Reset My Favor and Live a Normal Youth Volume 2 Prologue


An unknown woman is standing in front of me. I can sense that I’m no match for this person.
“Now, shall we have a chat? What is your name?”
“I’m Tsuyoshi Toudou.”
“Do you know why you’re here?”
“My parents sold me.”
“I see, so you were a child who had their emotions erased, and you were subjected to abuse.”
“I don’t know anything about that anymore since I [Reset] it.”
“Ah, so that power of yours is called Reset. ……It’s an incredible power, you know. You’ll be enrolled in the elementary school we run. There are other children like you, but you are the most special one.”
“……And your name is?”
“Me? I’m Eri. I’m the top person at this research institute. Hehe, it’s hard to believe you just graduated from kindergarten with that kind of talk.”
“I don’t care about that.”
I’ve forgotten something important. The hazy image of a girl floats in the back of my mind. I grab Eri’s hand, and that was the beginning of my life.


I, Tsuyoshi Toudou, have many forgotten memories.
I barely have any memories of my parents. I’ve only seen them in photos. My elementary school memories are particularly spotty. I Reset many times. I must have erased my memories when I couldn’t properly control my emotions.
There was surely something very important. And yet, I’ve forgotten it.
Losing one’s memories is like changing one’s personality. Still, I feel that deep within me, there are forgotten memories that still live on. That is the proof that my memories still exist.
“Yo, Toudou! From today, you’re in the special class. I showed you around before, remember? Oh well, let’s go together!!”
Tanaka’s voice calls out to me as I stand in front of the special class building. I suppress the leaping in my chest.
Tanaka is a senpai at my part-time job, and we’ve built a good relationship. Reconstructed information surfaces in my mind. To me, this is the first time I’ve met this girl two weeks ago. I should have forgotten her name, but thinking about her causes a painful stinging sensation in my heart. I’m denying my own self.
I’ve erased all my memories of Tanaka.
And at that time, the only remaining memory I had [my feelings for Tanaka] was also Reset. So I shouldn’t have any emotions for her, and yet……
Tanaka gives me a smiling face. Again, my chest leaps, and my body temperature rises. My breathing is becoming erratic. My heart is pounding at an abnormal speed.
Tanaka thinks our relationship has become strange because I Reset my affections for her.
I can’t let Tanaka realize this. If she finds out I’ve lost my memories, she’ll be saddened. So if I reconstruct a new relationship with her within myself, there won’t be a problem.
……But is that really okay? Am I not mistaking the choice again? That smiling face she’s showing is towards the me of the past. Not the me now…….
The pain intensifies. I can’t show this child an agonized face.
“I was just a little nervous. Tanaka, let’s go together.”
“Roger that! Hehe, let’s hurry to the classroom!”
Tanaka has a mysteriously happy expression. I find it strange. I’m clumsy and bad at social interactions, the kind of person who is easily disliked by others. And yet, on that day, Tanaka went out with me.
“Hm? What’s wrong? You’re making a weird face.”
“Ah, no, it’s nothing. Tanaka, you understand that I’ve Reset, don’t you?”
“Yeah, I feel lonely, but I understand! Hehe, we can just become friends again from the start!”
Her expression is like the sun. It’s too dazzling for me. I wonder what kind of response my past self gave? I have no idea now.
“Ah, I’ll do my best…… no, wait, be my friend.”
“Hehe, yeah!! Ah, that’s not the way, the classroom is this way!”
Tanaka grabs my uniform, and the distance between us is as close as when walking in a flower garden.
I feel a little embarrassed and put some distance between us. Why am I feeling embarrassed? I don’t understand the meaning… no, I’m not even trying to understand the meaning.
All emotions have a meaning.
With Tanaka’s escaping sigh and the sensation of her grabbing my clothes disappearing, I feel a little lonely and a sense of guilt.
Guilt? Regret? Something in my heart is stirring. This Reset is different from the others. There is something that hasn’t been completely erased.
Even if I forget my emotions or lose my memories, I don’t want to make this person sad or make her cry. This is an impossible thing, for Resetting should erase all emotions.
And yet, I’m surprised by the [intense emotion] welling up. It’s as if another self within me is raging.
Since that day’s Reset, I’ve undoubtedly changed.
[Move forward]
Tanaka’s back as she walks ahead. Even if I reach out, I can’t reach her. Regret seeps through my heart–
But someday, I will surely reach that hand– I know there is something engraved in my very soul.
I will never hurt these people again.
The intense emotion sets my heart ablaze–

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