Harem life with the hypnosis app I got Volume 1 Chapter 5 part 3

There were things I couldn’t just talk about casually.
It’s not like I had developed a special relationship with Aisaka; we just became classmates who talked a lot… That’s really all it was.
“…Your face says otherwise.”
“Then… maybe it’s better not to ask for details.”
“Sorry, both of you.”
It’s helpful to have understanding friends.
It seemed like Akira and Shogo were satisfied with that, as they didn’t inquire further about Aisaka afterwards.
(…Could it be…?)
Since then, of course, I have continued to call Aisaka using my partner’s power.
Although she said not to hurt herself in her natural state and that she wouldn’t be dragged into Murakami’s affairs anymore, I couldn’t help but ask her how she was doing lately when I became curious.
It’s become somewhat of a habit for me.
(Well, it’s probably fine. She always lets me do whatever I want when I call her!)
Still, I haven’t been able to bring myself to touch her voluntarily.
Every time, I feel like scolding myself for being spineless, but I’m also afraid that once I start, I won’t be able to stop, so it seems the path to becoming the lowest scum is still far off.
But perhaps, that might all change today!
Since there were friends nearby, I made sure to cover my mouth properly, so I’m safe.
Now, why am I trembling with excitement like this…? The reason is that after school today, I will finally lay hands on a girl other than Aisaka!
I had narrowed down my choices Wagatsuma… And after considering various factors, I decided that I would hypnotize Wagatsuma today.
(I already know she’ll leave right after the end of the day … I haven’t followed her all the way home, but I’ve analyzed everything about where she’ll be alone.)
The intellectual inside me is rubbing his glasses with glee.
While making further progress by hypnotizing Aisaka may not be accurate, my partner truly functions as if it were a part of me by now.
Thank you again today, my partner, and thank you for the excitement and inspiration──so I’ll definitely catch my prey, Wagatsuma!
“Alright, let’s do our best today~!”
“W-What’s gotten into you all of a sudden?”
“I feel energized when I get along with girls after all!”
Of course you’d feel energized with all sorts of things!
I maintained this high tension throughout the morning, and when lunchtime came, I had to leave my phone charging to prepare for Wagatsuma, so I didn’t summon Aisaka.
It’s a bit disappointing, but the influence of getting along with her is clearly evident.
“Oh, Masaki-kun!”
In that moment when our eyes met in the hallway, Aisaka broke away from her group of friends and ran over.
“Hey, Aisaka!”
“Hey, I found you, Masaki-kun♪”
…Damn, she’s cute.
I pushed aside thoughts of Saika Wagatsuma for later and resisted the urge to hypnotize Aisaka right then and there and lead her to an empty classroom.
“You’ve been talking to me more at school lately, haven’t you?”
“Yeah. But that’s not weird, right? We’re classmates, after all. And we’re friends, too.”
Her words aside, her smile was just too adorable.
Sure, I’d been annoyed by the guys glaring at me whenever I interacted with Aisaka, but seeing her smile like this, I couldn’t help but understand why someone would like her.
I didn’t like being glared at for no reason, of course, but I unexpectedly understanding their feelings through interacting with Aisaka.
“You seem really cheerful today, Masaki-kun. Did something happen?”
“Huh? You can tell?”
“I can tell. So, what’s up? I’m curious.”
“…Nothing, really.”
Aisaka giggled mischievously, her eyes gleaming like she’d found her prey, as she leaned in closer.
I’d never seen her expression like this before, and it made my heart race even more than the proximity did.
“How should I get it out of you… Hmm.”
Her closeness was one thing, but her scent was overwhelmingly sweet.
I knew my face must be red, and Aisaka had to know, too. She stood next to me, lightly bumping shoulders.
“Come on, come on, say it Masaki-kun ♪”
Is this the overwhelming pressure of an outgoing gal?!
My defenses are no match for this astonishing offensive power…or rather, isn’t Aisaka invading my personal space in an unnatural way?!
“Ah, by the way, this is just how I am with good friends, you know? So I’m not trying to tease you or anything mean-spirited like that.”
It’s blinding…so blindingly bright I feel like my eyeballs might get scorched.
After a few light shoulder bumps, she stares intently at me…and the moment our eyes meet, she smiles again, embarrassing me to the point I have to look away.
(When did I step into a romantic comedy world?)
I seriously wondered, feeling like Aisaka was getting the best of me.
“That’s enough teasing for now. Sorry for being sudden.”
“It’s okay.”
“I enjoy talking to you, Masaki-kun. It’s fun. Ah, just so you know, I’m not make fun of you. Don’t misunderstand.”
“Got it.”
“Okay, then! I’ll go back to everyone else now.”
With a flutter of her hand, Aisaka walked away.
“…That was intense.”
I never expected to have that kind of exchange with Aisaka… But seeing her smile like that, I couldn’t help but feel afraid that she’d look at me differently if she knew what I was up to.
But just being afraid wouldn’t accomplish anything.
I renewed my determination to accomplish my goal with Wagatsuma while remembering the lesson that I absolutely couldn’t get caught.


