Mob Villain In An Otome Game Volume 2 Chapter 13 part 4

“That is not what I mean. I was speaking from Barst’s perspective. Even though there is an alliance, Barst may think that Magnolia’s actions won’t be swift enough, as it is merely a connection between countries. However, if there is a marriage tie between the border regions of Baldia and Renalute, how would that be?”
Though I couldn’t see clearly, it seemed the other aristocrats were also listening to my speech with keen interest, and the murmuring had subsided. I continued to explain carefully, conscious of conveying my message.
“Presumptuous as it may be, I believe that after my marriage to Princess Farah, Barst will think that the Baldia family can act quickly if they make a move. And in the Baldia family there is a Count who can independently deploy their military in times of emergency in their own territory. Furthermore, after the marriage, I will have the moral justification of defending my wife’s allied country. In other words, even if an emergency arises in Renalute, we of the Baldia family can act independently without having to seek instructions from the capital.”
I could hear the surrounding aristocrats muttering “Hmm” and “Indeed” in low voices. I think I just need one more push.
“If Barst makes a move on Renalute, the Baldia family will certainly take action. By making Barst think so, the deterrent power of the alliance will become more effective. What do you think? This is something that cannot be achieved through a marriage with the imperial family of Magnolia, is it not?”
As I finished speaking, silence fell over the room. But soon, that silence was broken by Raycis’ raised voice.
“That’s sophistry! Cease your nonsense! Renalute and Magnolia have already formed an alliance. Even if you and Farah do not marry, you should still be able to act, shouldn’t you!?”
“You are indeed correct. However, what I was trying to convey was the issue of how Barst perceives our current alliance between our countries. Furthermore, if a problem were to arise in Renalute, there is a possibility that the Baldia family may not be able to immediately deploy our military solely as an allied country.”
“What do you mean…!? What are you implying!?”
Raycis clearly became angry at my words. Elias and the other aristocrats simply watched the scene in silence. I continued to explain to him in a conciliatory manner.
“Prince Raycis, presumptuous as it may be, even if we can independently deploy our military, that is only for the defense of our own territory. If Barst were to attack only the border adjacent to your country, we would not be able to act without instructions from the Emperor. However, if Princess Farah and I were to marry, I would have the moral justification of saving my wife’s country. Isn’t that right, Father?”
I suddenly turned the conversation to my father, who maintained a stern expression, furrowing his brow and twitching his temple. Seeing this, Elias asked my father in a seemingly delighted tone.
“Hehehe, what do you say, Lord Reiner? Is what your son is saying correct?”
My father, with a hand on his forehead, shook his head slightly, then gave me a sharp glare… how cruel. Then, turning his gaze to Elias, he carefully wove his words.
“…It’s just a child’s words, so I’d like you to just let it pass. But I don’t think my son view on the deterrent effect of the marriage between the House of Baldia and your princess is mistaken.”
Elias looked satisfied as father spoke, and continued asking questions.
“I see. So how would the Count view this?”
“Ah… That’s also just a child’s remark, so I’d like you to just let it pass. But the House of Baldia can’t act on an alliance alone. We’ll need the Emperor’s instructions. However, if Baldia and your country were married, we could act independently and have some justification against the capital.”
Raycis seemed frustrated, clenching his fist and trembling. Next to him, Norris was gritting his teeth. Noticing their reactions, Elias smiled and asked me another question.
“Hmm. So your claim that we should marry is primarily effective against Barst, is that right?”
“Yes. There are other reasons as well, but I’d like to keep those secret until after the marriage.”
As I finished speaking, I gave a small smile.
“Ah! So you claim there are still more reasons?!”
After hearing the explanation, Elias had a look of astonishment on his face, then burst out laughing for a while. When his laughter settled, he looked at me with an amused smile.
“Haha, Reiner’s son is quite fearsome. A child saying such unconventional things as the heir to the Count… If he were the heir of an enemy country, I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night!”
“Your Majesty!! Those are just a child’s words!! And it’s impolite to speak of secrets to your Majesty!!”
Norris flushed red with anger as he scolded. Seeing this, Elias furrowed his brow and gave him a sharp look.
“Norris… Even a child’s words can have some truth to them. Reiner acknowledges it as well. If you can’t look at it calmly, you’re unfit as a ruler. Isn’t that so?”
Admonished, Norris fell silent, his face twisted like he had bitten into a bitter insect. Then Elias shifted his piercing gaze from Norris to Raycis.
“Raycis, you too. Broaden your horizons a little more… Understand?”
“…Yes, Father.”


