Geek Mob Mercenary (LIGHT NOVEL VERSION) Volume 2 Chapter 47

Mob #47: [Listen up, you prey! We’re not afraid of crying children– [Now! Open fire!]

After the somewhat dubious strategy meeting concluded, the pirates finally closed in.
Pirates of various sizes, mixed with their flags, were heading towards us, glaring as if sizing us up.
“All right! Everyone, calm down! Pull them in well, and when I give the signal, start firing!”
A man of bishop rank encouraged and instructed the fleet members.
After a few minutes of silence, an open channel communication came from the pirates.
“Listen well, you prey! We’re not afraid of crying children– [Now! Open fire!]”
In the middle of the pirate boss’s speech, the simultaneous firing started with the signal from the bishop-ranked man.
Even though it was a beam for rock destruction, the simultaneous shots from nearly 150 ships looked like a rain of light.
Those at the forefront, perhaps due to complacency, were impressively hit and sunk.
Taking advantage of the pirates’ surprise at the situation, the mercenary named Batto and I successfully flanked them.
However, the actual attack needed to happen after they split into separate groups, two or three steps later.
Otherwise, it wouldn’t make sense.
“Darn it! They’re messing with us! Flank them from the sides!”
As expected, the pirates split into two groups.
Even though that pirate left the communication channel open, leaking our strategy, it seemed okay.
Anyway, now that the pirates split, there was only one thing to do.
“All right! I’ll take the right, where the flagship is! You take the left!”
“Got it.”
With that, almost simultaneously, we fired a positron torpedo at the rear ship, which spectacularly exploded.
“Now! Go!”
With that signal, eight ships on the fleet’s side launched a coordinated attack, initiating a simultaneous firing of the fleet’s rock destruction beams in two separate waves.
Could we win if we kept pressing? I thought so, but it wasn’t that easy.
Despite the last ship being heavily damaged, the pirates regrouped, set up a barrier on their large ship, and slowly approached the fleet, using it as a shield.
Of course, there was a countermeasure for this.
Simply retreat while continuously firing the rock destruction beam.
However, that would only be a stalling tactic.
The bishop-ranked man was managing to inspire and hold the fleet together, but it was only a matter of time.
Moreover, a spy from the pirate gang infiltrated this fleet, and they might take some action.
Just when I thought it was getting tough, a heat source approached from above the pirates.
So, I quickly distanced myself from the pirates.
Thanks to that heat source, the pirates’ ships were systematically destroyed.
Undoubtedly, it was a simultaneous firing from the fleet.
And without missing a beat,
“To the pirates! We are the Galactic Empire Fleet, Second Fleet! If you resist, we’ll turn you into cosmic dust with another strike! Choose resistance or surrender, whichever you like!”
A young man, likely the fleet commander, issued a warning to the pirates.
It seems they listened to my reports and the fleet’s distress calls.
However, engaging in artillery fire without notifying us was quite harsh.
If my response had been delayed, it could have been disastrous.
This seems to be a significant difference from the 7th fleet, which properly notifies.

Soon after, the police arrived, and the pirates were all apprehended.
The 2nd fleet delegated all handling to the police and quickly left the scene.
The police divided their actions into escorting and arresting the captured pirates, dealing with the wreckage on-site, and leading and guarding the fleet.
The reason for the escort was that there might be remnants of the pirates, posing a potential threat.
Usually, this would be the military’s job, but things seemed different here.

