Evil Leader Next Door! Volume 1 Chapter 3 part 4

I raise my finger. The new enemy organization’s monsters are believed to have the secret in their armor… that’s the analysis of the technology team. Currently, analysis is progressing using the fragments of scattered monsters, but,
“We still don’t know, so the report is like something stuck in the back teeth.”
Remembering, Akashi. In my mind, the dissatisfied expression of Dr. Palette, the leader of the technology team, comes to mind.
“He’s been making us work too hard on the Milliocollor. I don’t want to rush him too much.
“It’s difficult. Is there no choice but to handle it on the field for a while?”
The atmosphere became heavy as Karasu-san let out a sigh of melancholy. To lighten the mood and the upcoming challenges, Ao spoke with a cheerful voice.
“Hey, since we’re all here, how about going out for dinner?”
“Sounds good. Let’s go,”
responded Akashi, the university student, with enthusiasm. Karasu-san and Nadeshiko-san also smiled and nodded. However…
“Sorry, I have plans. Enjoy with everyone,”
“Eh? Midori-san, you’re not coming?” “I was planning to have Uncle treat me.”
Discontent voices from the younger group. Ao tried to cover it up a bit.
“Sorry about that. I have a little something scheduled for the evening.”
“Slacking off, huh?”
“Ah, well.”
Looking at me with a hand on my shoulder, Nadeshiko-san, with her long wavy hair, smiled meaningfully. Following her, Karasu-san seemed taken aback.
“Well, we can’t help it. Let’s go with the four of us today.”
“Sounds good.”
“Wait, huh?!”
They took Ao, holding her arms from both sides, and led her away. Akashi chuckled and then turned towards me.
“Sorry about that. She’s quite attached to you, Midori-san. Let’s go for ramen with just the guys next time.”
Saying that, he leaned towards me, whispering.
“That thing… with the widow?”
I almost stumbled.
Come to think of it, I had consulted with him before knowing their true identities, and Karasu-san probably sensed that.
“Well, uh, yeah.”
“Whoa, Midori-san is amazing!”
“Her chest is huge!”
“Wow, seriously!” “What about her hips and legs?”
“Amazing, of course!”
“Oh no…!”
Seeing the excitement among them, it reminded me that Akashi was also a young guy. If Ao hears this conversation, she probably won’t talk to us for about three days.
“If there are any developments, let us know!”
I felt guilty about keeping secrets from my comrades.
Although Taratat and Ashella are not considered a threat (at least in my opinion), she acts without remorse. I hides the truth and even goes to have a meal together with them, rejecting the invitation from our comrades.
” ………………………… “
I could part ways here, I thought, but as I waved to the departing Akashi, I called out to him.
“Hey, if by any chance…”
“Hmm?” he turned around, and I continued in a low voice.
With a rough estimate and a slim hope.
“If there are surviving members of Cleared, what will you do?”
“Finish them off.”
He replied without changing expression.
“Right… …… “
Haha, I half-smiled, retracting my faint hope. Maybe, just maybe, with Taratat and Ashella, there’s a slight chance, I thought.
“If there are survivors of Cleared… it’s a plausible story.”
Now joining the conversation, it was Karasu-san. Ao and Nadeshiko-san were walking down the corridor, chatting and laughing.
“He said he’d take care of the reservation for the restaurant. …But even so, the announcement of [Cleared’s Supreme Leader and High Executives completely annihilated] has solidified worldwide support. Our exclusive power—the unique operation of Colored and the ban on use between human nations—has been backed by that as well.”


Karasu-san started a somewhat grim discussion.
The symbol of terror that trampled the world’s armies, the Cleared High Executives. The great achievement of Banshokuger by completely defeating them.
I was aware of that.
“If there were survivors, it would be more convenient to quietly bury them in the darkness before it becomes public, right?”
Karasu-san nodded in agreement with the words.
“However, considering the quick appearance of the organization we’re currently fighting, it’s natural to assume they could be remnants. Even if not as Supreme Leader and High Executives, the speculation of some remnants is certainly plausible.”
“They know about us, so they’re planning countermeasures. Is that the real reason for recent monsters toughness?”
In response to Akashi’s question, Karasu-san pondered.
“It’s premature to make a judgment. If Cleared left any legacy…”

