Harem life with the hypnosis app I got Volume 1 Chapter 5 part 2

A dazzling smile being sprinkled before my eyes… it’s so dazzling that it might just burn my eyes out. I’ve never seen such a smile before.
I’m not the kind of person who deserves thanks, and in fact, I’m more like someone who should apologize more… but still, being thanked like this makes me really happy, and I sincerely think it was good that I did what I could.
“But yeah… you accidentally saw it all, didn’t you? None of my family or friends noticed.”
“If I hadn’t seen it, I wouldn’t have been able to do anything about it… Aisaka, even though I think you’re already okay, just… don’t hurt yourself for someone like him. Absolutely don’t.”
As I became anxious about Aisaka, who had become completely still, she looked up at the sky and then spoke.
“I won’t do it anymore… I definitely won’t. Thank you, Masaki-kun.”
“Being thanked again…”
“Hehe, just accept it because I want to say it. Because Masaki-kun definitely acted for me, right?”
“Well, yeah, but…”
“Then it’s enough to say thank you. Thank you so much.”
Whoa, my mood is seriously messed up!
Happiness, embarrassment, guilt, and… I don’t know what else, but these conflicting emotions are pushing and pulling at me so much that I feel like I’m going to lose it…!
While calming my feelings by drinking the juice I bought, I listened to Aisaka’s continued words.
“Yeah… he seems to look down on me, so maybe he thought I would do anything he said.”
“So that’s why he came today?”
“Yeah… but he probably won’t come again. He probably understood his position and even my feelings. And if he keeps bothering me, I can always consult the police.”
Again, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to ask the police for help, Aisaka laughed.
Now, just as the conversation was about to end and we were about to leave… Aisaka’s words pinned me down in place.
“But you know… I don’t like just being the one who’s done things.”
“Don’t worry about it.”
“I wonder if there’s something I could do for me? Should I let you touch my breasts?”
Touch…… breasts…??????
Wait a minute, what is this girl saying? Right now, I’m sure my eyes are as wide as they can be… but still, my gaze is drawn to her cleavage.
Without me noticing, two buttons were undone, and Aisaka’s ample bosom said a grand hello… I mean, good evening!
“How about it?”
“No, no! That’s not okay, what are you thinking!!”
It might be fine if she were under hypnosis, but doing that to her while she’s conscious… I want to, but it’s just not possible!
But wait, is this an opportunity!? Until now, she’s been the one touching me, but now I have a chance to legally touch those big mounds myself… Should I run away or…!?
“Just touching won’t make them shrink, you know? Look?”
Aisaka pushed out her chest, and her large swellings bounced in front of my eyes.
No matter how many times I see them, her amazing breasts are something out of high school dreams, and my hand is about to reach out… but then my cowardice kicked in… and it happened.
“W-wait, this isn’t right! Aisaka, you must be tired from everything that’s been happening, right!?”
Ah, I’m such an idiot… Aisaka said it was okay for me to touch her, and yet here I am.
Maybe I can only do naughty things with girls under hypnosis.
As I considered this somewhat despairing thought, Aisaka giggled and uttered more words to make me squirm.
“Haha, you’re such a gentleman, Masaki-kun!”
A gentleman? That’s the farthest thing from me, Aisaka!
Whether she’s serious or joking, missing out on a perverted event that may only happen once or twice in a lifetime… I can’t help but feel truly sad.
“To say something like that, you must have been really happy.”
So… please, stop that smile because it’s bad for my heart.
I’ve never dated a girl before, and as a virgin, it’s too stimulating for me.
“I’m going home now. You had a good time too, right, Aisaka?”
“Ah… yeah.”
It’s almost six o’clock.
It’s getting dark around here, and it’s not always safe, so I decide to escort Aisaka home.
“Masaki-kun… um.”
“From now on… is it okay if I talk to you more in class?”
“That’s totally fine. We’re classmates.”
Huh… could it be that I’m experiencing youth…?
I convey that if anything happens, not just to me who knows about it but also to others if something troublesome happens, and then part ways with Aisaka.
I’m tired… tired in many ways.
Originally, I just used the power of the partner for my desires, but as they say, you never know what will happen in life.




