Female Soldier Infiltration Volume 2 Chapter 1 part 9

Since the school nurse had left to tend to a collapsed student, it was fortunate that Folia, who could use healing magic, came to their aid. With some treatment, Addis might be able to calm down a bit.
Despite being expected to be with the girls who couldn’t face the monsters directly, Folia’s arrival here showed her kindness. Even in this situation, Raze’s expression relaxed.
The prickling pain she felt faded away, leaving behind only black marks.
(Explaining the black scars would be troublesome, so hiding them with illusion or makeup is the best option.)
Disguising injuries is common in espionage. Even wounds on the abdomen would make the noble ladies scream, so it’s better not to expose them. With their classmates already being led away by the knights, few people would have seen the injury.
As a stopgap measure, Raze used illusion to conceal the black marks.
“Keep the scars a secret.”
To the surprise of Folia and Addis, Raze chuckled mischievously.
“…Let’s go to the infirmary. I’ll come too.”
He seemed to have calmed down a bit as he relaxed his shoulders, gently pulling Raze’s arm and walking away.
In truth, there was no need for her to go to the infirmary anymore, but she decided to comply quietly.
Guided by the knights, they were examined by the infirmary’s chief, Meril-Yun-Feril.
“…Hmm. Looks fine. Your clothes are dirty, so you should change into this.”
“Thank you.”
After changing into the plain dress handed to her by Feril, they left the examination room, where Folia, who had been waiting in a chair, stood up first.
“Folia helped me with the first aid, so I’m okay.”
Folia seemed to want to say something but closed her mouth once, smiling awkwardly.
“…I’m glad you’re okay, Raze-chan.”
Raze sensed that Folia might have been hesitant to mention the scar on Raze abdomen that she had seen when they first enrolled.
Black scars aren’t something that happens often. It wouldn’t be strange if it stuck in her memory, but she pretended not to notice anything, unable to answer if asked.
“Let’s go back then.”
She didn’t know what had happened to the class after that incident, but she couldn’t let the two of them miss their classes because of her.
To Addis, who still had a stern expression, she said, “It’s like being bitten by a dog,” and turned towards the exit.
Then, she sensed someone outside the infirmary. With the sound of knocking, Harrens appeared.
“It seems you’re okay.”
Raze quickly straightened up.
“You don’t have to push yourself, but can you spare some time?”
With Harrens’ gaze, she understood the situation.
(He’s asking for a safety check. Well, that’s understandable. Knights don’t know much about monsters.)
In this academy, no, in this country, Raze-Shez-Orphan was the most professional person regarding monsters.
Even though there was Dieter studying monsters, it was more appropriate for her to confirm the situation. It’s safer to call in someone with experience on-site than for someone who has never left Ordiana to properly verify the dangers of Baluda’s creatures. Raze’s here for situations like this. Raze never thought something like this would happen, but……
“I’ll explain what happened.”
As she was about to answer, Addis’ polite language overlapped.
“No. I want to talk about the injury properly, so could you come with us, Granoli kun?”
It was fortunate that the injured party was involved. Raze thought as she heard that.
If Addis had been injured, the school would have been in an awkward situation.
As a commoner, a soldier, and already an independent with honorary peerage, there are no guardians who need to explain her circumstances to. Is he not fulfilling his role quite well?
“It’s okay. …You two should go back to class first and explain to the teacher.”
“Yeah… I’ll let Carne sama know you’re okay.”
Raze nodded to Folia, who readily agreed.
(Carne sama, I hope you’re not caught up in the scenario again…… But it’s probably too much to hope for.)
Even though she had worked so hard last night, it left a bad taste in her mouth to have something like this happen.
From Carne actions, the monster that should have been involved in the game seemed to be an unpleasant bear. Although Folia came to help, the conditions were too different. Raze didn’t want to believe it was a repercussion of the game event.
(The events are quite different when there are strong elements of the case.)
Communication between Folia and Claude in the library, the event is likely to happen faithfully to the original. However, events like Ruben’s birthday party or risky events like this one become harder to predict. It’s a bad situation.
But even with just this much understood, it’s a harvest, and Raze reconsiders her thoughts.
“Shall we go? Sorry to rush you.”
“No, it’s okay.”
Raze, along with Harrens, decides to return to the arena once again.
“The crowd control has been done as much as possible. There are a few knights, but they haven’t been informed about you. Professor Hughan has returned to the school building with the students, but Professor Dieter…”
Among them, Dieter knows a lot about monsters, so if they go to the scene now, her identity will be exposed.
“It won’t interfere with the mission. Please don’t worry about it.”
Seeing Harrens apologize, Raze responds without changing her expression.
It’s not a problem if only Dieter finds out. Keeping secrets is also her job.
“…As reliable as ever.”
While feeling Harrens’s wry smile, Raze completes the transfer to the field.


