Geek Mob Mercenary (LIGHT NOVEL VERSION) Volume 2 Chapter 48

Mob #48 “Unpleasant Story…”

The request to capture the beautiful pirate sisters got messed up due to interference, but I was lucky to quickly return to Yttz without getting tangled up with those who caused the interference.
I thought those bishop-class guys might hold a grudge against me for not enjoying the beautiful pirate sisters, and I expected some kind of attack. But that didn’t happen.
Relieved by that, I parked the ship in the docking area and headed to the reception.
But still, I can’t help but wonder if those guys are lurking around.
“Hey. Seems like the request was a failure.”
When I greeted him, Mr. Roans grinned and turned towards me.
“It’s not a failure; it’s invalid. Someone who didn’t take the request just happened to catch them. I made sure to report it properly.”
“Just kidding. But why didn’t you say they were your catch?”
“It wasn’t confirmed yet, and they were a troublesome bunch.”
“Typical of you.”
Mr. Roans, now showing his teeth, laughed.
By the way, I’ve already received the reward, so there’s nothing to feel guilty about.
As I was about to choose another job, a figure suddenly appeared.
“Oh, Uzoss san, perfect timing!”
The one who appeared was the incredibly beautiful receptionist Alphonse-Zeistole.
“What is it? Is there something on my face?”
“Nothing at all.”
Please don’t talk to me.
I didn’t do anything.
As I mentioned earlier, just having a work conversation with him, the incredibly beautiful receptionist, brings jealousy and hostility from those around us.
Perhaps sensing that, Mr. Roans spoke to Zeistole.
“By the way, does he have something to do with this?”
“Yes. It’s not just for Sir Uzoss, but we received this request recently.”
Zeistole showed me some visual documents.
“What is this… [Request for reinforcement of anti-terrorist forces in the Count Ikorai Territory planet Teura due to on-planet combat] – isn’t this the most important case?”
“It’s a request for combat on the planet’s surface. Count Ikorai, the ruler, is a current loyalist to the Emperor, and the lives of his subjects were peaceful. However, a resistance group called the [Righteous Ones] suddenly appeared, opposing the Emperor, occupying energy plants, and industrial zones.”
The content was typical of a mercenary job, participating in combat.
But it wasn’t as straightforward as it seemed.
“What if that count was up to something shady behind the scenes? Or his son do something?”
There are plenty of nobles who act like saints on the surface but have skeletons in their closets.
“There are no rumors of wrongdoing. He seems to be a somewhat eccentric individual.”
Could that strong quirk be the real issue, or am I just imagining things?
“Also, wouldn’t something like this normally be handled by the military? Especially for such a crucial point in the Empire’s energy supply.”
“They did request military assistance, but they want to handle it swiftly in case the anti-Emperor faction interferes.”
“Not a pleasant situation…”
Why is this particular request being so heavily emphasized?
As mentioned earlier, it’s because the planet Teura is the most critical point in the Empire’s energy supply.
Teura was considered an empty planet during the era of the Nekirelma Star Kingdom before becoming part of the Empire. No development occurred, and the rulers abandoned it without defending when the Empire invaded.
Even when the empire was invaded, the rulers at the time were so willing to abandon it, allowing the residents to be killed without defending them.
It was the Count of Ikorai, whose family, then barons, had been bestowed upon by His Grace’s grandfather, the Emperor four generations before the present, who had been developing it ever since and improving the lives of the residents, with full-scale planet exploration starting forty years ago.
After five years of exploration, the discovery of Tridium veins, energy minerals, became a famous story even in the empire’s history textbooks.
Tridium ore, after being dissolved and refined to remove impurities, turns into beautiful orange crystals.
To further refine this, the energy fuel needed for functions such as maintaining urban infrastructure and transportation comes from dissolving it.
According to the investigation, the planet Teura has enough Tridium ore to cover the energy needs of the entire Galactic Empire for about ten thousand years.
It’s a big deal because terrorists have targeted it.
Once the information is sorted and verified, there should be an immediate broadcast.
“This time, there won’t be any provision of forces to fight the terrorists. That’s obvious. What will you do? Will you accept?”
Mr. Roans asked, handing over the visual documents.
I have some experience in combat within the atmosphere, but it’s not extensive, so I’m not very confident.
Plus, there’s a nagging feeling that it might somehow be related to the feud between noble factions.
However, not having to fight other mercenaries is mentally easier.
And above all, since it will affect our future lives, I can’t afford not to accept.
But still, my way is not to accept until I’ve investigated.
“For now, let’s think about it a bit more. There’s still time for registration, right?”
I said, leaving the guild office.



After leaving the guild, I headed to the Paterson Dispensing Pharmacy to gather information.
The atmosphere in the black market shopping district was the same as usual, and it seems that the butcher didn’t have any new products this time.
Upon arriving at the Paterson Dispensing Pharmacy, however, there was a sign on the door saying “Temporarily Closed.”
Of course, even when I rang the doorbell at his home, there was no answer, so I used the wristband-type device to communicate, and a tired voice answered the phone.
“Hey. It’s rare for you to call. What’s up?”
he said, sounding a bit tired.
“I’m in front of your store right now. What’s with the temporary closure?”
I asked. Perhaps he had some sort of physical injury?
“Oh, it’s because of a meeting of the Pharmacists’ Union. I got stuck with being the moderator this time. It’s just going to be long-winded speeches from the old folks anyway, but if I refuse, there are rumors of getting my qualifications revoked,”
But without such worries, he complained with an incredibly reluctant expression, as if asking for help.
He may act cool most of the time, but he’s surprisingly weak to pressure.
Anyway, it’s impossible to help him.
When it comes to combat, sure, but when it’s a matter of duty, it’s impossible.
I’m completely unrelated to him, you see.
“Damn… it’s tough.”
[And to top it off, there’s even this old guy who touches my butt while saying stuff like, ‘From now on, can I rely on you exclusively?’ Ugh.]
“Really tough…”
If people knew what he’s like inside, Gonzales would look quite the handsome pharmacist, with his glasses and all.

scene transition


Gonzales obtained his pharmacist license after the accident at university.
Normally, a Whole Body Entity is made to resemble the original person during their lifetime.
Even if the appearance is changed, the gender usually remains the same.
So, for those old guys, Gonzales is naturally a beautiful pharmacist with glasses.
If they knew he was a man on the inside, he might escape the exclusive hosting duties, but his pharmacist license could be at risk.
[So, maybe ask the fortune-telling granny for some information.]
“Got it. Well, good luck.”
[Man, I really don’t want to…]
Gonzales muttered reluctantly as he ended the call.
I’ll treat him to some merchandise next time we meet…

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