And then!
Despite my determination, I struggled to stay awake through the rest of class and immediately left the room when it ended.
“She’s there.”
I spotted Wagatsuma emerging from the classroom just as I’d hoped.
Without intermingling with the other students at all, her solitary figure continues walking on, making her situation painfully clear.
As I watched her back, a girl bumped right into Wagatsuma. It seemed purely accidental due to the girl not paying attention,
but she didn’t even glance at Wagatsuma or apologize, simply walking away.
Wagatsuma herself only staggered slightly from the impact, never lifting her gaze from the ground as she kept walking with her head down.
“…She’s really alone, huh? Oh well, I can’t let her slip away.”
Just as I was about to resume walking, I was approached from behind.
“Wait, Masaki.”
I recognized the voice and turned to find them—those guys who always glare at me whenever I talk to Aisaka.
“Can you wait a second? We need to talk.”
“Not interested.”
Yeah, I didn’t have time for them.
They were probably just going to complain about me talking to Aisaka again,
I don’t want to be bothered with being told what I already know, but right now, I only cared about Wagatsuma… In other words, I didn’t want these guys interfering with my pursuit of erotic knowledge.
“Sorry, but I’m in a hurry.”
Erotic knowledge over everything!
As if to illustrate that point, I glared at them, and they seemed taken aback before backing off.
Hah, nobody can stop me now.
Realizing I couldn’t see Wagatsuma anymore, I quickly hurried down the stairs.
“Oh crap…!?”
But then I slipped on the stairs and fell embarrassingly.
Fortunately, since the landing was just ahead, I didn’t tumble down the stairs, but Wagatsuma, who happened to be at the landing, witnessed everything.
“… Thanks.”
” …………… “
By the way, my embarrassing moment was witnessed only by Wagatsuma.
Unable to bear it any longer, I scratched my head and muttered under my breath, but Wagatsuma didn’t change her expression at all… Well, I couldn’t see her eyes due to her long hair, but she just nodded slightly.
” …………… “
” …………… “
The air between Wagatsuma and me was filled with an indescribable tension… Without saying a word, Wagatsuma averted her gaze from me and walked past me.
“… What’s wrong?”
For a moment, I felt like she was scared of me, but perhaps it was just my imagination.
Staring blankly as she walked away, I remembered my original purpose and quickly followed her.
After walking for a while after leaving school and making sure there were no onlookers, I stopped Wagatsuma.
Alright, here goes nothing!
I activated my partner as she turned around—Wagatsuma stopped moving altogether and turned towards me without budging.
“Is the hypnosis working properly? Wagatsuma, raise your right hand.”
As instructed, Wagatsuma raised her right hand.
Confirming that the hypnosis had worked flawlessly with her confident action, I commanded her while trying to contain my excitement.
“Take me to your house… By the way, are there people at home?”
“No one’s home.”
“I see… Alright.”
First checkpoint cleared! Let’s go straight to her house.
If we take it too leisurely, her parents might come back, so let’s swiftly and smartly have our way with Wagatsuma.
“… Phew.”
My heart was pounding loudly.
Doing naughty things with a hypnotized woman… I thought I had gotten used to it through my interactions with Aisaka, but the tension was still intense now that it was Wagatsuma.
But even with that tension, my lewd desires didn’t wane—I made sure there was no one around and said something like this.
“Wagatsuma… Try hugging me from behind.”
…… Well, well, isn’t this how it’s supposed to be at first?
“Got it.”
In response to my question, Wagatsuma nodded and gently embraced me from behind.
“…… What? “
The moment she hugged me, an intense shock ran through me.
Not only did she press her body against my back, but the thoroughness with which she wrapped her arms around my waist was beyond belief! Who cares about that though?!
What’s with this… What’s with this softness I feel against my back!?
(This… This girl is huge…!)
Yes, the softness and size I felt against my back… It was overwhelming.
I don’t know if it’s that extreme, but without a doubt, it was bigger than Aisaka’s.
I always thought Wagatsuma had big breasts, but I never imagined they were this big… How powerful is she?
“… What cup size are you?”
“H (Ecchi).”
“… That’s Ecchi.”
Yep… Yep, she’s naughty, alright.
I always thought her posture was bad, but to think she was hiding something so wonderful… She’s a sinful girl.

