I’m a D-Rank Adventurer Volume 3 Chapter 2 Part 8

“Sir Jirei…on second thought, I’ll abstain too.”
Rafine said she’s not going either.
“I don’t want to enjoy myself leaving Eve behind. Letty, please eat my share too.”
“Alright! Double the order!”
“Excuse me. Have fun.”
Before I can stop her, Rafine bows then leaves.
Only Letty and I remain. Hmm, an unforeseen circumstance. Even though I needed to talk with Rafine and Eve, this makes it meaningless.
“Let’sh go! Fasht fasht!”
“Oh, uh…yeah.”
I unwillingly end up sightseeing, pulled along by Letty.

A few tens of minutes after starting sightseeing.
“Thish ish sho goods sho whatsh nexsht?” (Let’s eat those sweets next!)
“Either talk or eat. And slow down, you’ll choke.”
I tell Letty who stuffed her mouth squirrel-like.
“Ish sho goods sho—mmph! Mm…!”
“I told you! Here, water! Drink!”
I make Letty drink water after she chokes. We manage to get it down without major incident.
“Phew…that was close. Thanksh shisho!”
Letty says with a cute, beaming smile. She doesn’t look at all like he just nearly died.
She’s probably the only one buying and eating from practically every street stall we pass. As a result Letty’s small stomach has swollen round and seems to impede her movement.
I want to tell her not to eat that much but…The majority of stall owners call out to the hero Letty as we pass with “Please try our specialty sweets!” “It’s hot out, have some ice cream!” “My prized frankfurters!” and she’s super popular. So she buys something each time. The stall owners are also greatly at fault. And Letty for being unable to refuse.
“Next let’s—”
“Wait, small break.”
I grab Letty’s head as she tries to head to other stalls and make her sit on a nearby bench. I force her to rest there.
Letty pouts and complains but I ignore her. You’ve eaten too much.
I look around and glare at the stall owners still eyeing us like tigers eyeing prey. The owners I glare at scatter away like spiders.
These guys…I know the country subsidizes them for the hero utilizing their services but they’re far too brazen. Letty gets it practically free yet they still try to charge me full price. Sheesh, what a shitty country. I hope it gets destroyed.
I have to earn money at the guild because of this country too. Well, my lack of money is also at fault. But I still have enough to stay at inns in other countries.
That reminds me, after immigrating Aldi told me…the Magic Library still isn’t open yet. It’ll be enterable in a few days apparently. You should have told me something so important sooner.
On top of that, seems he submitted an application for me, Letty, Rafine, and Eve so we have to politely go together or they won’t even let us in. I’ll bury that damn cat deep underground someday.
He went off saying he had business then never showed up even though he blathered about coming to me after. Please don’t come.
“Shisho, whatsh that huge tower? Wasn’t there lasht time.”
Letty, kicking her legs on the bench, asks about a building in the distance. I turn my face in the direction her points to see a towering tower piercing the sky. Ah, that’s…
“The Clock Tower. Built around three years ago I think.”
At the very top is an especially eye-catching massive clock—a magic clock.
With one on each of the tower’s four faces, you can see the current time from anywhere in Librehero. It’s a famous sightseeing spot. Popular date spot too supposedly.
“I think I heard…confessing your love there makes you never break up for life. But get rejected and you can never date your crush again for life.”
What high risk. I feel like the damage from getting rejected is greater but maybe that’s just me?
Yet it’s said countless men and women confess here nonetheless. I can’t comprehend it. I’ve heard love is blind but isn’t that far too blind?
…But Letty says it wasn’t here last time so…does that mean she came over three years ago? We first met four years ago so did she visit after leaving me? She shouldn’t have been the Attack hero yet but I wonder why she came.
I got a little curious so considered asking but decided against it thinking it’s probably no big reason. She just wanted to eat sweets or something I’m sure.
As we rest a bit, an old man walking unsteadily comes into view down the street.
The old man is carrying a large bundle on his back, advancing with difficulty.
Yet despite people around noticing the old man, no one tries to help.
…Well, I understand that. Most people won’t readily help someone in trouble right before their eyes. The norm is to watch idly thinking someone else will do it. And moreover—
I look at the old man’s head—his bear-like beast ears.
“Being a beastman on top of that…”


