Romelia Senki Volume 1 Chapter 5 part 2

In order to rule this continent as the Demon King, a firm foothold had to be established. Roban and its inhabitants were indispensable.
If they could return and rule Roban, proclaiming themselves the next Demon King would not be a dream. However, Roban, fortified as a military base, could not be conquered with the forces currently at hand. They lacked siege weapons. It was unknown whether even Gan Garuga Fortress, far in front of Roban, could be taken.
Although he felt that the current turmoil would change with Roban’s movements, Roban still maintained his disturbing silence.
If they were paralyzed by the chaos caused by the Demon King’s death, it would be a great opportunity, but those two were with Roban. Even in the Demon King’s army, they were dangerous men. They would not stand idly by. But since there was no sign, they couldn’t wait forever.
“We shouldn’t fight among our own kind now, should we?”
Gareth answered the former officer’s question.
Although this was the path to becoming the next Demon King, now was not the time.
The fighting among the Demon King’s armies would probably be intense. It could be said that in order to emerge victorious, meticulous preparation was required. The soldiers should be allowed to rest properly while stockpiling large amounts of weapons and provisions, and then go out to challenge the others.
“First, we must conquer the kingdom we are currently invading.”
Gareth looked at the name of the Kingdom of Lionel on the map.

He didn’t want humans to interfere while he was competing with the armies of the other demon kings. To strengthen their forces, they also had to conquer this kingdom of Lionel and establish their own kingdom. Then crush the other legions and conquer Roban. Rule as a demon king. This was the only way.
Gareth decided this in his heart. The time was ripe.
This time had not been wasted idly. They had gathered soldiers scattered across the land, looted food from nearby villages, and stockpiled supplies. Even the soldiers, who had been shaken by the Demon King’s death, had regained some composure after a while.
“How is the human resistance doing?”
Gareth inquired about the situation in the Kingdom of Lionel , which they were about to invade.
“Yes, Grand Marshal. It seems that they have increased their forces even while we were assembling.”
The officer replied. The other officers laughed.
“Oh, you want to fight us? How interesting.”
“Finally, we can have a real battle.”
The smell of the battlefield excited the officers. The subordinates also sought the simplicity of the battlefield rather than wandering discussions. Their fighting spirit was high.
“The total number is still unclear, but they have certainly amassed over seventy thousand troops.”
“Moreover, there are rumors that the prince of this country who defeated the Demon King will also take part in the battle.”
Hearing this report, the officers were excited.
“How fortunate. Even though I don’t believe that a mere human could kill the Demon King, if we can take the head of the prince who claims to have killed the Demon King, it should be quite an achievement.”
Gareth also mentally agreed with these words. If they could kill the one who had set out to defeat the Demon King, they would surely be in the lead for proclaiming themselves the next Demon King.
The officers smiled fiercely at the prospect of great deeds.
“Then let us begin the deployment immediately. Grand Marshal Gareth! Please give me the vanguard.”
“You’re too greedy!”
“That’s right! Lord Gareth. It should be me.”
The officers vied for the assignment. He smiled as he watched his eager subordinates, when suddenly an officer who had been silent in the back spoke up.
“Um, can we not go home?”


Hearing the young commander’s words, some of the officers were quite surprised.
However, the other young officers and the adjutants behind them also had wavering hearts due to their longing for their homeland.
Troublesome. Gareth was about to open his mouth when an old bird’s cry filled the tent.
The voice was grating, but familiar.
“Croak, croak, that is something. For even a fledgling like you to be called a commander, the demon king in the underworld must also sigh.”