Raycis, having his narrow-mindedness pointed out by his father, nodded with a frustrated expression, his body trembling. Incidentally, I feel like the nobles around me are looking at me not with favor, but with awe… Why?
As Norris and Raycis fell silent and dejected, Elias looked at me with interest and spoke.
“You, no, I shall call you Lord Reed. That was a good, practical idea. I thank you for sharing it with us.”
“Not at all, it was nothing.”
As I responded to his words, one of the women standing next to Elias spoke to him with a exasperated look.
“Your Majesty Elias, today is the meeting between Farah and Lord Reed. Farah has not yet introduced herself. We should move on to the main topic now.”
“Hmm… You’re right, Eltia. Farah, my apologies for the delay, but please introduce yourself to Lord Reed.”
Prompted by her father, Farah seemed a bit flustered, but took a deep breath and looked straight at me.
“I am Farah-Renalute, the daughter of Elias-Renalute, the Kingdom of Renalute. It’s a pleasure to meet you…”
After finishing her introduction, Farah gave a polite bow. I felt my heart pounding at the sight of her lovely figure. And when Farah looked up, our eyes met unexpectedly. At that moment, there was a loud thump in my chest, and I felt my whole body grow warm. But she quickly averted her gaze, looking down a little.
However, I noticed her long elven ears of the dark elf race moving slightly up and down. It seems my earlier observation wasn’t just my imagination.
It wasn’t just me who noticed Farah’s ear movement – Eltia whispered something to her. At that, Farah suddenly gasped, placing a hand on her chest and taking a deep breath. After that, the movement of her ears stopped.
Watching this whole sequence, I was a bit curious about what the meaning of the ear movement might be. But before I could start thinking about it, Eltia turned her cold gaze towards me and began her own introduction.
“…Forgive me for the late introduction. I am Eltia-Liberton. I am Farah-Renalute’s mother. I look forward to working with you from now on.”
She also gave a bow as she finished speaking. But I recognized her name – it was the same as the model in the painting displayed in the reception hall. Indeed, she greatly resembled that beautiful painting. Or rather, since she is the real person, the painting must resemble her. However, the fact that her name is “Eltia-Liberton” means she may have some connection to “Zack-Liberton” as well. I became lost in thought about this, when Elias noticed that the two women had finished their introductions and gestured to the queen and prince, who then began their own self-introductions.
“I am Raycis-Renalute, the son of Elias-Renalute of the Renalute Kingdom.”
“And I am Lizel-Renalute, the wife of Elias.”
After the introductions, the two of them bowed. However, Raycis was looking at me with a sharp gaze full of hostility. It seems we won’t be able to become friends. But even if he harbors such feelings, I hope he at least doesn’t let the other party sense it.
Once the introductions were done, Elias stood up and fixed his piercing gaze on me.
“Forgive the delay, but let me introduce myself again… I am Elias-Renalute, the King of Renalute. I do hope we can have a long and fruitful relationship, Lord Reed.”
After the introduction, Elias broke into a cheerful smile. I responded with a smile and a nod.
“The pleasure is all mine.”
As I replied to Elias’ introduction, Norris, who had been frowning until now, approached him and whispered something in his ear. After Norris’ whisper, Elias briefly looked tired, but quickly regained his stern expression.
“Now then, I understand your views, Lord Reed. But don’t you think words should be accompanied by martial prowess?”
“Martial prowess… You mean?”
I was puzzled by this unexpected statement, tilting my head slightly.
“Yes. I’ve seen your excellent ideas, and now I’d like you to demonstrate your martial skills, if you don’t mind. What do you say?”
Glancing away from Elias, I noticed Norris and Raycis had sinister smiles on their faces. In that moment, I realized, “Ah, I see what’s going on.” They must be planning to find fault with my martial arts.
“It would be a great honor for you to want to see my abilities. I would be happy to demonstrate them for you.”
Hearing my response, Elias’s eyes widened slightly, but then a delighted expression appeared on his face.
“Excellent! Then let us head to the training grounds immediately!”
Elias quickly stood up and led the way to the outdoor training grounds. We followed behind him, leaving the main palace.

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