Conversation Between S-rank Beauties Volume 2 Chapter 2 part 1

Chapter 2: Yuna’s Evasion

(I hate June. That’s something I’ve come to think about.)
The rain pouring down on the dull-colored sky.
The clear weather that persisted until recently now feels like a lie, with the signs of the rainy season lingering outside.
It’s not just because June is the rainy season that Haruya dislike it.
— It’s because there are no holidays.
That’s the main reason he dislike it.
Thanks to that, despite the rain, he have to go to school every day except on weekends, feeling reluctant. December is also a month without holidays, but it’s still better than June.
Even though there are no holidays, there’s winter break to look forward to, and it’s not a time when the rain continues.
While trying to sleep, using both arms as a pillow, Haruya couldn’t help but hear the high-pitched voices near his seat.
It was the exchange between Sara, Yuna, and Rin–the S-class beauties.
” –Yunarin, it seems like you’re feeling better now. Are you okay now?”
Rin leaned in with a worried look, peering at Yuna’s face.
“Sorry. I haven’t been myself lately, but I’m back now.”
“I’m really glad.”
After giving a gentle smile, Rin continued.
“When I accidentally touched somewhere I shouldn’t have, I didn’t know what to do. If I were in your position, I’d hate it.”
“Sorry, sorry. Rin, don’t make such a gloomy face. And Sara, sorry for worrying you too.”
“No, it’s… It’s better now that you’re back.”
As they exchanged words like that, Rin suddenly straightened her back, her eyes lighting up.
“…This feeling, Yunarin. Could it be love?”
“No, it’s not.”
Yuna replied without hesitation, unshaken.
“Then maybe it’s just a crush~”
“Not even close.”
“But it’s about a boy, right…?”
Rin leaned closer, wearing a soft smile, speaking in a hushed voice.
Then, for some reason… Sara blushed and stared at Yuna.
Did she remember the private messages from the other day?
(…Huh, could it be that you’ve found a date partner? Yuna-san.)
And then she remembered her own blunder of a “kiss” remark.
Because of that, Sara couldn’t seem to calm down.
Unconsciously blushing, occasionally glancing at Haruya’s seat.
Seeing Sara’s demeanor, Rin smiled as if she saw right through her.
“I’m envious of how hard Sara-chin and Yuna-rin are trying. Someday, I’ll definitely…!”
Clenching her fist, Rin’s eyes burned with the flames of determination.
“No, no, that’s not it at all,” Yuna tried to calm the riled up Rin.
Meanwhile, Sara occasionally glanced over at Haruya, who had his face buried in his desk.
Although Haruya didn’t raise his head, he could sense her gaze like an aura, inwardly breaking out in a cold sweat.
(Himekawa-san probably thinks I’m asleep and is talking about love, but I’m awake… Please don’t look over here too much)
Haruya prayed earnestly not to stand out, but honestly, he did not feel like living during that break time.

The dreary days passed, and Saturday arrived.
The sky was cloudy, but there was no sign of rain.
So, Haruya visited the shopping mall, the meeting place, with a carefully chosen stylish look.
Haruya usually refrains from going out when the weather is not good, but today was different from usual.
It all started when Nayu invited him to hang out the other day.
(So, it’s not an offline meeting, it’s hanging out. But I’m conscious.)
Haruya’s relationship with Nayu is not short.
If it were the usual, she would invite him to an offline meeting, but this time she suggested hanging out.
It’s understandable that he would be nervous.
As he waited at the entrance of the shopping mall for about five minutes, Nayu came saying, “Sorry to keep you waiting.”
With sunglasses and a dress that exuded an adult woman’s vibe.
It’s more of Nayu’s usual [beautiful] than [cute] style.
“Um, so…”
“Is this…”
Perhaps realizing that Haruya was not hiding his nervousness, Yuna continued nonchalantly.
While curling her hair with her fingers.
“I’ll tell you this, but it’s not a date. It’s not the usual offline meeting either. There’s no need to be nervous.”
It seems she already knew.
Perhaps because of their long-standing relationship, she seems to be able to see through what Haruya is thinking.
“So, about today’s gathering…”
“It’s my way of blowing off steam… I thought I’d have you accompany me.”
With a slight lift of her lips, she showed her white teeth.
With the sparkling piercings shining in her ear, Nayu’s expression seemed cuter than usual.

