Revenge of the Soul Eater Volume 2 Chapter 7 part 1

Chapter 7: Stampede

Miroslav, who joined the “Bloody Sword,” started living in my house for the convenience of consuming her soul. It seemed like she had the same intention, so the transfer was completed. As a result, there were some changes among the clan members.

The thing that worried me the most was the relationship between Miroslav and Luna Maria. Well, it wouldn’t be accurate to say that. After all, I was the one who caused their relationship to break apart.

Even though Miroslav was following my orders, she indirectly enslaved Luna Maria. And Luna Maria was well aware of that. I anticipated some issues arising from this situation.

However, to my surprise, there were no conflicts between them. Perhaps they felt a certain connection being in similar circumstances.

Well, I didn’t expect it to be the same as when they were in the “Falcon Sword,” but their conversations didn’t carry any animosity.

Regarding the relationship with Seal, I can say that it is generally good. Miroslav treated Seal respectfully as a member of the clan, and Seal viewed Miroslav as a senior adventurer. There were no issues between them.

But the most surprising relationship was the one between Miroslav and Suzume. Surprising in a positive way. Suzume started learning magic from Miroslav, who is a skilled mage.

As I mentioned before, the Kijin horns are rare magical items with significant magical power. These horns are the organs that generate magical power for the Kijin. Kijin, in general, possess great magical power, and it seems that Kijin women with two horns have even higher magical power than Kijin men with one horn. This is what I learned from Miroslav.

In other words, Suzume was born with exceptional magical abilities.

Until now, I hadn’t paid much attention to this aspect because I didn’t intend for Suzume to become a fighter. First, she had to acclimate herself to life in a human city.

So, I was taken aback when I heard that Suzume had started learning magic from Miroslav. And I was even more surprised to learn that it was something Suzume wanted to do.

Under Miroslav’s guidance, who explained that a mage needed physical strength, Suzume approached me calmly, wiping the sweat off her forehead, and smiled.

“I also want to help, Sora-san, just like Seal-san and Luna-san.”

She felt it was suffocating for others to always take care of her.

With her blue hair tied back, allowing for easy movement, Suzume’s appearance was dignified, and there was no trace of the usual uneasiness she displayed in her surroundings. In other words, the girl in front of me was doing this for me.

Unintentionally, I covered my mouth and turned away from Suzume.

…Kuh! She’s such a good girl! Past me did well in deciding to help Suzume!

Tears welled up in my eyes as I secretly wiped them away, and Suzume’s slightly anxious voice reached my ears.

“…Um, Sora-san?”

“Y-Yes?! W-What’s the matter?”

“Um, is that all you wanted to ask?”

In that case, Suzume said she wanted to continue her training and apologized. I vigorously shook my head.

“Yes, that’s all! Sorry for bothering you!”

“No, it’s okay. About that, if I can be of help, please call me anytime.”

Saying that, Suzume bowed and resumed her training.

If Suzume were running through the streets of Ishka, she would need to be discreetly accompanied. But since she was only training within the premises of the house, an escort didn’t seem necessary.

I considered joining her in the training, but… yes, it would only distract her. The right answer here was to quickly retreat.

I returned to the house, pondered for a moment, and swiftly headed to the bathroom. I wanted to make sure the hot water was ready for Suzume when she finished her training. That’s what I decided.

Several days after Miroslav joined the “Bloody Sword,” a messenger from Duke Dragnote arrived from the royal capital, Horus.

The message stated that they were planning to send Claudia.

When I heard this, I became doubtful. It hadn’t even been half a month since the battle against Jijinbo. It seemed too soon for the duke to let go of his beloved daughter.

Miroslav, being the daughter of the Sauzar Company based in the royal capital, provided some information in response to my question.

She shared the rumors the company had gathered from the royal capital.

According to her, the external turmoil caused by the recent incident had subsided, but there was still unrest within the royal palace.

The marriage between Prince Hazard and Princess Sakuya of the Adastera Empire was in a state of stagnation. There were anti-imperial nobles who opposed it, and some were attempting to revive the broken engagement between Hazard and Claudia.

Miroslav believed that Duke Dragnote wanted Claudia to escape from this political deadlock.

If it became known that the unmarried princess (Claudia) was living in the house of an unmarried man (me), many people would assume it was a prelude to marriage, a de facto engagement.

Generally, it would be impossible for the daughter of a duke to marry an adventurer, but many would be convinced if they learned that this adventurer was the fabled dragon knight.

…Looking at it from one perspective, it was a direct path to joining the Duke Dragnote’s household.


W-Well, that’s only “looking at it from one perspective.” We weren’t actually engaged. Besides, if my presence served as a shield to protect Claudia, it should be considered an honor.