“I was talking about that.”
At the dinner table after returning home, I shared the conversation with Akashi and the others. Ashella looked puzzled by the talk.
“Survivors, huh. As I said before, I don’t know. Even I didn’t expect to survive.”
“Me neither.”
Taratat agreed. I received a resentful look from Ashella.
“Would I have the luxury to hold back in such an intense battle?”
“Tch, annoying… If you had thought of finishing me off at that time…”
“A legacy …… for example… Do you have any new technologies developed right before the decisive battle?”
It clicked. I asked Taratatt directly while she laughed heartily. She answered straightforwardly.
“Well, there probably was. Cleared was actively working on technological developments. Plus, at that time, you guys were a real pain, so it’s highly likely that countermeasure technologies were being created.”
“You don’t have a clear understanding?”
I asked again, feeling exasperated, and Taratatt stuck her tongue out. It would be an adorable sight, but I had more important matters to discuss.
“Well, there were so many projects going on that it’s hard to keep track of everything. I remember the ones that were completed and approved for implementation, but I don’t know all the details of the ones still in progress.”
It might seem careless, but as the former head of an organization that conquered multiple nations, it might be expected.
The direct control of various regions worldwide was handled by the high-ranking executives.
“Research to attenuate Cleared… I wasn’t in charge of technical research.”
“Well, I can understand that.”
She’s more of a type for incredible beam-related matters, like the high-ranking executive Ailsherad.
“What do you mean…? I won’t let you off the hook if you’re making fun of me.”
I apologized since she was glaring at me.
“You two seem to get along well.”
Taratatt, who was watching us, laughed cheerfully. She was indeed composed.
(If, hypothetically, the current enemy organization is composed of remnants of Cleared, revealing that Taratatt is alive might prompt them to bring her back into play.)
On the cooperation of third parties, if necessary, there might be a way to revive Taratatt by collecting a large amount of emotions—such as sorrow and agony.
(Moreover, Taratatt doesn’t consider her past actions as mistakes. She says it’s all settled since they lost, but if there’s a chance of revival, she might take it.)
Honestly, this is quite troublesome.
“New technology derived from Cleared… Let’s investigate that angle a bit…”

However, while battling monsters and devising strategies against them, I continued to do my school work as much as possible. I believe that I should fulfill my responsibilities in this role as well.
“Sensei Kusama, is this the right form for requesting a transcript and a proof of enrollment?”
“Hmm… Yeah, that should be fine. Submit these to Principal… Why are you asking me? I’m just a part-time lecturer.”
“It’s fine. You’re the easiest to talk to, sensei.”
During lunch break in the staff room, the petite female student, Tanaka, laughed. She had been coming to me in the staff room for a chat quite frequently. However, the documents she just showed me…
“You’re transferring? Take care on the other side.”
“Yeah, my parents were like, ‘It’s dangerous,’ you know? I told them I’d be fine since there are Banshokuger here.”
Ouch, my chest hurt. Yes, her reason for transferring was the recent series of monster incidents within the city.
“Parents are worried, I guess… Those guys are freely causing havoc in the city.”
Unlike Cleared, I added in my mind. However, she, a high school girl, wouldn’t be aware of the differences in the nature of invaders. She started talking about Banshokuger.
“I really like Blue-san. I wonder if she’s really a high school girl like me.”
Fans of Banshokuger, known as “color carriers,” are found among people of all ages and genders in Japan.
“Well, I don’t know. I don’t know. …… “
I’m happy to hear that you are a fan of Ao, but I can’t say that she’s my niece, by the way.
“By the way, what about Green?”
“He’s a bit plain, isn’t he!”
She burst into laughter and answered immediately. While laughing, I mentally wept behind my glasses.
“But Green-san is also doing his best, you can tell. You know, there was a time when I was protected by a wooden barrier-like thing when that person and Red were fighting in the city.”
I was surprised by the revelation. I remembered that incident, but I hadn’t realized there was someone I knew involved.
“At that time, I wanted to thank Green-san, but when the monster was defeated, he disappeared quickly. What a shame.”
I was surprised once again. Instead of taking responsibility and handling citizen interactions, I had quickly disappeared when the battle was over.
(There were people watching, huh?)
Come to think of it, I had somehow believed that my life as Banshokuger and the people I interacted with were completely separate from my life working at the high school.
(That can’t be true.)

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