere.
I will live out my life rightly from now on with everyone combining forces.
There is no room for doubt!
Night Dragonflly is the best!
That night, I vomited out everything I ate.

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