It was a fresh sight to see Haruya and Nayu shoulder to shoulder, browsing through the shopping mall, as they would usually have a casual discussion about shoujo manga at a family restaurant or café and then disperse.
While moving on the escalator, Nayu said.
“I said it was just to pass the time, but the last gathering… it got awkward, and if Haru-san wants to go somewhere, you should just tell without holding back.”
“Got it. But let’s go where Nayu-san wants. I’ll go along with that.”
“Oh, the accommodating type, huh? …Wait, what’s wrong? You seem restless.”
“…It’s just… when I’m with Nayu-san, it’s like I’m being graded, and it makes me oddly nervous.”
Nayu is a hardcore shoujo manga enthusiast.
Having witnessed countless romances, she feels like every move she makes is being scrutinized.
“You don’t have to be so tense… Just be your usual self Haru-san, and that’s good enough.”
“Got it.”
If she wants him to be his usual self, then there’s no need to feel pressured.
As they reached the sixth floor, Nayu made her way to the game center corner.
“Alright, as promised, I’ll keep you company.”
And so, Haru agreed to accompany Nayu for her leisure, but…


“Hey, hey Nayu-san!? The kid’s pulling!”
This happened while they were playing a medal game.
Initially, they wanted to have fun without spending much money, so they opted for a medal game. Currently, they were playing a fishing-themed medal game.
Perhaps because it was the weekend, there were several kids playing the same medal game.
The kids looked at Nayu with interest, admiration, respect, or perhaps even disbelief.
It’s not surprising.
Nayu, wearing sunglasses, was reeling in fish faster than anyone else at the scene, which led to her monopolizing the fish.
As a result, the fish belonged exclusively to Nayu.
Seeing Nayu’s enthusiasm and effort, Haru could only smile wryly.
“How many medals did you manage to get, Haru-san?”
“Nayu-san, you’re putting too much effort… I’m almost out of medals.”
“Is that so? Then you can have some of mine…”
Nayu followed Haru’s gaze, which was watching the children, and noticed that they were all looking at her.
Upon surveying the surroundings, she blushed slightly.
It seemed she felt embarrassed upon reflecting on her childish behavior of monopolizing the fish and winning a large number of medals. She cleared her throat deliberately before speaking.
“I, I’m tired of the medal game… L, let’s go to the next one.”
“Ah, sure.”
Surprised by her unexpected side, Haru couldn’t help but find it endearing.
After handing out the greatly increased number of medals to the children, Nayu apologized for monopolizing the fish. “I’ll give you this, so forgive me for hogging the fish, okay?” she said.
“Hey… don’t laugh at me and let’s move on, okay? Haru-san.”
It seems she had been found out.
Though I couldn’t see her expression through the sunglasses, her ears had turned slightly red.
“Alright, got it.”
With that, Haru followed Nayu, but even in the subsequent games, he couldn’t help but feel a childishness emanating from her.
…From medal games to other games, Nayu used her body vigorously,
surprising Haru with her active movements, which were far from her usual cool demeanor.
There was no trace of a maidenly figure;
she simply looked like a kid enjoying games to the fullest.
Contrary to her cool appearance, Nayu seemed to harbor a fiery spirit within her heart.
By the way, when Nayu used punching machine, a dull sound, which would never be heard from delicate girls, reverberated, making Haru shudder.
(I should make sure not to upset Nayu-san…)
Haru felt a chill run down his spine.
(I knew our relationship wasn’t short, but it seems like I don’t know Nayu-san as much as I thought I did.)
Haru felt refreshed.

Now, as they were enjoying the games, Nayu suddenly stopped in her tracks.
“Nayu-san? What’s wrong?”
Following her gaze, Haru saw a basketball game machine.
The children were enthusiastically throwing balls towards the basketball hoop, trying to score as much as they could before the time ran out.
Nayu was looking at them with a distant expression, lost in thought.
Perhaps she still had a longing for basketball.
Haru remembered Onoi, a girl from another school whom he happened to meet at a previous gathering.
There must have been some reason why Nayu quit basketball.
…Though he didn’t know the details.
“Ah, sorry. Haru-san. …It’s nothing.”
” ……… “
…Is it really nothing? It was probably a lie.
Her voice, which had been cheerful until a moment ago, now sounded low and subdued.
[Is something bothering you, Nayu-san?]
He couldn’t bring himself to say those words.
He wasn’t sure how far he could delve into it without stepping on her landmine.
Even though he had such concerns, Haruya couldn’t help but reach out to Nayu, who seemed down.
It was just at that moment.
Haruya’s eyes widened and he froze.

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