Geek Mob Mercenary Chapter 62

Mob #62: [They probably want to become heroes as soon as possible.]

[I am Dortas Tsuil, head of security for House Norbundle.

I’m delighted you’ll be assisting with security for this social gala hosted by my lord, Lord Civilus Norbundle.

It’s a 3 day assignment, but the gala itself is only tomorrow.

Today’s for assembly, then after the gala is dismissal day.

So today I need you mercenaries to secure the colony perimeter and guide arriving guests to the colony entrance.

Note that except in emergencies, the venue colony itself is completely off limits during the event.

Please understand this is to ensure your innocence and safety – nobles can be troublesome.

I’ll transmit the shifts shortly, but those named please gather here now.

After checking your shifts, head to your posts.]

I was assigned to a corner of the colony’s main section.

Shifts are in pairs, covering meals and toilet breaks for each other.

Lucky I’m not on break first shift, though Uncle Bernard beside me complained he wanted first break.

Frankly though, there’s nothing to do.

The nobles properly head to the colony entrance, and I’m far from it so they won’t bother me.

Those called will handle directing and guiding the nobles.

Selection criteria were beauty – beautiful men and women. And calm demeanor.

Acquaintances called were Arthur, Lady Sailer, oddly Madam Rossweise and Lambert, too.

When did they join this job?

Anyway, good Madam Rossweise didn’t speak to me.

While feeling relieved about that,

[So why’d you take this job anyway?

Seemed like you’d dislike noblesse affairs despite it being easy.]

While bored, Uncle Bernard spoke to me. Sharp insight, as expected from an ex-cop.

I’m not bored since I’m reading a light novel and don’t want him prying, but communication on the job is important, so I reply.

“I’m a bit tired, so Mr. Roanz recommended this one.”

Normally I’d choose requests posted on the board myself, but after the ducal domain assault and pink-haired assault, my mood didn’t improve much even with anime and manga.

Dangerous to take combat-certain requests in this state, so I had Uncle Roanz pick a likely peaceful one.

[I see, avoiding combat risks.]

“Capable, valiant mercs would call it cowardly or lame though.”

[They probably want to become heroes as soon as possible.]

Uncle Bernard chuckled, exhaling from what looked like an e-pipe.

[Bored as hell. Mind if I nap a bit? Age tires me out a tad.]

“Go ahead, I’ll loudly wake you in 2 hours.”

[That’s fine, please.]

Despite knowing the loud wakeup, he still wants to nap – must be really tired.

2 hours later.

Just as I’m preparing the loud wakeup,

[Hmm…don’t really feel like I slept…]

Uncle Bernard seems to have woken, messaging me.

“Oh, you’re awake?”

Pity, I was looking forward to blasting loud noises.

[You seem disappointed.]

“Not at all!”

[Hard to sleep well with the pilot seat reclined.]

While stretching and cracking joints, he lamented the uncomfortable nap.

[You rest next.]


Reasonably letting me rest after his turn.

Past security jobs, some refused to let me rest after their break.

“Then I’ll lie down in my bed a bit.”

Taking him up on it, I decide to nap when,

[Hold up. Bed? What’s that mean?]

He bites on the word “bed”.

“My shuttle has a tiny bed, toilet, shower, microwave, and fridge. I didn’t mention it?”

Should be easy to infer since I didn’t use the provided lodging tents at Earl Ikolai’s domain before.

[What?! Hey, get back to the colony and show me your ship!]

“No way!”

Seems unsatisfied with his 2 hour nap and trying to pry, but I ignore him and take my nap.

After the first 12 hours I swapped and headed to the lodging colony.

Uncle Bernard pestered me to let him see my ship, but gave up and asked where I got it. When I said some acquaintances at a maintenance shop helped me build it, he started grumbling.

[I’ll build one too…no, still paying off this ship’s loan…]

Anyway, after eating I headed to the bath, planning to sleep quickly, but the last person I wanted to see appeared.

“It’s been a while, Captain Uzos.”

“Oh, hello…”

My biggest worry –

Madam Rossweise’s bioloid body.

A blonde bombshell even on screen, her approaching me spells disaster.

“First time seeing you like this.”

Well, we’ve actually met before, but no need to mention that.

“Nice work with the queue control…”

“Exhausting! All those idiotic noble sons kept hitting on me! Revoltingly shameless!”

I’ll make benign small talk to subtly indicate she has a partner.

“Did your partner Lambert handle it somehow?”

And I ask this. She responds,

“Well, he kept saying [I must guide the other guests too] and such…”

Madam Rossweise fidgets awkwardly.

Seems she has no intention of finding a new pilot.

Just as I think this will establish she has a partner,

“Yo, she your girl?”

Molyze shatters my efforts with her gossipy nature on full display.

But I must stay calm and state the facts.

“She’s Madam Rossweise, partner of that [Plumed Helmet].”

“Oh, that [Plumed Helmet]’s huh…”

Molyze eyes Madam Rossweise curiously before looking to me.

“Why’re you so close with that [Plumed Helmet]’s partner?”

I simply state the facts in response to her nosy question.

“I just happened to be at Lambert Realglaiz’s first battle.”

“And I asked his advice regarding Lambert.”

Madam Rossweise backs me up.

It is about Lambert, but her attitude and reactions are quite different from initially.

A dere phase, I see.

Accurate tsundere.

“I see…”

Molyze grins at Madam Rossweise, clearly aiming to tease.

But a saving grace appears.

“Don’t tease the young’uns, geezer.”

Uncle Bernard, holding what looks like an alcohol-free beer and skewered squid legs in soy sauce, admonishes Molyze.

Molyze is older than me but not elderly.

Naturally she latches onto that part.

“I’m still in my 20s!”

“To the young missy there, you’re a distinguished older woman.”

“Quit the geezer act already…”

“Now now, calm down you two…”

“You’re disturbing everyone.”

Just as Molyze grabs Uncle Bernard’s collar, Arthur and Lady Sailer intervene between them.

Thanks to them, both parties seem to settle down a bit.

But where’s Lambert with Madam Rossweise here?

Is he surrounded by flirtatious mercs?

“Where’s Lambert anyway?”

“Over there.”

At my question, Madam Rossweise points to a corner table where Lambert and Levin face each other, talking enthusiastically.

“Something about a shopping district or other…”

Ah, I see.

The rambunctiousness is gone, but from Madam Rossweise’s account and Lambert’s observed speech and conduct, he does seem the affectionate type.

Well, making a friend is good, right?

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