Mob Villain In An Otome Game Volume 2 Chapter 13 part 3

“I’m afraid there is only one chair prepared, as we were informed that only Lord Reiner-Baldia of the Border Count would be granted an audience with His Majesty Elias.”
“…I see. What do you think, Reed?”
Reiner still had a frown on his face at the elderly Dark Elf’s words. Seeing this, I inadvertently muttered to myself in my heart.
(Ah… That expression on Reiner’s face means he is secretly furious…)
But Reiner’s anger was understandable. Not preparing a chair for me, the son of the guest and an important figure for the meeting, could be considered impolite. However, the fact that they were purposefully doing so likely meant there was some intention behind it. After a moment of thought, I smiled.
“I’m fine. I’ll stand beside Reiner.”
“…I see. Then that’s fine. As this gentleman suggests, I shall be the one to sit in the chair.”
Reiner nodded at my words, then gave the elderly Dark Elf a sharp gaze. But the old fox merely responded with a dignified bow, unperturbed by Reiner’s stare. After the bow, the elderly Dark Elf briefly glanced at me. But as I had been watching him, our eyes met, and I smiled at him, though he only responded with an expressionless bow. Suddenly, I felt an aura of anger from behind me and nervously glanced back. The two guards had expressions of fury directed at the elderly Dark Elf, despite their outward stoicism.
I hastily shook my head and gestured with my eyes and nods to calm them down. Sensing my gaze, our two guards reluctantly suppressed their anger and returned to a neutral state. Letting out a silent sigh, I turned my attention back to the front. There was an ornate shoji screen there, but it remained closed. Apparently, there was another room beyond it, elevated above the one we were in. It had the feel of the setting for a superior person, like in historical dramas. As I was observing the room’s structure, Reiner quietly told me to kneel down and bow my head slightly until I was instructed to raise my face.
I kneeled down promptly, feeling like I was in the world of a historical drama, with the Dark Elves focused on us, but still enjoying this unique environment.
Once they confirmed we had bowed our heads, one of the soldiers spoke.
“Introducing Lord Reiner-Baldia, Ruler of the Baldia Lands of the Magnolia Empire.”
At the soldier’s announcement, the Dark Elves standing against the walls also turned to face forward and kneeled. Soon after the silence fell, the sound of the shoji screen opening was heard.
“…All of you, raise your heads.”
The deep voice echoed in the silence, and I slowly raised my face, following Reiner’s movements.
“It’s been a while, Lord Reiner.”
As the shoji screen opened, the Dark Elf sitting imposingly in the chair in front of Reiner gave a slight smirk.
“It’s been a long time, Your Majesty Elias.”
Reiner responded with a dignified bow while remaining seated, and I discreetly glanced at their exchange, muttering to myself.
(So this is… His Majesty Elias.)
Elias had black hair and sharp, yellow eyes. His presence exuded an aura of a seasoned warrior. Reiner also had a stern expression, but it gave a similar impression.
Around Elias stood several men and women. On either side of him were two beautiful Dark Elf women, who seemed to be the queen and a concubine. Next to Elias was a young man with a beautiful face but an unsmiling expression – likely Prince Raycis. Shifting my gaze to the opposite side, I was captivated by the sight of a lovely young girl in a beautiful white dress, who must be Princess Farah, the one I was expected to marry.
And by the princess’s side stood another young girl, who appeared to be her guard. Wearing the same black-based military uniform as the soldiers of Renalute, she stood in a deferential posture next to the princess. Even as I observed the surroundings, the conversation between Elias and my father continued.
“I apologize for the formality today. You see, my daughter’s marriage candidate is arriving, and everyone is eager to get a glimpse of him. That’s why the situation has become like this. Forgive me.”
Elias looked at my father with a piercing gaze, exuding a sense of authority. By “the situation,” he was likely referring to the arrangement of this room, where the Renalute nobles were lined up along the walls, despite the spacious tatami-mat room. Such a large gathering was undoubtedly rare for a guest audience.
My father responded to Elias’s words with a firm and unwavering attitude.
“Not at all. It is only natural that everyone here would be eager to see the marriage candidate of the princess of a nation.”
“Hmm, I’m glad to hear that. Then, who is the one standing beside you? Is that the son of Lord Reiner?”
“Yes, that is correct.”
Elias deliberately asked, and as he listened to the response, he directed a sharp gaze towards me. But compared to the serious, attacking gaze of my father, this was nothing. I responded to Elias’s gaze with a childlike smile. Elias seemed to not have expected me to smile back, as his eyes widened slightly. At that moment, my father, who had been observing our exchange, spoke up.
“Your Majesty Elias, would you allow him to introduce himself to you in person?”
“Very well, I permit it.”




