Conversation Between S-rank Beauties Volume 2 Chapter 1 part 7

Ignoring his own inexplicable calmness, Haruya approaches Yuna.
Yuna suddenly turned around, her eyes widening.
It wasn’t surprising.
The person he thought he had completely left behind had somehow caught up without him noticing.
As Haruya overtakes her when they are about to finish another lap, Yuna looks puzzled.
And right at that moment, they finished just one lap.
Haruya gets down on his knees, trying to catch his breath.
“…Surprising. I was really running seriously, yet I’m quite fast, Akasaki.”
It was strange even to himself.
Though his body is screaming for air with each breath, his chest feels clear.
“You’re quite competitive, aren’t you?”
“I don’t know. When realized I was running seriously.”
As he clenches his fists tightly, Yuna chuckles amusedly.
“It seems like you’re confused yourself. You’re even dropping the formal language.”
“Uh… sorry about that.”
He answers completely honestly.
Haruya hurriedly tries to correct himself.
“It’s okay. We’re in the same year… But if you were running seriously without even realizing it, Akasaki, you must be quite competitive.”
Indeed, when Haruya was trying to catch up to Yuna, memories of his efforts in middle school were stirred in his head.
Memories of those times when he would run recklessly if he was about to be overtaken or seemed about to lose…
“Yeah, maybe.”
“It feels like a weight has been lifted off somewhere. Do you like running?”
“Uh… no, that’s not…”
There shouldn’t be.
Because there are unpleasant memories associated with club activities…
Love and club activities are filled with bitter memories.
“I’m sure you do. You were running seriously until you were out of breath. I think you like running, Akasaki. I swear by the name of Takamori Yuna.”
To Haruya, who involuntarily swallows his breath, Yuna calmly declares.
“……I feel embarrassed saying this myself. Well… let’s go tell the teacher then.”
“Uh, um…”
As Yuna heads towards the entrance, Haruya calls out to her.

scene transition

What Haruya is about to say now would probably be unnecessary meddling.
But, he wanted to repay her. He wanted to convey his feelings to her.
It was just a confirmation, that Akasaki likes running.
But her words resonated with Haruya’s ears because they both ran seriously.
Even if Yuna didn’t feel that way, she lightened his heart.
[You are very much alike.]
Such words of the homeroom teacher are in his mind.
Is that why?
Though not entirely convinced, Haruya had no choice but to ask.
“…Don’t you really love basketball?”
Stopping in her tracks, Yuna turns around quietly.
“…No. I don’t like it at all.”
Her answer seems to carry a hint of sadness as it reaches Haruya’s eyes.