The adults’ attention focused on the girl Harrens brought with .
That female student had just been a victim of monster damage a moment ago.
It was understood that Harrens brought her to listen to the situation, but it seemed like it might be a mental burden for a student.
“What about her?”
Hein, the vice captain who had been waiting, asked Harrens for confirmation.
His face said, “Why did you bring a student?” It was the same expression of puzzlement and suspicion as the soldiers he had just met for the first time.
“She’s a specialist in monsters. There’s no problem as long as she stays where she belongs.”
“What do you mean by that…?”
Hein squinted his red eyes and shifted his gaze to Raze.
“Thank you for your hard work.”
Her first words upon making eye contact were in a formal, stiff tone.
It was a greeting that didn’t even slightly resemble a student’s, and Hein’s mind repeated the image of Raze, who had hunted monsters without hesitation, like a trained person.
“The scene is left as it is.”
“Yes. For now, we’ll retrieve that octopus and check inside that huge body.”
It didn’t take long for the adults to notice that something was unusual.
By the time they noticed, she was already inside the problem-ridden large cage.
She pulled out the knife still stuck in the floor without hesitation, summoned it with teleportation magic, and put the dead body into a bottle that appeared from the air without touching it.
“Do you need a sample, Professor? If not, I’ll send it to an acquaintance researcher.”
Dieter, who had just come out of the cage and faced her with an innocent look, looked puzzled.
“I do, but… you…”
“I’ll let him explain to you. Time is limited, after all.”
Leaving Harrens to explain, and Raze turned on her heel again.
“She’s Colonel Raze Shes Orphan. She’s currently infiltrating the academy under cover. Keep this confidential.”
Silence dominated the scene.
No one immediately understood what was being said.
Dieter’s mouth opened wide in surprise, and Hein widened his eyes.
His expression conveyed that he didn’t understand what was being said.
“Maybe it would be easier to understand if I said [Wolf Fang]?”
Even with the additional information, it only became more confusing.
“She’s the top-ranked monster hunter. Leave the handling of this situation to her, as she’s the most knowledgeable here.”
Harrens said there was no one more qualified than her, smiling wryly.
“Can you believe it? I still get confused from time to time. If you want to test the truth, you might try challenging her to a fight.”
He said that and looked at Hein.
“Is that who is said to be the strongest soldier in the country…?”
As Raze knows him, Hein also knows about her.
The ace of the military, who earned the title of [Wolf Fang] while alive.
Information is kept confidential, and only rumors rely on the appearance of the person. To him, who imagined a tough man, Raze’s appearance was the exact opposite of what he imagined.
A joke that even the royalty of this country wouldn’t make, Hein stared blankly at her small back.
Although she seems used to hunting monsters, she doesn’t seem to have that much strength in battle. From Hein’s perspective, his superior – the leader of the knights – seemed superior.
“I have no intention of doubting you, but information about her is top secret. I’ll have to tie your tongue later.”
Harrens puts a special magic on the adults present to prevent information about Raze from leaking.
Raze’s work behind the scenes has never been and will never be revealed to the students.
“We’re done. There’s no more problem with the parasite, but it’s best to keep future lessons for observation at a safe distance .”
“Thank you. Yes, that’s right. Thank you.”
After confirming, Raze returns and the conversation comes to an end.
“…Is there something?”
While Hein had been staring at Raze the whole time, she tilted her head.
“If you’re free, would you like to have a match?”
Even though the headmaster’s words seemed half-joking, Hein just had to make sure.
Raze glanced at the headmaster’s expression.
“Don’t worry, regardless of the outcome of this match, it’ll be our little secret.”
Upon hearing that, Raze’s expression relaxed slightly, as if reassured.
“If it’s alright with you, I’ll gladly be your opponent.”
She modestly responded, her eyes gleaming with excitement.
The prospect of sparring with a skilled opponent after so long got Raze’s adrenaline pumping.
“Then, I’ll supervise, so let’s schedule some time after the combat exercises.”
“Thank you.”
the headmaster pleasantly finalized the plan.
It seemed he was quite enthusiastic about the showdown between the knights and the military aces.

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