The tent door opened and a demon draped in white cloth entered. Supporting himself with one hand on a stick and dragging one leg, his appearance was bizarre in the extreme.
His right hand was abnormally large, while his left hand was as thin and short as a withered branch. From his gait, it was clear that his back was abnormally bent while one leg was immobile. His face was as smooth as a child’s, but the voice that emerged was as withered as that of a thousand-year-old elder.
“Gami, it’s been a while, Chief of Intelligence.”
Gareth recognized the demon. They could be called old friends.
Gareth was also a veteran general in the Demon King’s army. When the Demon King Zelgius was still a weak local warlord, Gareth had fought against him as one of the regional military leaders and had been defeated by his enormous power.
Offered the choice of death or obedience by the demon king, Gareth bowed his head and went under him. He then rampaged across battlefields at the Demon King’s side.
Once, on his return from the battlefield, the Demon King found children in his territory bullying another child. And the child being bullied was Gami.
An ordinary person would have ignored him, or even cut down the ugly, bullying little demon on the spot. But for some reason, the Demon King took a liking to Gami and brought him back.
Maybe the Demon King did it on a whim, like keeping an exotic pet, but once during a military conference, they ran into a dilemma and a fight broke out.
At that time, Gami, who knew what he was thinking, intervened.
If he had been killed for his rudeness, it would have been only natural, but the Demon King found Gami’s opinion very interesting and adopted it, which achieved results. After that, Gami was recognized by the Demon King and given several tasks.
At first, his peers all laughed at him for desperately trying to learn skills like a dog, but as Gami continued to succeed and eventually gained his own subordinates, no one dared to laugh at him anymore.
There were those who couldn’t stand the fact that Gami was overtaking them and tried to assassinate him, but Gami didn’t die. He cleverly avoided the traps set for his death and, conversely, had the would-be assassins exposed for past corruption and injustice, removed from power, and sometimes even met with bizarre deaths.
During this time, Gami continued to serve. In particular, he often played a pivotal role in the decisive battles that proved to be turning points for the Demon King’s army, consistently leading to victories.

His achievements surpassed those of generals, and it would not be surprising if he was rewarded with a fiefdom in their homeland. However, despite such distinguished service, Gami’s current rank was only Colonel of a Thousand. As the name suggested, he only commanded a thousand soldiers. In this tent, that was the status of the officers attending the military conference and their aides.
Moreover, as staff officers, the actual number of troops they commanded was less than twenty. It was only a nominal position.
Despite his meritorious service, Gami’s position remained low because all the retainers, including Gareth, feared this man and obstructed his promotion.
But Gami did not mind his career being cut short, and he enthusiastically planned new campaigns.
Now that he was under Roban’s command, what was he doing at such a front?
“Lord Gareth, it’s been a long time. But the quality of your Second Front Army seems to have declined for such a young man to attend military councils.”
Gami looked at the young commander who had spoken earlier.
“What did you say?”
Under Gami’s insult, the young officer stood up and put his hand on his sword. But Gami pointed his staff at the officer and laughed.
“You said you wanted to go back home? How can you go back now? With the Demon King’s death, our homeland will be flooded with blood-soaked succession battles for the best seats. Even our mothers must have forgotten us to come back!”
Hearing Gami’s words, some of the younger officers lowered their heads.
The reason our homeland did not send magic ships was because they did not want the expeditionary force to return.
Just as the grand marshals of the directional armies became warlords on the human continent, it was the same, no, an even more intense succession struggle must be going on in our homeland. If the military forces were to return with their fighting power intact, it would only add fuel to the fire of chaos. No one wanted that to happen. In other words, there would be no ships to return.
“You don’t even know this, and yet you’re calling for a return journey at a military council, what’s wrong with ridiculing such a fledgling? Hand over your armor right now and start over at the military preparatory school!”
“You bastard, don’t get cocky!”
Unable to stand Gami’s mockery, the young officer drew his blade. Gami was powerless to resist. But before the sword could swing down, a massive arm reached out from the tent entrance and grabbed the slashing blade.
With the sword in his hand grabbed by the suddenly freakish arm, the young officer tried to swing his sword, but the hand gripping the bare blade did not budge, unable to be pushed back.
“Yo, what are you doing?”
Accompanying the gruff voice, an enormous face peered out from beside the outstretched arm.
Seeing that face, Gareth’s eyes narrowed.

The man who had come was powerful. He bent down to pass through the entrance, and after entering, he straightened his back, revealing his massive physique.
Even in this grand marshal’s tent, the largest among the many tents, his head almost touched the ceiling after he stood upright.
Even among the demon race, with its various clans and considerable individual differences, those with such a huge physique were rare.
His body was even bigger than Gareth’s, but it was more than just big. His entire body was like a muscular mass, bursting with power, and his skin was taut as if it were about to burst.
In the Demon King’s army, there was only one person with such a huge physique.
“L-Lord Garios.”

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