There’s no man who doesn’t yearn to be a knight protecting a princess.

It’s possible that radical nobles might send assassins, but if that happens, I’ll simply devour them. Yes, there wouldn’t be a problem.

In this manner, I was preparing to welcome Claudia, but one thing concerned me.

In recent days, monsters had been appearing more frequently around Ishka.

The guild seemed overwhelmed by the situation, and several requests were brought to my clan.

Luna Maria, Miroslav, Seal, and even Suzume, who I brought along to gain experience, were subduing the monsters in each case. However, instead of decreasing, the attacks were increasing. The rate of appearance was clearly abnormal.

Most of the monsters and beasts that appeared were species that inhabited the Tittis Forest. It seemed something had happened in the forest. The most likely cause would be the emergence of the rotten sea, but I worried that it was happening out of season.

Monsters were also appearing on the road that connected the royal capital with Ishka. At this rate, the carriage transporting Claudia could be attacked by monsters.

Considering all this, I decided to go to the Tittis Forest on Kurausora. There was a possibility that a large creature, such as the Basilisk, was driving the monsters out of their habitats.

By the way, I decided to replenish the stock of Jiraiya Oaks fruit in case of an emergency. According to Suzume, these fruits are available from spring to summer, so it would be best to harvest them while I still can.

While contemplating this, Suzume spoke in a modest voice.

“Um, Sora-san, I have a… request.”

“Yes, it’s fine.”

“….? I haven’t said anything yet.”

“Regardless of the content, I won’t refuse any request from you.”

As I responded with a serious expression, Suzume blinked two or three times and smiled somewhat complicatedly. I had expressed my genuine feelings, but it seems Suzume interpreted it as a joke.

I was slightly taken aback, but I reassured her with a smile.

In response to my inner conflict, Suzume spoke again.

“If you’re going to search for Jiraiya Oaks fruit, I want you to take me with you.”

“Hm? The Tittis Forest is known to be dangerous. Is there something that concerns you?”

“…I want to see my village again. I’m worried about the condition of the houses.”

Upon hearing that, I furrowed my brow slightly.

Suzume’s village, Kamuna, had been surrounded by the rotten sea caused by the Basilisk.

When I used fire to burn both the Basilisk and the rotten sea, the village houses were undoubtedly destroyed.

Suzume was present at that time, so she must be aware of it. However, I understood that she wanted to see for herself the place where she was born and raised.

She must not have mentioned it until now because she didn’t want to trouble me.

“It’s alright. But do keep in mind that riding on Kurausora can be uncomfortable. Is that okay?”

When I mentioned the discomfort of riding on Kurausora, Suzume pressed her lips together, clenched her fist, and nodded, saying, “I’ll do my best.” She was incredibly adorable.

“Huh… cough, cough Okay! Just make sure to hold on tightly to me!”


Suzume responded with a mix of confusion and enthusiasm to my peculiar muttering.

And so, Suzume and I embarked on Kurausora and reached the top of the cliff where the Lord of the Flies’ nest was located.

During the journey, I noticed two large bulges on my back, but my attention was solely focused on reaching the Tittis Forest.

Now, as I stood on the cliff, my heart felt no unease.

“…Here we go again.”

Looking down from the cliff, the view of the forest hadn’t significantly changed. There were no noticeable signs of a spreading rotten sea as far as the eye could see.

However, something felt clearly “off.”

The reason was the sound. The entire forest seemed to emit a rumbling noise, accompanied by roars that appeared to come from monsters, echoing from all directions.

Occasional agonizing cries, likely the voices of those defeated in monster battles, mixed in with the sounds.

Regardless of their territory or usual behavior, monsters and beasts were running wild throughout the forest. Whenever they encountered each other, immediate conflicts ensued—otherwise, the situation wouldn’t be like this.

It was a state of frenzy. Those words came to mind.

Such a situation hadn’t even occurred when the Basilisk made its appearance. Suzume, standing beside me, trembled slightly. Even for someone who had lived in Tittis for a long time, this was an unusual situation.

This is a problem, I thought inwardly.

Honestly, I hadn’t expected Tittis Forest to be in such chaos. I could handle it on my own, but it was dangerous for Suzume.

While I calmly accepted her request, considering how rarely she made them, I should have left her in Ishka. Should I take her back now?—that’s what I pondered.

Then, a gentle sensation enveloped my left hand.

When I looked, Suzume was holding my left hand with both of hers. Her red eyes sparkled with a light as she said, “Please take me.”

After a few seconds of silence, I let out a small sigh. I couldn’t resist those eyes.

Holding Suzume tightly, we ventured into the forest.

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