Strongest in the Supernatural School Volume 2 chapter 1 part 2

Ultimately, there is no reason for evil to never be defeated. As long as you pursue evil, defeat will inevitably come.
But at the same time… there is no reason for justice to be undefeated either.
That was Asahina’s misconception. She had not fully internalized that justice can also lose.
You must have mistaken the object of your admiration. I don’t know who Asahina met or admired in the past that led her to this point. I’m not interested. But I can say with certainty that the admiration itself was a mistake.
They say love is blind, but in this girl’s case – her admiration was the true blindness.
The “champion of justice” she aspired to was just a human being, suffering and struggling and failing.
Yet the girl aimed for perfection from the start. …No wonder she failed.
“…But you lost. So now are you different from the champion of justice you admired?”
I ask, hiding my true intent.
She has now learned that justice can also lose. This is just the starting line.
Now, the next step is for her to consider why she lost.
Since she lost, there must have been a flaw somewhere.
What did Asahina Kasumi get wrong? She needs to find that answer.
Asahina lowers her head again and clenches her fist. I silently wait for her response.
We are a little off the main street, in the shade by the wall. The two of us lean our backs against the wall, letting silence flow.
A few minutes pass, and when I glance over, she’s still looking down.
Well, I can’t really understand, can I? If I could, I’d be the one losing.
“…I think…”
I start to speak, intending to provide the answer.
However, as I repeat the words I was about to say in my head, I realize they’re not quite right morally. So I coat the truth with a bit of a lie as I tell her.
“The most essential quality for a champion of justice is [a sense of responsibility].”
Likely unexpected, the name Asahina raises her face.
“Yes, responsibility. Not courage, strength, or wisdom.”
Her eyes capture mine.
Honestly, I don’t think a sense of responsibility is the most necessary quality for a champion of justice.
I apologize for the lofty words, but responsibility is secondary to justice.
In fact, it’s not even necessary. A champion of justice can exist without a sense of responsibility.
But now, I can’t tell her the truth.
I need to speak words that are easier to understand, that will directly nourish her.
So I spew a beautiful lie.
“A champion of justice is accompanied by responsibility. Helping others is only natural. If you can’t help, you’ll be blamed, cornered… Luckily, your classmates have saved you this time. There’s no one in your class who dislikes you, except for me.”
” …… That’s harsh.”
She gives a wry smile, but I have to say what needs to be said.
Say what needs to be said, and take full responsibility for your actions.
I deceive her that mastering the basic duties of an adult is a prerequisite for being a champion of justice.
“A champion of justice, a hero, must have a sense of responsibility.”
Not an unfounded argument that justice never loses, but the burden of not being allowed to lose is the major premise. On that foundation, a champion of justice concludes that “justice will not lose” based on logic.
If that misconception remains, there will be no growth.
“Asahina Kasumi. If you aim to be a champion of justice, you must absolutely never lose. You must never crumble, never break… The enemy has used cunning tactics. The enemy has exploited loopholes in the rules. The enemy has taken bizarre actions. Even so, the champion of justice must win. …That is the responsibility you have. Do you understand?”
I gaze into her eyes. She also looks up at me, but the confidence once visible in her eyes is nowhere to be found. Only a deep anxiety remains.
…I cannot dispel that anxiety for her.
No, not that I can’t, but that I don’t want to.
Asahina Kasumi is the flag of justice. She is the key needed to destroy the academy.
Therefore, I want her to reach my side through her own power, without any assistance.
I want her to grow, biting down on both the sour and the bitter.
So I won’t help. I’ll just show her the way.
“So think about it. Consider every possibility.”
There is no other path for her to continue being a champion of justice.
“What tactics the enemy might use, and the results. …Even the smallest possibility, it doesn’t matter. Understand everything, and prepare solutions. Then there will be no unexpected occurrences. For a champion of justice, defeat is unthinkable.”
I can’t help but think I’m demanding the impossible.
But that’s what it means to become a champion of justice.
There’s no room for losing.
So I won’t spare any effort to prevent that.
At least, that’s my definition of a champion of justice.
Asahina Kasumi did approach the battle request with a sense of responsibility.
But I don’t want to call that responsibility. It’s a delusion about herself, an abandonment of thought.
What we’re asking of Asahina Kasumi is not to shoulder the fate of others and charge ahead. — It’s simply to never betray our expectations.
“…So, if I do that, I won’t lose, will I?”
“I guarantee it. Properly embrace a sense of responsibility. Show that you can perfectly meet expectations. No, continue to exceed them. Just steadily, surely handle the tasks in front of you, one by one. If you do that, eventually you’ll become ‘a person who cannot lose.'”
I suddenly wonder. If Asahina Kasumi grows that much, could she defeat me?
A champion of justice with a strong sense of responsibility, pursuing every possibility.
The embodiment of what is right.
Could she overcome me?
Thinking that, I immediately stop.
That’s something to consider when the time comes.
She’s twisting her face, looking troubled.
Putting into practice what I’ve told her is honestly difficult.
In fact, I don’t even think for a moment that Asahina Kasumi could do it.
But you said you would become a champion of justice. So at least show your resolve.
Unless you can overturn my expectations, you won’t be fit to be a champion of justice.
“Or was your [aspiration] only to that degree?”
Miss Asahina grits her teeth, but can’t give a reply.
She must be tormented by frustration to the point of being unable to respond.
…Well, I’ve already said what needed to be said.
My meddling is probably no longer necessary. I’ll leave the rest to Asahina herself and the people around her. With that in mind, I take my leave of the scene.
At that moment, her profile that I saw was…

