Chore Granting Sorcerer Volume 2 Chapter 5 part 4

Oh, this is one of those post-job drinking parties, isn’t it?
“That sounds good. Vim-kun, do you have a favorite place you like to go to?”
“I don’t have a particular favorite… but I do go to some places occasionally.”
“Alright then, how about there? Oh, and if you want to keep it a secret, that’s completely fine. We can decide when the time comes.”
Greta’s face came to mind.
Come to think of it, if I ever became famous, I think I was asked to promote their business.
“No, no, they’ve asked me to promote it to the staff as well. It’s a place called ‘Stay Branch.'”
“I see.”
It’s a casual exchange, but it somehow made me feel light on my feet.
Being part of a circle of people, this is what it’s like.
I felt a sense of actually participating in something I had vaguely admired up until now. Thinking that from now on my days will repeat like this, even my feet stepping onto the teleportation formation felt as if taking a great step forward to embark on something grand.

Ah no, stop it. Things are going well on this side.
Don’t whisper to me in such a sweet voice.

A stay overnight at the branch.
I didn’t used to come here very often in the past either, but lately I’ve been so busy that the intervals between visits have gotten even longer, so I felt a bit awkward.
Pushing the door caused it to creak loudly.
“Oh! It’s Mister Vim, isn’t it. It’s been a long time.”
Greta was as usual there.
Her brash hostess demeanor was still the same.
“I hear you’ve been making a name for yourself! I was worried you might have gotten so famous that you wouldn’t come to such a small pub anymore.”
“No, no.”
“The innkeeper was even trying to sell this place as ‘Vim Stratus’s old haunt,’ you know, when he used to come here often.”
“Don’t exaggerate so much…”
“Your expression has really improved too! When you used to come here before, you still seemed dark and gloomy, and the innkeeper and I were worried about you…I’m relieved!”
Was my expression really like that before?
However, has my expression really improved?
If Greta says so, it must be true.
Does it mean I’m becoming more human?
I felt a surge of confidence. Today I feel like I can speak clearly without too much hesitation.
“Alright then, a table for one at the counter.”
“No, today I’ve come with my comrades, or teammates you could say from the ‘Night Dragonfly.'”
“There’s quite a few people, but will you have room? If you’re not booked, I’d like to reserve the whole place if possible – it’s that kind of occasion.”
When I glanced sideways at the people behind me after saying that, Greta froze for a few seconds.
“Master, this is too much! Those people from the ‘Night Dragonfly’…”
“Huh? Ah, Heidemarie?” What’s all the commotion about?”
“There’s so many of them! Let’s see, there was ‘Hans the Impenetrable’ and ‘Abel the Iron Bulwark’ and…”
“Oh! Is that so…? Wait, you’re right.”
They really had epithets like that?
“Calm down you stupid girl! This tavern in Villebron has always accommodated all adventurers, no matter what time!”
“I am calm! Please, this way!”


Before I knew it, everyone had neatly taken their seats in a familiar way, and I was shoved to the very back of the corner seat next to the exit, with Hans sitting next to me.
“Not a bad place, eh?”
“Any recommendations on what to order?”
“The specialty is stuffed intestines.”
“A classic. And it’s…?”
“Extra thick. Thick as an arm.”
“Ohhh…alright everyone! Let’s have that extra thick stuffed intestines, on me! Cheers!”
“Whoo!” The men cheered and clapped. “Itadakimasu!” I also heard being said.
Oh, even Abel was saying it seems young folks use that phrase these days.
“Oh, uh…you too! Dig in!”
I was a bit worried that my attempt at the unfamiliar phrase came out awkwardly.
But it seems no one minded, including Hans. It even seemed like they were glad I was trying to join in the conversation like everyone else.

“Man, Vim knows good places. I’d come here alone just for the food.”
The tavern’s meals were receiving quite positive reviews.
Since I’d only ever ordered one thing as a regular, I didn’t know they had such variety, but it seems everything is quite tasty.
While I’m sure the food tasted better for me after such a long absence, watching everyone else made me realize the basic menu items are perhaps a bit bland or lightly seasoned. Next time I’ll try some new dishes.
“The girl is quite young and pretty too, isn’t she? Around your age I’d think.”
“I believe so.”
Hans lowered his voice a bit.
“Got your eye on her?”
“No no no!”
“Now now, there’s no shame in it. You’re making a name for yourself too, so you might be thinking of settling down?”
Settling down is a normal thing for adventurers, it seems.
Hmm, the appeal of this place for me is rather that Greta doesn’t pry much.
Greta only engages in brief small talk when taking orders or collecting payments, and even makes space so I can sit quietly if she senses that’s what I want.
“Not really something I’ve considered.”
“Is that so…well, you’re still young I suppose…”
He sounded a bit disappointed.
“So how about Heidemarie-chan?”
“Well, it’s not like there’s an obvious atmosphere like that. I was hesitant to ask, but…”
“No, it’s not really like that. More like comrades from the same homeland,”
I think of her as a friend, but how Heidemarie actually feels is somewhat ambiguous.
“Well, people have different perceptions of distance, so I don’t mean to say one way or the other. But if you want to be together, it’s better not to hesitate. Just go for it,”
As I’ve lived my life so far without much experience with romance, this topic is still rather beyond my understanding. I don’t even really understand the process of how couples form in town or have an accurate grasp of my own perceptions about romance.
“So Vim-kun, does being from the same homeland as Heidemarie-chan mean you also trained independently without an academy?”
“Yes, I did various things on my own.”
“Actually, me too! I came here from the boonies with only my dreams of Villebron. It was tough,”
I was surprised.
As Hans-san seemed rather calm and collected, I had imagined he had a more elite background.
Putting him in the position of vice-captain must be Camilla-san considering such balances as well – not wanting the party to become too radicalized by only aristocratic origins, that kind of thinking perhaps.
“I was the third son of a poor landowner. I got some help, but it was brutal at first. I could only afford used equipment and had to work outside the dungeon every day too.”
That actually seems pretty normal or even advantageous.
But the reactions of the people around hearing this story don’t seem to think so.
Specifically, those around Hans-san’s age are nodding, like “Hans had it rough.”
“I was doing some work in the lower ranks of [Night Dragonfly], but it was like hell those days. I hit my ceiling and felt hopeless about my abilities. I thought maybe this is all I’m capable of as a man and was down in the dumps.”
Oh, I see, so that’s how it was.
He must have struggled some. It’s only natural really.
I can relate to that suffering of confronting your own limitations.
When a person faces that, they’re always lonely. Society and others aren’t interested in an individual’s personal pains, and you have to handle your own problems on your own to the very end.
“But then, she – now my wife – supported me.”
…Oh, so he’s married.
“Now that I think about it, I never asked but I wonder if a lot of people at [Night Dragonfly] were married?”
“Hm? Ah, well maybe. Most of the men who weren’t youngbloods were probably married, right? Mark has kids too.”
Oh, I never consciously realized it but you have a point. Thinking about it now, it feels a bit odd.
So that’s how it is.
Looking back, the conversations I’ve had were probably with married men too, which subtly changes the implications or feelings about it.
I glanced around the table with a slightly more removed gaze.
It’s smooth.
Being able to share meals like this, having set exchanges and laughs, everyone seems to understand how important these kinds of conversations are. And it comes naturally to them.
I see, so everyone is husbands or someone’s lover outside the dungeon and properly part of society. They’re adults.
Ah, Aberel is saying “cheers!” again.
Before I knew it, someone was holding out a drinking cup for me for who knows how many toasts.
Oh, should I return it the same way?

“Well, well-“



I tried saying it too.
And gulp down the beer.

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