Monster Meat Led Me To The Throne Volume 1 Epilogue


Faloon rejoiced. They had achieved victory against the great nation of Dorsen.
No matter how strong the individual members of the Hundred were, war was different, and there were not a few who harbored doubts over whether they could really win.
But this was a complete victory. An army of 10,000 from Dorsen was routed by a force of just 2000 from Faloon, and with almost no casualties. It was an unprecedentedly great victory in history.
Drunk on this victory, all of Faloon was now in festive spirits. Of course, the members of the Hundred were also delighted. They drank and feasted on meat. Naturally, that meat was monster meat.
Moreover, indulging in the joy, many members challenged themselves to eat the meat of powerful monsters they normally avoided, resulting in repeated collapsed members. Thanks to that, what should have been a celebration banquet, the great hall of the royal castle had become a hellish scene of bodies strewn everywhere.
And piled high before Mars sitting on his throne was freshly caught raw monster meat.
Ogma and the others had gone deep into the Magical Beast Forest just to hunt and bring down a powerful dragon.
They were quite injured but had come to Mars without even undergoing recovery magic, wanting him to eat the meat while fresh.
“Please help yourself, Lord Mars. Since you were busy with the war against Dorsen, we went and hunted in your stead!”
Despite dripping blood, Ogma and the others had very satisfied expressions.
(Doing unnecessary things)
Mars was exasperated. He had hoped to eat proper food today at least, but now he couldn’t refuse this.
Reluctantly, he picked up the raw meat before him. An intense smell assaulted his nose. The toxicity seemed quite high. It must have been quite a formidable foe. He understood that they had desperately battled and brought it down. Truly troublesome.
Even Mars hesitated to put it in his mouth, but Ogma and the others watched expectantly.
Mars steeled himself and bit into the meat.
He immediately felt his consciousness fade away.
(Bad, gonna die)
Sensing the danger to his life, Mars strongly slapped his own cheeks with both hands, desperately struggling to regain awareness.
When he came to, Ogma and the others before him were praising Mars.



“To live after eating that meat, as expected!”

(Could they be trying to kill me?)
A chill went down Mars’s spine.
But seeing his subordinates’ innocent delight, he put another piece of meat in his mouth in order to meet their expectations.



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