Unwanted Galactic Uprising Volume 1 Chapter 32

My First Ship, and Our First Assignment

The director listened to my report with an irritated expression. As soon as I finished, he had us board Coast Guard vehicles waiting outside.
He made sure to split us up into separate vehicles before taking us somewhere.
Although this was always a bustling workplace, I stayed silent and went along without saying anything.
The deep furrows between the director’s brows looked like they would never go away, no matter what.
I’m not enough of a masochist to invite being scolded by saying something unnecessary.
Our vehicles entered a tall government office building near the palace grounds.
We were then brought to a large conference room on one of the upper floors.
A podium had been set up in the room, with important-looking people seated on it.
No, not just on the podium – the general who had interrogated me was seated in the front row of chairs facing it, with many others I recognized behind him, likely all high-ranking Coast Guard officials.
There were also well-dressed elite-looking people, making me anxious about what was about to happen.
To put it bluntly, I felt completely out of place.
The general who spotted us called out.
“What are you all doing? Come over here and take a seat.”
The general who made us sit also looked quite haggard and worn out.
Come to think of it, all the high-ranking Coast Guard officers seemed fatigued.
It was glaringly obvious this was an oppressive workplace.
You can see it clearly in their faces.
While I would soon be relieved of duty either way, I honestly felt sorry for my subordinates, especially Sister Meyrica, given how tough things would get for them here.
Just from the bit of time I spent with them, I could tell how much trouble looking after Kate and Maria caused. For the higher-ups to be this exhausted, this workplace must pile on impossible demands relentlessly.
I wasn’t worried about whatever they might say to me next –
I just felt sorry for them.
I’m not sure how much time passed – probably not even five minutes.
Suddenly, the conference room fell quiet.
Then a door at the back of the podium area opened, and a beautiful woman entered.
From everyone’s reactions, she seemed to be a noblewoman.
A young noble lady related to the Coast Guard higher-ups, perhaps?
She was truly beautiful.
Once the woman reached the center of the podium, there was a pause before her introduction began.
“Presenting Her Royal Highness, Third Princess of the Diamond Kingdom, Marie Gold von Diamond.”
Upon hearing that, everyone bowed their heads in respect.
Not knowing the proper etiquette for such an occasion, we just followed the lead of those around us in belatedly bowing.
Then the Princess spoke up.
“Please, raise your heads. I have been tasked by His Majesty to bestow honors upon the heroes of our kingdom. The kingdom was saved by your valiant deeds. Allow me to express His Majesty’s gratitude.”

She then explained why the ceremony was not being held at the palace.
In summary, we were to receive honors, but the reasons could not be fully disclosed publicly.
Hence this private ceremony, which she apologized for – though I didn’t mind at all.
Despite the secrecy, she made a point to properly explain everything, showing the Princess was a kind soul.
Apparently the official announcements could not be made immediately, but would be published once the furor had died down, so there would be no detriment to us.
I wondered what sort of detriment she meant, but of course no further details were provided.
Well, it’s not something for me to worry about anyway.


After her remarks, Sister Meyrica was called up to the podium one by one to receive her honor.
“Ensign Meyrica. Through your heroic actions in protecting the lives and property of our citizens against the pirates, you have greatly upheld the kingdom’s dignity before our people. For this, you are awarded the Diamond Honor for Heroes. Additionally, given your miraculous survival, you shall be promoted one rank in recognition of your achievement.”
Kate, Maria and the other higher-ranking crew members were then called up individually to receive their honors as well.
Rookie Ryoko was last, concluding the Diamond Honor for Heroes awards ceremony.
At this point, some murmuring broke out in the room.
I could hear comments about me not receiving anything.
Indeed, I wasn’t meant to.
I had properly explained to the general that I was nearly killed by Kate and unconscious,
so I hadn’t actually done anything.
I had only come as their supervisor. At least, that’s what I thought up until this moment.
But then I was called up as well.
Figuring I might receive something out of pity, I went up to the podium.
The Princess truly was beautiful up close.
As I stood there admiring her looks, she began the honors ceremony for me.
“Soldier Nao Bruce. You led these valiant heroes and accomplished a formidable mission without a single casualty, demonstrating heroic qualities and conduct worthy of the highest esteem. For this, I hereby present you with the Diamond Grand Cross for Heroes. This honor, like the other grand cross distinctions given only to those the kingdom deems truly extraordinary, is awarded solely to those willing to pledge special future loyalty to our nation. Do you swear fealty to the kingdom?”
Even I can read the atmosphere.
Having never felt any allegiance to the kingdom before, I realized at that moment I had no choice but to swear it.
“I solemnly pledge to give my all in loyalty and service.”
As I spoke those words, I bowed my head.
The Princess then told me to raise it, so I slowly and apprehensively did so.
She then approached and personally bestowed the honor upon me.
Even with my orphan upbringing, I understood just how great an honor this was –
I could only feel humbled.
With that, the honors ceremony seemed to have concluded.
I thought we would be dismissed, but the Princess took a seat off to the side of the podium, as if waiting for something else.
Then the general called me back up to the podium once more.
I went back up as instructed and awaited his words.
By the general’s side, the personnel director stood holding one of those ornate boxes used for diploma cases at graduations.
Filled with anticipation, I watched as the general produced a document and read it aloud.
“Ensign Nao Bruce. Effective immediately, you are hereby promoted to Lieutenant commander and appointed acting captain of the aerospace destroyer you personally captured, registered as KSS 9999 with the name ‘shun’ min’.’ Your first assignment will be to ready the shun’ min’ for operational deployment within three months. Do your best.”
The ‘shun’ min”? I’d never heard that name before, but it had been issued a proper hull number for a military vessel, so it must be official.
Acting captain of that ship?
Me as the acting captain?
Then who is going to be the actual captain?
Hold on, that doesn’t make sense.
If a captain is coming to take over command, I should be assigned as the executive officer instead.
So does that mean I’m just a temporary posting like the previous navigation detail until the captain arrives?
Is that why I was ordered to refurbish that decrepit old ship?
Still, it’s quite the bold move by the Coast Guard.
Lost in my contemplation, the personnel director spoke up in a hushed voice:
“What are you doing?”
Ah right, the ceremony was still ongoing.
I hurriedly accepted the orders.
“I humbly accept this duty.”
My strange actions must have amused the Princess, as she was smiling.
But wait, isn’t this going to be quite the troublesome situation?
It’s not just a matter of delivering the ship to the dock, is it?
Since I’ve been given a three-month grace period, doesn’t that mean I actually have to do something myself?

Could it be…I’m supposed to handle this alone?

My final concern turned out to be unfounded, however.
As I later learned, all my squad members would remain under my command as before.
So really, nothing had changed
except our new workplace being that old destroyer.
The realization helped put my mind at ease.
Well, I’ll just take it easy as always then.
Once the ceremony concluded and the Princess along with the important guests had left the room,
the Princess happened to pass right by me on her way out.
At that moment, she spoke to me in a soft voice: “I’ll have an assignment for you soon, so I’m counting on you.”
What in the world was she talking about?
Then she departed, leaving me baffled over what she just had said

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