After half a day of travel, we reached the planet Nachirema.
In the lobby of the spaceport, the leader of the fleet came to thank the ten of us who had engaged in combat.
“Thank you all! We never thought we could stand up to pirates like that!”
The leader seemed excited, feeling that they had somehow intimidated the pirates.
“As escorts, we’re only expecting a reward, you know.”
“Of course, expect away!”
The leader shook hands with a high-ranking man, seemingly satisfied.
Then, he approached me and the suspected pirate sisters.
“Also, for you two. We’re a bit short on resources, so please accept this small amount.”
He handed us an envelope containing 200,000 credits in cash.
“Thank you very much.”
“Well, it’s better than nothing.”
“Don’t be rude, Shira.”
The suspected pirate sisters confidently accepted the envelope, checking its contents.
Now, as I contemplated how to identify them as pirates,
“Well, I’d say we’re done here.”
one of the companions of the high-ranking man restrained the pirate sisters.
“What are you doing? Let go!”
“No! Please, release us!”
“Shut up! Pirates like you! I let it slide earlier because it was an emergency, but now that you’re confirmed pirates, there’s no mercy!”
“Where’s the evidence for that?”
“Ouch! That hurts!”
The pirate sisters glared at the high-ranking man, but he and his companions stared back sternly.
They even confiscated the sisters’ envelope.
They’re quite malicious.
Probably left them alone until they received their reward in their own pockets.
While I could confirm their appearance with additional information from Mr. Roans, I was curious about how they identified the sisters as pirates. There’s something we must do, no matter what.
“Hey, can I ask something?”
“What now?”
The high-ranking man, annoyed by my interruption, directed his gaze at me.
“What’s the reason for concluding that they are pirates?”
“The victims have been identified by an acquaintance of the client,”
said the bishop-ranked man, as a young man stepped forward, glaring at the suspected pirate sisters.
“Because of you two stealing my cargo, I went through hell!”
he yelled.
The older sister rolled her eyes, while the younger glared back at the man, clearly displeased.
From their reactions, there was no doubt they were the victims.
“I see. So, have the victims contacted the Mercenary Guild?”
“No. They didn’t have the money for it,”
“So, the request I received must have been made by someone else,”
Now that we had this information, the rest was easy.
They probably wouldn’t question whether the bishop-ranked man and his group had targeted the same people I had, and it would be less troublesome to let them take credit.
Just then, the other side piped up.
“What’s with you? Trying to steal the glory?”
the bishop-ranked man sneered at me.
Well, that was predictable.
“I wouldn’t do such a thing. I was investigating various leads to apprehend those two, and during a major pirate attack, I spotted them. However, since it wasn’t confirmed, I didn’t capture them. You, on the other hand, confirmed them as pirates and captured them. In such cases, it’s considered a ‘capture due to external factors,’ so the request I received is invalidated, and there’s no penalty. The bounty that was placed on them will be paid to the captor. It’s just a matter of smoothing things over. Surely, as a bishop-ranked individual, you’re aware of this?”
Unless I had directly intervened and stolen the credit right in front of them, they wouldn’t know that I had been tracking those sisters, and I had intended to confirm and capture them after this meeting disbanded. So, if it came to this, there was nothing I could do.
“You said you received a request? Are you a mercenary?”
the bishop-ranked man asked, looking flustered.
“Yes. I belong to a different branch from you all. By the way, do you know about the procedures for ‘capture due to external factors’ that I mentioned earlier?”
“Oh! Right, right, right! That’s it! Proceed with that!”
Clearly, he didn’t know about it.
Anyway, I contacted the Mercenary Guild and the police.
“…Alright. Procedures are complete. Please report to your guild and receive your reward. The police are also… Ah, here they are.”
Surprisingly, the police arrived promptly.
They were probably officers who had been on guard duty.
The early arrival of the police led to the immediate arrest of the pirate sisters.
The pirate sisters protested loudly, but there was no way they could escape.
Then, the bishop-ranked man’s companions glared at me with expressions that said, “You had to meddle, didn’t you?”
They probably intended to have some fun with the pirate sisters among themselves.
They might have planned to hand them over to the police later or even sell them off.
It’s definitely a crime, and depending on the situation, harboring them could be considered aiding and abetting a fugitive…
But they probably don’t understand that.
And are they really bishop-class?
Before that, it’s questionable whether they’re even mercenaries.
Well, I won’t pursue it, though.
And completely unaware of such things,
“Just give up, Cloa. Being caught by a guy like that otaku is much better than the alternative.”
“Yes… It’s more reassuring to have a somewhat handsome guy around, isn’t it, Sister Shira?”
“Cloa… What do you mean by that?”
“Eeek! Sorry, Sister Shira!”
The beautiful pirate sisters seemed extremely relieved that they hadn’t been caught by me.
“Well then, I’ll be off.”
Saying so, I left the scene.
It’s better to escape quickly before getting tangled up in anything unnecessary.

☆ ☆ ☆


【Side: Bishop-Class? Squad】

Inside the cargo hold of a large freighter, seven individuals were celebrating with glasses of alcohol in hand.
“We pulled it off nicely, didn’t we?”
“Those pirates were really idiots!”
“If that damn otaku hadn’t gotten in the way, we could’ve enjoyed some extra spoils…”
“But seriously, that otaku guy was actually a mercenary…”
As they chatted among themselves, the image on the monitor in the room suddenly changed.
“Well done.”
Upon seeing that, they stood up and saluted.
“The plan you proposed this time, using civilians as decoys to feed false information to the pirates, engaging them in combat, and then sweeping them up when they’re weakened, went smoothly. Return and await further instructions.”
The young man on the monitor conveyed only that before attempting to end the communication.
“Give us a break, will you? We missed out on the bonus too…”
One of the men conveyed the request, but,
“Don’t do anything unnecessary. Just follow orders from above obediently.”
The young man frowned and promptly cut off the communication.
Then, a glass was thrown at the monitor.
“Damn it! Acting all high and mighty just because you’re a commander thanks to your parents!”
“Hey, let’s go kill that damn otaku for some stress relief!”
“Calm down.”
They vented their anger and suggested ways to relieve stress, but the bishop-level man admonished them.
“Stop making conspicuous moves. Besides, for now, let them boast all they want. Not now.”
At the words of the bishop-level man, everyone regained their composure and smirked defiantly.

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