Geek Mob Mercenary Chapter 61

Mob #61: “I’m Dan Bilttrop. Knight rank. They call me the [Invincible Tough Guy]!”

Earl Bissen’s son and his merc team [Purgatory] were neatly taken care of.

But running into lunatics two days straight – my luck is awful.

Meanwhile, unrelated to me, Miss Zeistol and Madam Rossweise exchanged greetings.

The receptionist who arbitrarily called Lambert watched them resentfully.

Isn’t she the one who spoke to me when I first came to the guild?

Well, she’s long forgotten me for sure.

“Rather than worry about the higher-ups, Bissen’s kid, or Zeistol, let’s talk work – the part we can control.”

“Yes, let’s.”

As I stared blankly at the boilerplate confrontation before me, Uncle Roanz called me back to focus.

He was also stunned but recovered faster, as expected.

“Of the current postings, security for a social gala at a colony is relatively peaceful.”

The request details:

Duties: Secure periphery and direct arriving guests at a social gala hosted by House Norbundle at a colony.

Term: 72 hours (3 days) by Galactic Standard Time.

Briefing will be held before duties start so attend by 1 hour pre-start at the latest.

2 shifts of 12 hour continuous duty followed by 12 hours break.

Breaks during shifts optional. Must report if leaving site.

Conditions: Lodging at colony – capsule hotel, meals provided.

Shuttle fuel provided.

Requirements: Must bring own shuttle.

Repair costs if damaged are the merc’s responsibility.

Must respond and sortie even during break in emergencies.

Due to above, cannot leave colony during breaks.

Cannot enter venue colony except in emergencies.

Pay: 360,000 credits – fixed

Very nice terms, but something seems odd.

“Security itself seems normal, but shouldn’t they use the Earl’s security forces for this like usual?”

“They’re overwhelmed securing inside the colony so want to outsource the exterior and guest direction to mercs.”

“Well, we commoners can’t be rubbing shoulders with nobles after all. That works out for us.”

With a high society gala, many nobles will attend. More personnel helps security, and their staff accustomed to handling nobles suits interior duty better.

“Then I’ll take it. Be there by the specified time.”



After accepting the job I promptly left the guild,

Then prepared for departure – buying intel from Gonzales, light novels and manga to kill time – and departed Planet Yts to arrive on time.

The venue colony orbits a moon of Planet Latocath, in House Norbundle’s territory.

Latocath is basically a planet of rock and ice. It has day-night cycles and plants that photosynthesize from the meager sunlight, and an atmosphere with breathable composition for humans.

However, the average atmospheric temperature never exceeds -120 C even when illuminated, instantly freezing exposed lungs.

In this extreme cold, trees called [Soibis] thrive with perpetual green needles, clustered in hundred-kilometer rows with trunks said to be harder than diamond.

So Latocath is famed as a beautiful planet of white with streaks of green.

While it could be terraformed for human habitation, House Norbundle hasn’t developed Latocath at all besides constructing a manor and observatory for their personal use, banning unauthorized landing.

It likely serves as an emergency shelter.

Anyway, the mercs docked at the prepared colony lodgings and headed to the briefing venue.

Around 200 mercs from different branches crowded inside.

The moment I took a seat at the edge,

“Yo! You’re here too!”


Someone slapped my back hard from behind.

I turn to see a familiar face standing beside me.

“It’s you…”

“Why the sullen face?”

“Because you smacked my back…”

The culprit was the crass woman merc Molyze.

As oblivious to tact as ever.

“Knew you’d take this gig too. Cushy security jobs are the best.”

Cracking his neck and back, Uncle Bernard takes the seat in front of me.

“Hello everyone, it’s been a while!”

“We keep ending up together.”

“Taking jobs like this is the mark of a top merc. Obviously.”

Arthur, Lady Sailer, and even Levin were here too.

Levin still wore chuuni-esque clothes but his dignity seems more dignified.

Though the old job’s crew gathered by chance, an unfamiliar face approached.

“Yo, gloomy faces all around.”

Slightly older than me, with a toned 185 cm build, slicked back hair, and a smirking face.

Seeing him, Molyze makes a disgusted expression.

“Still better than your smarmy mug.”

“Heh, sharp tongue as always.”

Their conversation is thorny but the expressions show it’s not serious.

“Who’re you?”

Levin warily questions the man, who strikes a pose like some anime hero – thumb jabbed into his waist.

“I’m Dan Bilttrop. Knight rank. They call me the [Invincible Tough Guy]!”

He spouts the embarrassing line without embarrassment.

Dan Bilttrop acts obnoxious, but he’s undoubtedly a skilled, trustworthy merc.

He famously volunteered for demotion from Bishop-rank because of the insufferable nobles.

Even those unfamiliar with his name have heard of [the guy who requested demotion from Bishop].

Well, constantly acting that way, people would find him grating.

At first sight I was reluctant to approach him, but

seeing him rescue multiple allies in large battles,

taking point to break through enemy lines,

saving guys harassed by nobles,

and encouraging those depressed by job failures,

I realized he’s a courageous, caring guy.

“Dan, it’s been a while!”

“Yo John, still a huge nerd I see!”

We got along after I found an old manga he was looking for.

Meanwhile, Levin and the others are stunned speechless.

Understandable on first meeting him.

As we chat pointlessly,

An announcement plays.

[The briefing will now commence, so please be seated.]

Time to work.

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