Yuna Takamori’s mood sank deeper and deeper.
The cause of it was mostly due to the constant invitations to join the basketball club.
Lately, all she hears are discussions about clubs.
(…I wish they’d just leave me alone.)
After finishing her rounds… when she returned home.
With a melancholic mood, Yuna retrieved something from the closet.
Opening the sliding door, what she held in her hand was a basketball.
The ball showed signs of wear and tear, indicating it had been used for a long time.
Tracing its surface, Yuna lets out a deep sigh.
(…Sigh. Why am I doing this when I’ve already cut ties with it?)
That’s why she had stowed away her long-time companion in the closet.
She couldn’t help but feel foolish for bringing it out again.
“Maybe it’s because they keep talking about basketball.”
Come to think of it, not a day has gone by that I haven’t heard the word “basketball” or “club activities” in the past few days.
Day after day, the word fills Yuna’s head as if she’s being harassed.
“Because of the invitation from the seniors this morning, I was late… No, it was my fault for getting flustered.”
And then, she added.
(Teacher… Onoi and…)
It wasn’t just discussions about basketball with her homeroom teacher and former club mates.
[…Don’t you really love basketball?]
The words of a boy in her class who knew nothing about her situation flashed through her mind.
(…What am I worrying about? Stop it. It’s ridiculous.)
Running her fingers through her hair in frustration, Yuna puts the basketball back into the depths of the closet.
And just then.
A message tone from Yuna’s smartphone breaks the silence.
Checking her messages, it’s from Sara.
(…Huh, that’s unusual.)
In their private group chat for S-class beauties, they often interact,
especially with Sara, who tends to be reserved, sending messages individually to Yuna was unusual.
[ Yuna-san, if you need to talk about club activities, I’m always here to listen ]
It was accompanied by a cute rabbit stamp.
Yuna felt that Sara had become stronger towards her.
When it came to club activities… she seemed to almost say ” don’t touch ” to Sara and Rin, so Yuna had a slightly rejecting expression, she thought she would apologize later, but she didn’t expect Sara, who was usually passive, to approach sensitive topics on her own.
So there was no way to hide her surprise.
[ Sorry for acting weird. But I’m okay now. Sorry for making you worry ]
Yuna replied immediately.
Then Yuna remembered the previous Sara.
(Come to think of it, Sara also had a time when she was mentally unstable)
Although she avoided talking about it directly, she clearly wasn’t feeling well when she had a matchmaking meeting.
However, Sara quickly regained her energy, and it could be seen that she was growing in her personality.
Yuna naturally asked Sara.
[I think Sara has changed in a good way, is there a reason?]
In her mind, Rin, who loves love stories, smiled and said, ” That’s obviously because of love! Yuna-rin “, but Yuna wanted to hear the answer from Sara herself.
A reply came immediately.
[ Eh, have I changed? ]
[I wasn’t aware of it…I think if it was the previous Sara, she wouldn’t have checked on my expression and poked her nose into private matters]
[ I- I see. If I’ve changed, then ]
[ Then? ]
[ It’s because of a date! ]
Yuna’s tapping hand suddenly stopped.
In her head, Rin was smiling and saying, ” See, I told you “,
(A date… So love changed Sara after all).
When you’re in love, girls become cute and change.
Sara seemed likely to devote herself to the man she likes and be easily influenced.
…Although, Yuna worried about her being so blind to love.
Still, from Yuna’s perspective, Sara had more smiles and richer expressions than before.
In other words, the power of love must be great.
(…If I had someone I liked, would this unpleasant feeling go away? But there’s no such person)
And Yuna couldn’t imagine herself in love.
There are people of the opposite sex with whom she has a relationship that could be called a date. …….
But there are no romantic feelings there.
Although she enjoys being with him, she has never felt like she liked him.
(Well, but Haru-san has something going on with Onoi, so it might remain awkward, but maybe we’ll have another meetup soon for an apology).
It was unexpected, but during the last meetup, Yuna was at a loss when she unexpectedly met her former club mate Onoi.
Even though it was supposed to be a fun meetup, Yuna felt sick and left in the middle.
As a result, she felt guilty for making Haru feel bad.
[Ah, but even though it’s called a date, we didn’t do any…kissing or anything]
Perhaps because she hadn’t replied immediately, Sara seemed to have hurriedly sent an additional message.
Hastily, Yuna tapped the screen and typed a reply.
[Sorry. I was lost in thought and replied late]
[That’s fine]
[But Sara is surprisingly bold, huh. Saying something about kissing]
It was instant replies until now, but the message was a few seconds late this time.
Sara was probably flustered by the word “kiss”.
You could vividly imagine Sara blushing and typing on the other side of the screen.
[ I didn’t say anything about kissing ]
[ But it’s so obvious, Sara. ]
[ It’s not good to make up lies, you know? ]
[ If you can video call right now, I’ll believe you ]
If her face isn’t red, or her eyes aren’t swimming, Yuna could believe Sara, but Sara is very easy to understand when it comes to love.
That’s her charm and cuteness, but it’s also worrisome.
[I… I give up. So please don’t tell Rin about the k-kiss…]
Sara sent a stamp of a bear with bristling hair.
Yuna typed a calm message with a gentle expression.
[If Rin finds out, she’ll tease you forever, right? I’ll keep it a secret]
[ Yes, please. I’m counting on you]
Thanks to Sara, Yuna’s mood became much lighter.
With that feeling, she messaged Haru, a fellow manga-loving friend.
[Haru-san, about that apology last time…wanna hang out?]
Not a date.
The invitation to Haruya was different from the usual girls’ manga discussion meetup, this was the first time for that.
Sara’s “date” remark seemed to bother Yuna more than she expected.
(… I usually listen to Haru-san’s complaints and consultations, so it’s okay to occasionally accompany me to relieve my stress)
Yuna repeatedly chewed over in her mind that this wasn’t a date.

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