The Devil Princess Volume 3 Chapter 1

Chapter 1 – The Midnight Gathering 

A crescent moon hung in the night sky, thin like a sword.  
In the fragrant rose garden, a small lamp lit the tea table, but it was barely enough to see the faces of the neighbors.  
However, those who lived in the darkness paid no mind to such trivial matters. 
The sound of sipping tea, the sound of pouring tea into the porcelain cups, even the sound of their breathing – nothing could be heard… The ones gathered there silently enjoyed this moonlit tea party. 


Ah, except for me. 
“Lady Eurushia, please don’t make such noisy sounds!” 
The silver-haired beauty, Mylene, who had been sipping her tea with her brow furrowed, suddenly stood up, unable to hold back any longer. 
“But… it’s dark.” 
You see, despite being a demon of the dark, my eyesight is no different from a regular person’s.  
Curse this human attribute! 
I can read books in the lamp’s light without straining my eyes, and my vision doesn’t deteriorate, but I lack charming demonic abilities like night vision or evil eyes. 
Lately, the dry season has been a pain for my eyes… 
clink As I returned the teacup, Maid Demon Tina caught the saucer that had slipped from my misjudgment, and quietly placed it back under the cup as if nothing had happened. 
“You’re too clumsy, Lady Eurushia! You’re a noble, aren’t you? A demon, aren’t you?” 
“Ehh~… But you’re talking to me like I’m some kind of dreamy maiden…” 
It seems Mylene has some kind of ideal or conviction about how a noble should behave. 
What a serious child! Why is she even a vampire? 
I’ve always been curious, but she seems to be intoxicated by the idea of “living in the world of darkness.” Quite seriously, actually. 
“Mylene… Have you ever said things like ‘my right eye is throbbing’ or ‘my sealed left arm’?” 
“What’s that!?” 
Oh, it seems the symptoms haven’t worsened. 
That is… painful. (As an experienced person) 
scene transition 

Well, anyway, Mylene and I have been holding our own “moonlight tea party” regularly since that night we became “friends.” 
Mylene also holds regular tea parties to divert suspicion from the Holy Kingdom, sending all the participants home, but in our tea party, there are no “humans.” Ours is a gathering of “high-ranking non-humans” lurking in the Holy Kingdom. 
Unlike the tea parties with humans, ours lacks a certain glamour. 
Well, even though the number has decreased, Mylene has her beautiful maids and butlers, and my servants who have abandoned their human sides are here too. But these guys, when they really get into their servant roles, it becomes hard to tell if they’re even there in the darkness. 
There are rumors that it’s quite extravagant with just Mylene and me here, but… 
“Now, now, Mylene, don’t get so angry. You should eat some minerals. How about some seaweed?” 
“I don’t want any!” 
Yeah, me neither. But I have a lot of it, so I can’t just waste it. Personally, I feel bad about being careless with food, even if it’s from the sea. 
I’ve been giving it out for free to the members of that “Gathering that Brings Darkness to Radiance” or whatever, but the response has been rather lackluster. It’s too briny, I guess. 
“That seaweed… or whatever it was? Lord Eurushia, you had a truckload of the dried stuff delivered, but it was quite troublesome, as it made my stomach swell after eating it…” 
So you ate it, huh. You vampire, you? 
The others behind me, except for Noa who had delivered it, wore expressions of surprise. 
Hey, Fanny dear? Why did you suddenly don the mask of a jester? Surely you’re not just holding in your laughter, are you? Even when you fully demon-ified, you only covered half your face with a mask, so why the full mask now? 
What demon-like wisdom. 
But Mylene is too honest, and she’s really quite cute… 
“You make a fair point… but, you see…” 
To avoid getting into trouble, I gently tap the teacup with my finger to divert the conversation. 
“The tea leaves are fine, but for us… it’s not exactly palatable, is it?” 
“…That’s true.” 
Seems Mylene understood what I was getting at, and she calmly sat back down, her anger subsiding. 
Good, I won. …No, not really. 
We non-humans cannot truly enjoy human food. Even vampires, who are closer to humans than demons, are not an exception, and for us to consume human food is merely an act of imitation. 
Why do we find human food unpalatable? And why do vampires crave blood – even the vampires themselves, like Mylene, were unaware of the reason. 
“And that’s why!” 
*thunk* Nia chimes in from behind, tapping the sheath of his sword. 
“…What is it, your sudden creepy input?” 
“Now, now, Mylene dear. I have something to recommend to you.” 
Milene, who’s been hurt by dried wakame seaweed, gives a wary look. 
“Hey, Noah.” 
As I snapped my fingers, the butler demon Noah gave a gentle bow. 
“As you wish, Eurushia-sama.” 
Noah silently placed a fresh cup of tea in front of Mylene, and she looked at it suspiciously. 
“This… is the same tea prepared earlier, right?” 
With a mask-like smile, Noah took out a “misty” white substance from his pocket and squeezed it like a fruit, dropping a few drops into the tea. 
“Mylene-sama, please try it.” 
“ ………… “ ” 
Mylene was clearly frowning. 
Well, of course. Even though it’s obviously suspicious, when a being that you know is stronger than you offers it with a smile you can’t refuse. 
Mylene glanced at me and hesitantly brought the cup to her lips. 
Her beautiful silver-violet eyes widened at the “taste.” 
“How is it? The flavor of a high-quality “soul”?” 
Yes, that’s right. With the cooperation of my four servants, I’ve finally obtained a “better diet”! (Ding!) 
To get rid of dislikes, you just have to mix the disliked item with a favorite, as wise mothers know. 
The key is the twin powers of Nia and Noah, who have the abilities of “absorption” and “release.” 
“Eh… What is this? Souls? This is…?”  
Vampires take souls dissolved in blood and use them as power. 
Mylene was confused and surprised, but she drank the soul-flavored tea in a unladylike manner. 
“Ahh… Do you have any more?” 
She seemed to have enjoyed it very much, looking at me eagerly. 
But, you see… 
“I’m sorry, Mylene. This particular one is a [Forty-Year-Old Heretical Priest], which is quite a precious item.” 
There is a sad story behind this… 
When they were young, there was a brother and sister who grew up in a poor neighborhood. Even so, as faithful citizens of the Holy Kingdom, the siblings lived a simple yet pure life, respecting God. 
However, their peaceful existence came to an end when the sister fell ill. 
It was not a serious illness. But to heal her with magic, the church required a substantial donation. 
The young boy, who had lost his dear sister without receiving the healing, began to resent God and hate the church due to his deep grief. Over the course of decades, he infiltrated the church as a priest and plotted his revenge, involving many believers in his foolish and sorrowful tale. 
“Fanny brought back a souvenir while on her evening stroll,” I said. 
Fanny giggled innocently as I praised her. 
Wearing the mask of a jester… 
“I see…”  
Mylene said, looking downcast as she realized the rarity of this delicacy. Finally, I’m ready to introduce the real purpose of tonight’s tea party. 
“Well then, shall we go for an evening stroll, Mylene?” 
The true aim of tonight’s gathering is to teach the vampires the deliciousness of “souls” and lure them in as prey. 
The ultimate goal is to have Mylene and her kind actively cooperate, allowing them to manage the underground society within the Holy Kingdom as their subordinates. 
I give Mylene a “demonic” smile and unfurl my golden wings. 
“Now, let me teach you how to distinguish the most delicious ‘souls’.”

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