“…well done, not bad at all.”

Her resolve was clearly visible, which was terrifying.



“Good morning! Amamori-kun!”
“Huh? Who are you…suddenly…”
“I’m your classmate, Asahina!”
Monday. Asahina-san greeted me enthusiastically.
Of course, I had forgotten about the day before, and she was reintroducing herself to me again.
I sat down at my seat without paying much attention, but many students in the class seemed confused by her change.
Kurashiki was obviously suspecting me, so I averted my gaze.
“On Saturday, you remembered my name, but…”
“Sorry, I tend to forget names that don’t interest me. Umm…what was your name again?”
The blade of my words was 20% sharper than usual.
Normally, a sound effect would echo, and she would collapse with blood vomiting, but…how unusual. Today, she had a casual expression on her face.
“Just like you told me the other day, Amamori-kun…I’ve been considering many possibilities! This level of verbal attack is still within my expectations–“
“Hey, would you just shut up? You’re annoying.”
“…th-the, ex-ex-ex-pec-tations, ra-ra-range, no, n-n-no…!”
Guhehoo! Asahina Kasumi vomited blood.
She had endured it up to a point, but in the end, it got to her.
“Ka, Kasumi-chaaan!?”
Kurashiki’s scream echoed…finally, last year’s Class C was back. The classmates laughed with nostalgia, and the tattered Asahina-san stood up with Kurashiki’s support.
“Hotaru-san…I’m sorry.”
“Apologizing doesn’t suit Kasumi-chan at all! Kasumi-chan, just be your usual upright self! Next time, we’ll think carefully too! We won’t lose for sure!”
It was a dazzlingly artificial smile. As she clenched her fist, the classmates gathered around her with excitement. Seen this way, it’s a page of youth, but knowing Kurashiki’s inner self, I can’t help but avert my gaze.
Suddenly, a sharp gaze pierced my cheek.
“Come on, Amamori-kun too! It’s time to make up with Kasumi-chan!”
“Sorry, I don’t like that person.”
At my candid honesty, Asahina-san convulsed.
If we kept this up, homeroom would start in a few minutes.
As the dissatisfied Kurashiki and others returned to their seats, Sakaki-sensei entered the classroom just in time. …Unusual, she normally comes in at the same time as the bell.


TL Note:

One of the key elements of this novel is that the main character is a massive liar. 95% of what he says, including the narration, are all lies. One of the things I enjoy most about this novel (aside from it being a shameless COTE rip-off) is figuring out when the main character is actually telling the truth.

So, I want to ask you, the reader: Does my translation effectively convey that most of this novel consists of lies told by our protagonist? Please leave a comment—I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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