scene transition

By the way, I’ve heard that Aisaka is an F cup.
(Well, that’s big enough too. but still…)
The problem with our high school is that there are too many beautiful girls with great figures.
But despite having so many great girls, I’ve only hypnotized Aisaka and Wagatsuma so far… I’m pathetic.
“I can’t wait anymore! Wagatsuma! Hurry up and take me to your house!”
“Got it.”
After letting her go for a moment, I headed to Wagatsuma’s house.
I was already quite nervous inside, but a gentleman must always remain calm; entering Wagatsuma’s house didn’t mean I would do anything shameful right away.
“Over here.”
From our conversation on the way here, I’ve noticed that Wagatsuma tends to give brief and bland responses.
Aisaka was like this at first too, so maybe Wagatsuma is just that type of person.
” …………… “
And there’s one more thing I noticed about this house—the atmosphere feels somewhat lonely.
I heard her parents aren’t home, but I wonder when they’ll be back?
“I don’t know… But I think they’ll be late.”
“Oh, that’s good.”
While having such a conversation, I didn’t forget to observe the inside of the house.
There’s obviously a sense of life, but it still feels lonely… Once I was allowed into Wagatsuma’s room, I noticed that it was neat and clean with no clutter, but at the same time, it felt somewhat dull for a girl her age.
I’ve seen my sister’s and Aisaka’s rooms, and they’re much more lively.
“Anyway, Wagatsuma!”
Well, the room doesn’t matter… Let’s get down to it!
“Alright, let’s get to it… Take off your clothes.”
“Got it.”
I said it… I said it!
I’m enveloped in a sense of taboo, just like with Aisaka, and the anticipation of something wonderful to come.
As instructed by me, Wagatsuma removes her uniform, and her skirt falls to the floor with a pat.
What’s left to protect her are just her shirt and underwear… At this point, her disproportionately large breasts stand out impressively.
“There you go, hurry up and take them off… Come on!”
I already feel like a villainous magistrate.
As I reach for her shirt… when I see the skin on the inside, I’m… taken aback.
“…Hey, Wagatsuma, hold on a sec.”
“Got it.”
As she go to undo the last barricade, her bra, I stop her.
“I got a bit carried away with excitement and missed some things… but these bruises on your stomach, arms, and thighs… what are they from?”
Numerous bruises, already turning blue, are etched onto Wagatsuma’s body.
The bruises are often caused by something or someone hitting her hard. …… I wait for her to say something, wondering if it’s possible.
“Um, my dad hits and kicks me.”
“And my mom doesn’t help.”
The moment she says that, I’m looking up at the heavens.
I see… Wagatsuma is being subjected to violence by her father… and her mother isn’t helping at all… I see.
“Sorry, just give me a moment.”
I slowly put my hand to my forehead and let out a sigh.
“This kid’s got issues too, huh?”
Why… why does it have to be like this?
I felt this way when it was Aisaka too, but why are the girls I want to fool around with like this?
Hey, partner… you’re not trying to introduce me to girls with problems just to mess with me, are you?
“…What’s wrong?”
“What’s wrong with you…?”
Anyway, this seems like a ‘what’s the matter,
let’s talk about this situation.

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