The old man is headed towards the Restoration Zone where many beastmen live, and his home seems to also be that way. So it’s natural for civilians of the General Zone to be wary of potential harm coming to themselves and not want to go there.
While I understand that, seeing it still leaves a bad taste. It’s true watching irritates me. I stand from the bench and—
“Hey gramps—”
“Where’s grandpa going? I’ll help!”
“Oh, sorry about that…”
As I try calling out, Letty had already moved.
Letty easily picks up the bundle the old man was carrying, and tries carrying the old man too. Hold it right there.
I have Letty carry the bundle and piggyback the old man myself. After asking his destination, we set off.
After walking a bit, the wall and gate enclosing the Restoration Zone come into view. Guard troops are stationed near the checkpoint managing passage, strictly watching for any illegal intruders.
“Young lady, thank you kindly. Here’s fine.”
“Is that so? Since we’re here, we’ll take you all the way home! We’ve got permission!”
“No…Letty, stop here.”
I take the bundle from the puzzled Letty and return it to the old man.
Letty doesn’t seem to understand, but the old man saying it’s fine here wasn’t just because he thought we lacked permission.
The stares coming from beyond the gate. Not just one person, but many people.
It’d be nice if they were friendly but…each and every one contains hostility.
— “Lately some anti-hero faction people living in the Restoration Zone have been intensifying…when moving to the Special Zone, there is high potential of harm coming to hero party members like yourselves”–
I remember what I was told at immigration reception.
“Gramps, you knew huh?”
“Ho ho, I’ve lived a long life. Can’t let my benefactors get hurt.”
The old man laughs merrily.
He likely noticed Letty was the hero from the start. Information shouldn’t have properly reached the Restoration Zone yet since we just immigrated and were still in the General Zone but…sharp old man.
“Young lady, your hand please.”
“Like this?”
The old man places a small bag in Letty’s outstretched hands. What’s this? Letty asks and the old man says it’s thanks.
When Letty opens the pouch there are several coins inside. Moreover—
“Gramps, gold coins are far too much for thanks right? And ten of them too…”
“It’s fine. No use for money at my age. Better to give it to promising youth.”
“I see…well, it’s not my money so alright.”
“Young man, your hand too please.”
Eh, seriously? He’ll give me some too?
Well I didn’t expect anything but if he’s offering I’ll take it…hehe.
“Here you go.”
Clink. A single copper coin is placed in my hand.
“Better to give it to promising youth.”
“With that logic I’m a hopeless old man.”
“And seems you’d waste it on nothing decent.”
“Damn geezer.”
He’s right but it pisses me off. If I had a lot of money I would waste it but it still pisses me off!
As I bear killing intent towards the geezer giving me paltry thanks, Letty says
“Gramps, I’m returning this!”
“Oh? But…”
“I’m the hero so I don’t need thanks! So here!”
Letty forcibly returns the pouch to the geezer, insisting she needs no thanks.
“Letty, then I’ll take it instea— No!”
My outstretched hand is slapped. Hmm, too bad. Hmm hmm.
The geezer asks if it’s really okay countless times but Letty nods without hesitation. Seems the geezer gave in seeing that and conceded. Aww damn.
“…What a good daughter you are.”
“I’m not his dauhghter though.”
The geezer who mistook us says. Our hair and eye colors differ so how’d he get that idea?
“I am Shisho’s sister?”
“You weren’t.”
“Big brother!”
“Don’t call me that!”

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  1. No prof reading? Or someone new? Letty is a female yet entire chapter is “his” or “him”. Especially since in the end it’s stated daughter.

    1. Actually this chapter was translated a year ago, back when my workflow wasn’t as smooth as today. So please comment all the mistakes and I’ll fix them all later

      1. Oh, i see, sorry about this then. Well without further ado, since i finally back to the internet after RL (sorry for the delay btw), let make compilation of problems:

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        I tried to make quotes when Jirei comments on Letty’s actions which need (in my opinion) fixing.

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