With Elias’s permission, my father gave me a subtle nod. Confirming his signal, I knelt down, closed my eyes, and took a deep breath. Recalling the mental fortitude training I had done with my father, I enveloped myself in a serious demeanor and then opened my eyes, gazing directly at Elias.
“It is my honor to greet you. I am Reed-Baldia, the son of Lord Reiner-Baldia, the lord of the Baldia territory in the Magnolia Empire. I have been instructed by my father Reiner to pay my respects and discuss the possibility of a marriage with Princess Farah-Renalute. I look forward to working with you in the future.”
I spoke clearly and forcefully, maintaining eye contact with Elias. But as soon as I finished, an eerie silence fell over the room.
(“Huh? I didn’t say anything strange, did I?”) I murmured inwardly. Shattering the silence, Elias, with widened eyes, slowly spoke.
“…That was quite an impressive introduction. I heard you are not much older than my son Raycis, but how old are you exactly?”
“I am six years old. I was told I am the same age as Princess Farah.”
As the conversation progressed, I could feel Elias’s gaze becoming even sharper.
“I see. And what are your thoughts on the prospect of a marriage with my daughter?”
I was taken aback, not expecting to be asked about a potential marriage with Farah right here. However, it wasn’t as if I hadn’t given it any thought. But how should I respond? I hesitated, carefully crafting my words. But before I could answer, Raycis, standing next to Elias, raised his voice impatiently.
“Father, is it not a bit excessive to question a child in this manner? No matter how long we wait, he will not be able to give a proper answer.”
“Prince Raycis is correct. Your Majesty, if I may be so bold, this line of questioning seems a bit too playful for the current setting.”
The one who spoke in agreement with Raycis was the elderly dark elf sitting at the front of the noble’s seats. He was the same person who had angered my father and the guards earlier over the “chairs.”
“Raycis… And Norris, that’s not bad. I’m simply asking, so how do you feel about it?”
“Well, you see…”
Elias brushed off their words and asked me again. As I feigned contemplation, I briefly glanced sideways at the elderly dark elf Norris and Raycis. I see… So he is Norris-Tamouska, the one Zack said could be the biggest obstacle in this marriage proposal. However, by speaking up to restrain Elias, it seems he wants to avoid leaving a bad impression on me.
There are also some concerns about Raycis, but Norris should be the priority here. In that case, the course of action is clear. I should do the one thing Norris would dislike the most.
“Well, what’s wrong? Feel free to say whatever you’re thinking.”
I steeled my resolve and carefully crafted my words as I looked at Elias with a solemn expression.
“Then, I shall humbly state my opinion.”
“Go on.”
With Elias’ permission, I was about to speak, but for a moment, I thought I saw my father’s face turn a little pale out of the corner of my eye. But it was probably just my imagination. I then raised my voice clearly and boldly.
“I firmly believe that the marriage between Renalute and the Baldia territory must be – absolutely must come to fruition.”
“Oh, is that so…”
Hearing my words, Elias’ gaze became even sharper, and he looked at me with keen interest. At the same time, the aristocrats of Renalute seemed to be stirring a little. At that moment, I felt a gentle gaze, and when I casually glanced at Princess Farah, she was looking at me with slightly widened eyes.
I responded to her gaze with a smiling nod, and it seemed like Princess Farah’s ears twitched a little.
Elias continued to look at me sharply, but eventually, he grinned and spread his hands to the sides.
“Interesting. Please, continue.”
“Then, let me explain. Renalute and the Baldia territory share a border. If that connection can be strengthened, it will become a deterrent against surrounding countries. Barst would be a good example.”
I deliberately mentioned the name of Barst, a country at odds with Renalute. Seemingly having caught on to my intent, Elias increased the sense of pressure he was exerting on me, as if testing me. And as expected, he inquired.
“…What do you mean? Our country already has an alliance with your homeland. Isn’t that enough of a deterrent?”
I nodded at Elias’ words and continued.
“Yes, but that alone is not enough.”
“Heh, you say something interesting. Are you implying that Magnolia is not to be trusted?”
The sense of pressure Elias had been exuding earlier seemed to diminish a little. Instead, it seemed like he was starting to find me interesting. I seized the opportunity and wove my words carefully.

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