“Bye-bye, Masaki-kun.”
I watched Masaki-kun’s back disappear into the distant darkness and went home.
From there, dinner, then a bath, and time passed quickly, and I was sitting on my bed with my knees hugged, killing time.
Masaki Kai-kun… unknowingly knowing my secret, the boy who got involved with me in a place I didn’t know… but at the same time, a person who acted for my sake.
“The person who helped me…”
Masaki-kun said so too, but I really don’t know what happened to him.
Something strange… It would seem more believable if it were said that a fantastic power, a power that would be considered fantasy, had been activated, but at the same time, it feels like it could be understood.
“Masaki-kun’s voice is very soothing… it makes my heart feel lighter.”
I said this unintentionally, but Masaki-kun heard it… I wonder why I feel this way when I hear his voice.
“…Is it related to the dreams I’ve been having lately?”
I have a dream that I see often lately.
It’s a dream spending time with a boy… Sometimes we’re just talking normally, and sometimes I’m hugging him in the dream… It’s a strange dream, but in the dream, I seem to enjoy that time… I seem to cherish it.
“It’s strange, isn’t it? It’s a really strange dream.”
I don’t remember every detail because it’s just a dream.
But the boy in the dream was very cute… Not in appearance, but in his personality and way of being.
[Anything going on lately?]
[If something happens, you have to tell me, okay?]
[I want to touch your boobs…but I’m too shy to do it myself.
[Hey, would it be okay if you came to me instead?]
His consideration for me and his shyness about lewd things…while not intending it as a way to return his thoughtfulness, seeing that adorably innocent side makes me want to indulge him.
“Even if it’s a dream, I don’t want some stranger touching my body…but that dream felt completely different…I didn’t have any sense of discomfort or unpleasantness at all.”
It was such a strange sensation.
His words reached straight into my heart…as if the walls meant to cover my heart had been stripped away, leaving me intensely sensitive to benevolence and malice, his voice…his underlying kindness reached me!
“It’s like I could understand his heart as clearly as he could see into mine.”
Yes, that’s why the dream didn’t feel unpleasant.
Because I could vaguely sense what was in his heart…which is why his consideration and kindness made me so happy. I allowed him to do as he wanted, and if asked, I wanted to do things for him too.
“I had no desire to resist, in fact I wanted to indulge his wishes…ah, but I’m taking a dream way too seriously.”
And yet, it was such a strangely vivid dream and sensation.
Why am I dwelling on this dream now…? It’s because the boy reminded me of…Masaki-kun.
His vaguely familiar appearance and voice made me think of Masaki-kun.
Which is why I ended up asking that completely random question about whether his voice is soothing.
“Dreams are dreams, reality is reality…and yet I’m overlapping them so much. What’s wrong with me?”
I unconsciously hugged the stuffed animal my father bought me for my birthday last year.
“The more I get to know someone like Masaki-kun, the more I realize how blind I was to people in the past… But I’m glad I realized it before moving forward even more, I’m sure of that.
That’s why I no longer hold onto the shock of that time.
Being on the verge of being abandoned by my family, receiving harsh words from him, I truly don’t care about any of it anymore… And that even includes distancing myself from actions that would hurt my own body.
“…I wonder about Masaki-kun.”
I still want to know… What kind of person Masaki-kun is.
In truth, talking to him was enjoyable… So today, when I invited him to play together, it was definitely sincere.
“But… I can’t say things like, ‘I trust you because the boy who appears in my dreams looks like you.’ That would just sound strange to Masaki-kun.”
But I just want to be friends with Masaki-kun that much!
There were things I wanted to ask and things that bothered me, but I think I can trust Masaki-kun, so I thought that was enough.
“…Hehe, looking forward to tomorrow again♪”
Have I ever looked forward to going to school so much before? And more than anything, have I ever wanted to talk to a certain someone so much?
I wonder what Masaki-kun is doing right now?
As I think about that, I remain in a happy mood until I fall asleep.


Without relying on my partner’s power, I stepped in to help Aisaka.
That incident seemed to be even more favorable to Aisaka than I had thought, as from the next day onwards, I found myself talking to Aisaka more often.
Of course, we couldn’t talk extensively in the classroom due to the watchful eyes of our close friends and other classmates… But it was still a significant change from how things were before for me.
“Hey hey, why did you become so close to Aisaka?”
“Yeah, yeah! She even greeted you today, right?”
“Well, you see…”
It wasn’t exactly sudden, but it seemed to be catching the attention of my two friends, who were curious about why I was talking to Aisaka so much lately.
“Well, there were various reasons.”

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