Revenge of the Soul Eater Volume 2 Chapter 6 part 5

“Sora, thank you! Thank you so much!”

Three days ago, Lars had repeatedly expressed his gratitude and relief with a grateful and relieved expression when I returned from the Skim Mountain with Miroslav.

His face looked even worse than before, indicating that he hadn’t gotten enough sleep since I left for the rescue.

From Lars’ perspective, this incident was a failure on his part—it ended with him repeatedly being the first to lose consciousness during the fight against the Lord of Flies. His own insecurities had once again endangered his comrades. He must be genuinely frustrated by that.

After confirming Miroslav’s safety, Lars had been overjoyed to the point of forgetting his usual disdain.

Miroslav had effectively been saved, Lars thought.

With teary eyes, flushed cheeks, and holding Lars’ hands, it was clear to anyone that she was a woman deeply in love.

Observing this scene, who could have imagined that Miroslav had wrestled with her conscience regarding Lars on that mountain night?

To someone who knows the events that transpired, Miroslav’s behavior was incredibly terrifying.

However, this change in attitude towards Lars could also reflect Miroslav’s true intentions—that’s what came to mind when I recalled what transpired on Skim Mountain.

During our conversation on Skim Mountain, I learned everything that the red-haired mage was thinking.

Miroslav wanted to leave Lars and join my side. There was no reason to reject her desire, as I desired another provider of souls alongside Luna Maria and Iria. It was especially true when I learned that she had been hunting monsters in dangerous mountains for that purpose.

The only condition Miroslav imposed was that I refrain from doing anything further to Lars.

In the end, I accepted her condition. Moreover, I hadn’t planned on doing anything more to Lars.

However, the situation changes if Lars is the one who initiates it. Miroslav seemed to be aware of this, and during a discussion among the members of “Falcon Sword,” Lars decided to leave Ishka.

Lars claimed he wanted to go back to the beginning and start anew, but it seemed that Miroslav had influenced his decision.

Speaking of Miroslav, Lars was aware of her intentions to join “Bloody Sword.” She explained to Lars that she wanted to repay me for saving her, and he seemed to be convinced.

Or rather, it’s possible that he realized he had no grounds to object.

After all, Lars believed he was responsible for endangering Miroslav.

The only concern would be if Lars were to encounter Iria again in the village of Melte. How would Iria react to Lars after swearing loyalty to me? Moreover, how would Lars perceive Iria’s altered allegiance?

If Lars were to learn that even Iria had come to my side, he would become suspicious.

Perhaps it would be best to return to the village of Melte before Lars does and bring Iria to Ishka. It would also give me a chance to see the priestess Sarah.

We had previously discussed what dishes to cook for Kurausora, and it would be good to invite her to Ishka along with her daughter. It would be merely an invitation, not a permanent relocation.

Of course, the three kids as well.

Regarding the priestess Sarah, there was no need to rush in turning her into a soul provider. I intended to take my time in resolving the surrounding issues.

Once the turmoil related to “Falcon Sword” subsides, the next issue to address would be the matter of Seal’s slavery.


One day, I accompanied Seal and Luna Maria to the slave trader Fiodor.

“Then, I will remove the slave collars. Are you certain, Sora-dono?”

In a room within the slave trade association building, the slave trader sought my confirmation. I responded with a clear nod.

“Yes, please.”

“Understood. In that case—”

Fiodor touched the slave collars worn by Seal and Luna Maria while murmuring something. Then, the collars easily came off.

Seal, who was tense, blinked in surprise, and Luna Maria, who was bewildered, placed her hand on her neck.

Seeing their reactions, Fiodor smiled.

“The removal of the slave collars is complete. As a result, your names will be removed from our association’s records. Congratulations, Luna Maria-dono and Seal-dono.”

In response to Fiodor’s well wishes, the two of them wore expressions of speechlessness and simply nodded.

Well, it’s not as if they could feel joy when a slave trader tells them, “I’m glad you were freed from slavery.” It was more of a sarcastic comment.

Furthermore, Fiodor’s statement that “Your names will be removed from our association’s records” referred to the fact that these collars were connected to the slave association’s records.

When I signed the slave contract with Luna Maria, I had requested the association’s involvement precisely because I wanted the slave collars.

My benefit in this slave trade was the slave collars. And as for the association’s benefit, it concerned the treatment of the slaves after my death.

In other words, in the event of my demise, Luna Maria, who would be left behind, would become the property of the association instead of being freed. It was due to this advantage that the slave association had provided me with their valuable slave collars.

By the way, it is possible to request the slave association to release a slave in the event of one’s death. However, a certain amount of money needs to be paid in advance for such a request.

Well, the reason for removing Seal’s slave collar has been explained. The only way to ensure that Seal’s determination to devour souls is not influenced by her status as a slave is to free her from slavery.

As for Luna Maria, it was honestly an additional consideration for Seal’s sake.

However, the fact that Luna Maria had fallen into slavery still weighed heavily on Lars’ heart. I calculated that Lars would be even less hostile towards me if I lifted this burden from him at this time.

