I am no hero of the shadows! Volume 1 Chapter 9 part 2 

“If Dad ignored the royal escort duties and participated in the [Civil War], there must have been an even bigger reason! And normally you wouldn’t think there are people above the royalty in this country….but just this once, there are! In this country!”
Having said that much, Maria realizes.
One of the people who they met just the other day who could influence the country.
“You don’t mean the saint girl went to participate in the [Civil War]!”

[Emergency patient! A spear has pierced his abdomen!]
──In the vortex of the [Civil War], behind the lines of the Lilac Kingdom border.
In the safety zone tent set up in the area without the fiery sparks of war falling, a soldier’s flustered voice echoes.
What was carried in was a soldier being carefully piggybacked by two other soldiers.
“Please put him on that bed! Also, healing isn’t possible with the spear still stabbed in him, so please pull it out! I’m sorry, but can you help with that?”
“Yes ma’am!”
Waiting in the tent is one knight and one girl.
The girl orders…or rather pleads with one of the knights waiting next to her.
There is red dirtying the loose fitting priestly robes that seem out of place, but no one points it out. No one says this is no place for a child.
─That is precisely her role here.
Everyone recognizes her as part of the battlefield.
With the knight pulling out the spear next to him, the soldier’s scream echoes through the whole tent.
A scream is a symbol of misfortune. Furthermore, vivid blood spewing should make even a weak girl faint.
However, the girl ── the saint called Milis, only twists her face and doesn’t run away.
Because he too is a human that must be saved.
“I understand.”
The girl approaches the soldier taking up the whole bed staining it red.
And then──
“Heal this person.”
As the girl holds her hand over the wound, a faint light envelops it.

Scene transition

Not magic, nor some trick──the true identity is unknown, incomprehensible. Something the powerless Milis can use, the goddess’ grace.
That is the identity of this light.
It promises healing that leaves no misfortune for the one bathed in light.
The hole torn in the soldier’s abdomen visibly closes up.

Although his torn clothes remain the same, the soldier’s face that had lost color starts regaining normalcy little by little.
“Good job, you’ll be alright now. Please check your body for abnormalities if possible then rest quietly.”
She says that, but that’s only if possible.
Even if they have the advantage in numbers, every single soldier is precious fighting force in a war that comes down to numbers.
In order to wish for swift peace, even healed soldiers must be happy to rush out again if need be.
You can see that from the fact that there is only one knight escorting her when there should normally be several.
If there are helping hands available, they’ll make them work as long as they get the person’s permission.
─That’s what a battlefield is.
What’s necessary to end the war as swiftly as possible.
[Thank you very much, Saint!]
As one soldier says that while two support him by the shoulder as they leave the tent.
Where are they headed? Milis who wishes it’s to a soft bed or their family if at all possible.
“Good work, Saint.”
“No, this much is….”
She gets praised for her efforts, but the truth is Milis is tired.
Perhaps because it’s an advantaged battlefield, the number of heavily injured people brought to Milis is low.
Since she hasn’t had to use Grace much either, physically there is no fatigue like she says.
However, she is just a weak girl given a special position. She would of course accumulate mental fatigue seeing the gore and blood splatter born from a war touting grand justice.
Even so, Milis denies it.
So as to not cause anxiety for the escort knight who came with her.
On top of having been brought to this battlefield place──she doesn’t want to cause any more unnecessary anxiety by pushing extra work unrelated to escort duties on them.
“And yet, I wonder if it was good not to contact Sir Phil about participating in the [Civil War].”
“It’ll be fine. I absolutely can’t cause unnecessary worry for Sir Phil.”
“In the past my life has been saved once, then I was protected once more, and provided a place to live….I’ve been allowed too much kindness. I can’t keep relying on him without providing something in return.”
Despite being blessed as a saint and living a life lacking nothing, Milis hasn’t been able to repay the young noble Phil Salemphart at all.
Simply blessed. She hasn’t been giving anything.
In that case, can she brazenly cause him worry?
No─the answer is no.
(I do have worries too….)
She has worries. After all, this is a battlefield. She understands what the knight is getting at too.
There’s no way a weak girl could overcome the terror of possibly dying at any given moment that even a man would struggle with. Let alone since she has neither self-defense skills nor weapons.
“Sir Phil might end up saying “I’m worried” and coming along with me. That would trouble me──after all, the role Archbishop Grace at the head of the [Arbitration Faction] gave me this time regards church problems. Then Sir Phil would end up caught up in the factional disputes.”
“Sir Phil doesn’t seem like he wants to stick his neck into factional disputes…that feeling comes across vividly.”
“That’s why I can’t get Sir Phil involved anymore.”
And with that,
Milis smiles at the escort knight.
“This is a safety zone. Even if the battle situation worsens, I heard we can retreat immediately. I was told the request from Great Archbishop was rear support for the advantageously positioned Lilac Kingdom’s side. While my true feelings are that I want to save as many people as I can, it would cause you all to worry…so I will be prudent with my life.”
This is bluffing. A literal safety zone isn’t supposed to exist on a battlefield in the first place.
It’s merely that someone is protecting them, merely that they are placed in the location furthest from the battlefield.
If this war pushes through, even this place would turn into a battlefield.
But I must not let anxiety set in. It would make the knights anxious too.
(It’ll be alright, I’ve been given courage and strength.)
What comes to mind is the end of the party.
Phil’s kindness that seemed to see through my heart, on that night when I was led by the hand to dance under the brilliant chandelier.
I will not forget it.
Because that has now become the courage for me to stand in this place.
(But Sir Phil probably didn’t see through to my true concerns….)
“Thank you, Saint Milis. For us knights as well, the Saint’s safety takes top priority. If I think about it, Saint Kira is here too─this is clearly a battlefield with reduced numbers of injured. We will definitely not lose as things stand!”
“Yes, so please don’t worry─”
Milis clenches her fist and steels herself once more.
“I’ll be fine!”



“No, that’s not it!”
“What’s wrong, Phil? It’s not like the saint would get caught up in the war, right? She’d obviously be placed in the rear─”
“Think about it! Has there ever been a precedent of a saint participating in war!? There hasn’t, right!? Saints aren’t rear support; they’re essentially just believers! A saint would never go onto the battlefield no matter what!!!”
“What are you trying to say…?”
“It might be safe; she might be in a place she can escape from, she can heal wounds so she’s convenient to have around. But on the battlefield, anyone could die, and no one would bat an eye! Even if it wasn’t the enemy country’s goons, and she was killed by another faction instead, it would end with ‘nothing could be done’! In other words─”
In the mansion, Phil yells in agitation, oozing impatience.
“She might be assassinated taking advantage of the war! The battlefield is too risky for her!” won’t even let escort knights stick together!!! “

─As it turned out, Phil Salemabart’s prediction hit the mark.
Not that an assassin suddenly appeared from behind, that poison was slipped into her food, or that she was sniped from a distance.
Simply, out of the blue.
The notification of the makeshift tent being blown away came with a fierce gust of wind.
“What the!?”
Miilis was shocked by the impact on her skin and the suddenly revealed scenery.
She was likely unharmed because the knights guarding her had instinctively shielded her from the debris.
However, Milis didn’t express her gratitude for this act.
It wasn’t a matter of having a presumptuous attitude, thinking it was natural for guards to protect her. Rather, her surprise was so overwhelming that she forgot to say thank you.

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