A Story of a Cannon Fodder Volume 2 Extra 1 part 1

Extra Chapter 1

1: Anonymous God

So let’s look back on Fei.

2: Anonymous God


3: Anonymous God

I can’t understand him anymore. When he gets stabbed, he just reacts like, “Oh, I feel a little loose in the stomach today.” That’s too crazy.

4: Anonymous God


Fei doesn’t understand, he feels.

5: Anonymous God

The protagonist is like air.

6: Anonymous God

True doesn’t do much.

7: Anonymous God

But there was the punch!

8: Anonymous God

That’s Fei in the end.

9: Anonymous God

Fei also has talent as a doctor.

10: Anonymous God

He manages to heal with such rough treatment.

11: Anonymous God

Who would win in a fight between True and Fei?

12: Anonymous God


That’s… I want to say Fei, but I’ll vote for True.

13: Anonymous God

Yeah. With magical aptitude and all.

14: Anonymous God

If it’s just swordsmanship, it’s a good match.

15: Anonymous God

That can’t be helped. But still, it feels like Fei would win.

16: Anonymous God

True has talent and skill, but in the end, Fei wins.

17: Anonymous God


That’s right.

18: Anonymous God

Getting stabbed with a knife is basic.

19: Anonymous God

Having a hole in your stomach is basic.

20: Anonymous God

Losing consciousness due to massive bleeding is basic.

21: Anonymous God

Seriously, he’s gone insane.

22: Anonymous God

If he fought True, even if his head was blown off, he’d probably come back.

23: Anonymous God

Not yet!! He’d probably say.

24: Anonymous God

To be honest, Fei is solving everything. It feels like Fei is stronger.

25: Anonymous God

I really liked Maria & Lilia, who Fei saved this time. I hope they’ll be happy.

26: Anonymous God

That warmed my heart. I changed from a Yururu fan to a Maria & Lilia fan.

27: Anonymous God

Well, Maria & Lilia are good too. But Fei and Yururu are the origin and apex.

28: Anonymous God

No, I want Yururu to be more of a sub-heroine. She’s had her share of delicious moments.

29: Anonymous God


Where? They’ll all be misunderstood as foreshadowing for battles.

30: Anonymous God

Their misunderstanding keep passing each other by. (laughs)

31: Anonymous God

But it can’t be helped because it’s Fei. Even though he’s the bit character, he always thinks he’s the main character.


32: Anonymous God

But doesn’t he occasionally say something that hits the mark?

33: Anonymous God

What about Maria and Lilia?

34: Anonymous God

The red and blue flower decorations.

35: Anonymous God

I thought Maria had a split personality disorder. Is that okay?

36: Anonymous God

It’s a bit different.

37: Anonymous God

I think it’s a bit different, more like a dual personality… well, does it fit?

38: Anonymous God

About that, I know.

39: Anonymous God

Please explain, God.

40: Anonymous God

First of all, Maria is the heroine of the original work. And basically, even if someone enters a separate route in [Round Table Hero Chronicles], it’s hard to say it ends happily.

41: Anonymous God

Seriously. It’s designed to break hearts.

42: Anonymous God

Furthermore, there are choices to enter a route, but basically, if you don’t enter a route, the heroine will die. And even if you enter a route, she might die.

43: Anonymous God

Doesn’t the original author have any sense of human feelings?

44: Anonymous God

Wait, let me explain the Maria route from the original work.

If True prioritizes a birthday party and doesn’t go on a mission, you can enter the Maria route.

However, if the members who were supposed to go on the mission together die. And if True do go, Maria and Lilia are taken away, needless to say, it’s a bad end. Maria and Lilia die.

45: Anonymous God

That’s harsh. But if you prioritize the birthday party and enter the route, wouldn’t the depressive feeling be somewhat alleviated?

46: Anonymous God

It won’t. First of all, there are three endings to the Maria route. One is where True easily defeats that woman, Terror, and saves her, but at the very end, Lilia’s grudge revives, and she stabs her. This clears away the resentment, and Lilia completely loses her ego without anyone knowing.

47: Anonymous God


48: Anonymous God

Lilia disappeared, but Maria remains. Therefore, there’s the Sister Route, where she lives as a sister, laughing. And then there’s the Mother Route, where she and True consummate their love, but then she prioritizes her position as a mother and withdraws. Nonetheless, she still attends True’s wedding as a mother.

49: Anonymous God

That’s messed up.

50: Anonymous God

Maria loved True, but because of the age gap and True’s potential, it can’t be helped. Maria, who cries with a complicated heart and laughs at the wedding, is tear-jerking. And then there’s the Maria and True being completely in love route, but True ends up in a bad end and dies. It’s said to be a True End where Maria, driven by revenge, takes up the sword again.

51: Anonymous God

No salvation!!

52: Anonymous God

Why… Maria and Lilia…

53: Anonymous God

Regarding whether Maria has a split personality, it might seem like that. As you know, Lilia was tortured by Terror, her mind collapsed, and she was on the verge of death. Margaret applied hypnosis for a long period, resetting her memories and mind, and gave her the name Maria.

54: Anonymous God

Watching, I can understand.

55: Anonymous God

Because Maria has two minds… to tell you the truth, she’s quite unstable.

56: Anonymous God

Is that so? Oh, but isn’t it normal to have two minds in one body?

57: Anonymous God

It’s normal for one mind to be in one body. When that breaks down, mental control becomes difficult.

58: Anonymous God

So, was she in a state of revenge or madness? It makes sense that she would go crazy if she didn’t calm herself down even with the orphans.

59: Anonymous God

It’s a bit of a spoiler, but in this world, mental and physical matters are quite important.

60: Anonymous God

Maria and Lilia… are they okay?

61: Anonymous God

Are they unstable?

62: Anonymous God

Someone please save them. They might continue to worry about themselves and suffer.

63: Anonymous God

Ugh, someone make them happy.

64: Anonymous God

Well, Fei will do something about it.

65: Anonymous God


66: Anonymous God

“–Fei will do something about it.” It’s like a magical phrase.

67: Anonymous God

He’s somehow managing things well, isn’t he?

68: Anonymous God

True, you’re too much like air.

69: Anonymous God

True, step down as the protagonist already.

70: Anonymous God

When Maria and Lilia are with Fei, they seem happy. Fei acts as a stabilizer for their minds.

71: Anonymous God

Is it okay to recognize Maria as the one with the red flower decorations and Lilia with the blue?

72: Anonymous God

That’s right. I don’t think everyone knows, but Maria likes red flowers, and Lilia likes blue flowers.

73: Anonymous God

That makes sense. So, the part where Maria always buries blue flowers with red flowers is a real game foreshadowing.

74: Anonymous God

Fei, you saw through it well.

75: Anonymous God

And he mentioned intuition. He somehow realized that Lilia was inside Maria.

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