In the future, when attempting to invite priestess Sarah to our clan and she sees that Luna Maria and Seal have slave collars, it may adversely impact her impression of me.

Then, when trying to invite her into the clan, she may reject it, saying, “I cannot join a clan that puts collars on others.” I wanted to avoid that scenario.

Above all, I didn’t believe Luna Maria would rebel at this point, so I decided to take this opportunity to alleviate my concerns by liberating both of them today.

After their liberation, the next step was to prepare for Claudia’s arrival.

Ah, how busy I am—though said in jest, Miroslav brought an interesting piece of information.

Apparently, the guild master of the capital’s adventurers’ guild wanted to meet with me.

In response, I simply replied,

“Tell him that I respectfully decline.”

Miroslav blinked a couple of times upon hearing my response.

“Are you sure about that?”


I had already been contemplating my current plan, the “Peaceful Way of Fighting the Guild (Climax).”

Once you become embroiled in a secret battle with the guild, it is no longer peaceful. That’s why I chose the peaceful approach.

…Well, I can observe Elgart and Liddell from a distance, laughing to myself, saying, “There you have it!” I don’t think this falls outside the realm of “peaceful,” maybe.

Of course, I didn’t let my words lead me astray and opted for the peaceful approach. If I continued to advance, my plan could leak to the guild, and I wanted to avoid that.

The plan was called the “Peaceful Way of Fighting the Guild (Climax).”

The essence of the plan was to publicly announce the case of “Falcon Sword,” which had used me as bait in the battle against the Lord of Flies, and formally apologize. Since Lars, as the leader, was heading to the village of Melte, Miroslav, as the perpetrator, would apologize on his behalf.

Miroslav joined “Bloody Sword” to take responsibility for this case—explaining this externally would also eliminate the unnaturalness of Miroslav’s behavior.

The perpetrator apologizes, and the victim forgives. It truly is a peaceful solution.

If the facts become public, it will inevitably reveal the actions taken by the Ishka Adventurers’ Guild and its personnel in this case.

Undoubtedly, those who twisted the truth to protect the adventurers’ reputation will be exposed.

But that’s not something I concern myself with. It’s merely to reconcile with “Falcon Sword,” so to speak. If, as a consequence, the guild’s image is tarnished or it faces accusations from guild masters of other cities, it’s not my concern.

Whether it’s Elgart or Liddell, they must remember that they must “Work for Ishka” and act accordingly.

Miroslav, who brought this information, believed that the guild master of the capital’s guild, Sergei, could be effectively used to pressure the Ishka branch. However, if I involve myself in that, my presence will become too prominent.

Only through peaceful means. Only as a result. In doing so, those involved will understand my intentions. While contemplating this, I thought it added a good flavor.

There’s another reason that led me to this line of thinking—I’m referring to Onigashima. It will still take some time before the Mitsurugi family learns of Jijinbo’s death and sends a replacement, but I can’t remain idle.

I don’t have the luxury of getting deeply involved in a secret fight with the guild.

“Therefore, I will observe the guild’s situation for a while.”

“Understood, Master,” Miroslav respectfully responded to my words.

By the way, when she says “Master,” it’s not like how Luna Maria says “Goshujin-sama,” but more like acknowledging me as the leader of the “Bloody Sword Clan.”

It’s not particularly pleasing that Miroslav is showing such respect, and the moment she publicly calls me “Master” is drawing near. She wasn’t that obedient even when she was trapped in the Lord of Flies’ nest.

Honestly, I feel quite uneasy.

I don’t believe Miroslav is scheming a “Peaceful Way of Fighting with her Master.” I couldn’t help but think that.

Whether she knows what I’m thinking or not, Miroslav continued with a calm tone.

“I have another report.”

“Hm? What is it?”

“My father wishes to meet the Master at least once. I would appreciate it if you could consider it.”

“The president of the Sauzar Company?”

“Yes, to express gratitude for saving me,” she replied calmly.

“Ah, I see. He wants to establish a personal connection with me. Through this case, I have become acquainted with Count Elbe and developed a good relationship with Duke Dragnote in the capital. I’m sure he’s aware of that.”

“You have a keen intuition. Shall I respond?”

“That will be at the Master’s discretion,”

The red-haired mage who despises men, including her own father, responded calmly.

“It’s possible that my father has set his sights on the Master as an ally to replace ‘Falcon Sword.’ If you respond, it will be easier to seek assistance from my father in the future. However, as a price, he may involve you more often in connecting with the nobles. But if the Master prefers to avoid it, then you can decline.”

“Can I choose either option?” I asked.

“Yes. I will follow the Master’s decisions,” Miroslav said, staring at me. Those eyes that used to hold disgust now sparkled with the opposite emotion.

I could sense a kind of sexual attraction there, so I swallowed hard.

Previously, Miroslav had long, wavy, waist-length red hair. That hair was cut when I kidnapped—or rather, liberated—her, but now it had grown to shoulder length.

An unfamiliar appearance of a familiar person.

I felt suffocated for reasons I couldn’t understand and embraced Miroslav forcefully, as if trying to dispel that feeling.

But, there was no resistance.

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