Misunderstood Saintly Life Volume 3 chapter 1 part 7

“Gaaah!? M-My hand!?”
The shattered bones in his fingers tore through the skin.
Overwhelmed by the pain, the thug crumpled to the ground.
“What’s wrong, tough guy? Shall I give you another chance?”
Seemingly overwhelmed by fear, the bald man forgot about his injured hand and started frantically crawling away, trying to escape.
Of course, I wouldn’t let him get away.
I grabbed the heads of both the tattooed man and the bald thug, slamming them into the sand.
Teeth scattered and red blood dripped down.
“We’re s-sorry!”
“P-Please forgive us…!”
“…Take responsibility for your actions. Do you really think it’s convenient for you to ask for mercy after trying to kill me?”
The two, completely drained of fighting spirit, contorted their faces in terror.
…That said, I may have overdone it a bit and given Mashiro and the others quite a shock.
And it’s not the mark of a true villain to torment the weak excessively.
Well, I suppose I could hand these two over to the vigilante force…But before I could decide, a voice of restraint reached me from somewhere.
“That’s enough, both of you!”
A man in a white uniform was pointing at me.
The badge on his chest indicated he was part of the vigilante force. It seems the commotion had drawn the attention of a nearby commoner, who had called them over.
“Captain, the report was correct! Here they are!”
Then a purple-haired man, presumably the “captain”, rushed over to us.
He took one look at the bowing pair and me, then hurried to our side.
…Wait. Why are you here?
Seeing the familiar face, I was caught off guard. But he suddenly slammed on the brakes in front of me and dropped to one knee.
“It’s been a while, big bro Ouga!!”
“…Ah, it has been a while, Alibaan. Have you been doing well?”
Despite my surprise at his unexpected presence, I greeted him warmly.
Alibaan, the man who had asked to work under me after I had roughed him up in the Mio incident.
I had instructed him to discipline the troublemakers around the world and gather manpower for the future reconstruction of the underground arena. But now…
“Yes! I’ve been capturing all the bad guys just like you told me to, big bro!”
“Is that so? I’m glad to hear things have been going smoothly.”
“Thank you so much! I’ve reformed them and now they’re working with me in the Vigilante Corps!”
“…The Vigilante Corps?”
“I was fortunate enough to be employed by your father, Lord Gordon!”
What? I wasn’t aware of that at all, father…!
Also, wait. If he’s reformed them, there’s no way they’ll be working in the underground arena anymore!
And if the Vellet household is hiring them, the pay must be quite good too!
So my planned moneymaking scheme has been secretly foiled…
I couldn’t hide my shock at this sudden and alarming revelation.
“In any case, I’ll be assisting with some work. Normally I’d want to hear the details, but…hey, you two.”
The two thugs, who had been gradually distancing themselves during my exchange with Alibaan, flinched.
Unfortunately for them, this Vigilante Corps is firmly on our side.
Their pleas will likely fall on deaf ears.
“Do you have any idea whose hands you were trying to lay on?”
“…Th-That is…”
“…Can’t say, huh. Then let me tell you. Engrave it in your hearts and never forget it.”
…What could it be? I have a bad feeling about this.


Alibaan suddenly tore off his Vigilante Corps uniform, crossing his arms as he reached into the inner pocket.
Then he flung something into the air – a shower of confetti shaped like pink flowers.
“To cleanse the evils of the world! The Savior who grants the path to life! Lord Ouga Vellet!!”
…You too, Alibaan!? I had thought I was safe with Alice gone, but even you…!
The swirling confetti rained down on the tattooed man and bald thug,
leaving them dumbfounded, mouths agape.
…I wish I could just die of embarrassment! There’s no way they’ll forget that now! Suddenly being thrust into such an impactful scene!
Ah…just when things had been going smoothly, it’s all fallen apart…!
“…The crimes you’ve committed are grave. But! Big bro Ouga would surely grant you salvation, wouldn’t he?”
“L-Lord Ouga’s brother…!!”
The two thugs looked at me with pleading eyes, clinging to the last shred of hope. Meanwhile, the pure, trusting gaze of Alibaan was fixed on me.
Completely deflated, I just told Alibaan to do as he pleased.
“As expected of Lord Ouga’s brother…! Your boundless magnanimity… I’m in awe!”
“…Make sure they atone for their sins. There’s no room for leniency.”
“Of course! Proper judgment is the essence of salvation! Hey, take these two away!”
Alibaan handed the thugs over to his subordinates waiting nearby.
Before leaving, he had one more thing he wanted to ask me.
“…Was that ‘salvation’ and ‘savior’ bit something you came up with?”
“Ah, no, that was Sister Mio’s idea! She’s the one who devised it, as you know.”
She’s involved too!? Well, I suppose it makes sense since she’s been living on my territory.
But to think the victim and perpetrators would become so close…
It’s given me yet another headache to ponder.
With the thugs gone, Mashiro and the others came rushing over to me.
“Ouga-kun, thank you! Are you okay? You’re not hurt, right?”
“I know Ouga can handle it, but I’d still like to double check.”
Mashiro and Karen started poking and prodding me to check for any injuries.
Even though they knew about my [Limit Transcendence], they still seemed worried I might have been stabbed.
“…It seems everything ended well.”
Reina’s questioning tone indicated she could tell my mental state wasn’t quite right.
“Yeah. Sorry about that, you three. For making you uncomfortable.”
“Not at all! I’m so happy, because I realized how precious I am to Ouga-kun~! I feel so blessed!”
Mashiro hugged me tightly as she said that.
“Yes, let’s all share in the happiness~ And convey my feelings as well.”
“You’re right. To us, Ouga is the one and only person who matters in this world.”
“Then, let me join in the embrace too. Squeeze~”
The three of them enveloped me in a warm group hug.
I was completely immobilized…but I felt genuinely happy.
I realized that these girls care for me just as deeply as I do for them.
I knew I must never let go of this warmth.
…Oi, Alibaan, what’s with that look in your eyes? Don’t give me a gaze like a parent looking at their children’s heartwarming scene.
“Well then, I should be getting back to my patrol duties. You four enjoy yourselves — step aside!”
Alibaan, trying to flee before I could interrogate him, rushed out in front of us, his expression changing.
In the direction his gaze was fixed, something was approaching, creating large splashes.
…From the dorsal fin breaking the surface, it seemed to be a rather large fish.
A new species, perhaps?
I strained my eyes to make out the identity of the creature surging towards us through the spray.
What my eyes captured was not a fish at all, but–
“O! U! GA! sa! ma! O! U! GA! sa! ma!”
–Alice, swimming while carrying a gigantic fish on her back.
She had returned, utilizing her unique breathing technique.
Relieved to see a familiar face, we let our guard down.
In no time, she had reached the shore, her eyes darting around.
“Phew…phew…Lord Ouga! I sensed danger and hurried back as quickly as I could!”
What kind of sensor does she have, that’s creepy.
“…Then there’s no problem. It’s all been taken care of.”
“Yo, Kri–Alice. You’re a little late, huh?”
“Alibaan!? Why, you scoundrel, are you here…!”
“…Ah, Alice? Alibaan was just apprehending some thugs who were picking a fight with us. There’s nothing for you to worry about like what you’re imagining.”
Alibaan proudly tapped the badge on his chest, proving his membership in the Vigilante Corps.
Understanding the situation, Alice’s eyes darted back and forth between Alibaan and me, and–
“…I’m terribly sorry!”
–she prostrated herself on the sand, not caring about dirtying herself, directly in front of me.

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