Monster Meat Led Me To The Throne Volume 1 Chapter 25

XXV Post-War

Having defeated the two symbols of Dorsen’s martial prowess, the Five Celestials, the Dorsen army lost its will to fight.
The counterattack unit was annihilated.
During that time, Dorsen forces attempted to retreat, but with the relentless pursuit by Hundred and magical attacks from Frau, they lost most of their soldiers.
If I hadn’t stopped them, Ogma and the others might have chased the enemy until complete annihilation.
In the end, reluctantly acknowledging, “I see. If we don’t let some surviving soldiers escape, there won’t be anyone left to spread the fear of King Zeros!” they gave up on the pursuit.
I instructed Kiri to withdraw the Warwolf Unit as well.
Although we caused more damage to the enemy than anticipated, if it makes them think they can’t win even with a war against Faloon, it will lead to peace in the future. So, let’s consider this a good outcome.

“Crap! Those Dorsen forces! They’re just too numerous and useless!”
“Exactly! Why do we have to run away again?”
While complaining, the ones riding horses were the first and second princes of Cadonia.
This war, in form, was to reclaim their homeland, so they were technically serving under General Kimblee’s army.
To avoid any trouble, they were stationed in the rear of the camp, but when Dorsen forces started to retreat, they were the first to flee.
This move worked in their favor, allowing them to escape Frau’s spells and avoid Ogma’s pursuit.
Now, with just a few attendants, they were riding horses in the mountainous region in northern Cadonia.
They thought of asking for protection from the Cadonian nobles who had joined Dorsen’s army this time. However, they are desperately trying to flee to Dorsen, thinking that such people would soon turn on them.
“Basically, it’s Kimblee’s fault for wanting to run away just because the supply unit took a hit.”
The first prince didn’t appreciate Kimblee, who completely ignored them.
“Indeed. Even without supplies, we could have fought. He’s a coward.”
The second prince also agreed. They expected to be treated more like royalty.
“Moreover, a supply unit losing to monsters? Are they really a military unit?”
“Well, if it’s Stampede, I can understand, but losing to a herd of regular monsters is unimaginable even for a supply unit.”
“If we were in command, we wouldn’t have made such a blunder.”
“Next time, let’s ask King Dorsen directly and borrow soldiers. If we command, we’ll definitely win.”
While the first and second princes said whatever they pleased, they advanced on the mountain road.
Then, at the end of the road, they saw a large amount of debris that looked like remnants of something.
“What’s that?”
The princes hastily stopped their horses. The debris blocked the road, creating an obstruction.
“Isn’t this Dorsen army’s supplies?”
The second prince found Dorsen’s emblem among the debris.
Upon closer inspection, bloodstains were scattered all around.
“Could this be the remains of the supply unit that got wiped out?”
If that’s the case, it makes sense that a large amount of supplies is scattered around.
However, there was no sign of the soldiers from the supposed supply unit anywhere.
The first prince felt uneasy.
“Hey, let’s quickly get through here. We don’t know what might happen…”
As he turned around, what met his eyes were the second prince being bitten by a Warwolf and their attendants being devoured.
The breathless second prince pleaded.
The first prince tried to turn the horse around to escape, but what he saw in front of him was a wide-open giant mouth.

In the deserted mountain road, the chewing sounds of the Warwolves continued for a while. After that, from somewhere, a petite woman with black hair and black eyes appeared.
“These Warwolves are really obedient and don’t have preferences. Good boys for recognizing my research. For the sake of King Zeros and Frau-sama who acknowledged my research, these good boys have to work hard from now on.”
Kiri lightly smiled and disappeared into the thickets of the mountain along with the wolves.



“Did we lose?”

Upon hearing the news of defeat, King Dorsen involuntarily stood up from his throne.
Preparing five times the enemy’s troops, accompanied by two of the Five Heavenly Generals, I never dreamt of losing.
“Yes… and we lost 70% of our troops. It’s a major defeat,”
reported the king’s aide with a stern expression.
“70%? 7000 troops lost!?” The king, now sitting back on his throne, exclaimed in disbelief.
Losing a war was one thing, but losing 70% of the troops was unprecedented. In a normal battle, losing 30% of the forces would already be considered a significant defeat. Losing 70% of soldiers and commanders in a human conflict was unheard of.
“What happened to Kimblee!?”
“He served as the rear guard and was killed in action.”
It seemed he had been prepared to die from the start. A man who would lose in such a manner wouldn’t return alive without a care.
“…And Matheus and Dante?”
“They both challenged King Zeros and were slain.”
With a loud thud, King Dorsen returned to his throne, rubbing his forehead as if exhausted.
The losses incurred in this battle were immeasurable.
The remaining 3000 soldiers would be in a terrible state. A quick recovery was impossible.
Effectively, they had lost 10,000 troops, and it wouldn’t be easy to recover from such a blow.
Kimblee’s death was a significant loss. He was a capable and reliable man, entrusted with leading large armies.
And then, Matheus and Dante,
the symbols of Dorsen’s military prowess among the Five Heavenly Generals. Losing them could potentially disrupt the power balance with neighboring nations.
“I have another report.”
“…What is it?”
“The first and second princes of Cadonia are missing.”
“Those idiots?”
Compared to the losses suffered by their own subordinates, the whereabouts of Cadonia’s princes were inconsequential to King Dorsen.
“Are they dead?”
“No, reports suggest they fled immediately.”
“Their escape is swift… did they run to the nobles in Cadonia?”
“The Cadonia nobles who sided with us have been thoroughly purged. It’s unlikely they sought refuge there.”
“The Cadonia nobles who sided with us have been thoroughly purged. It’s unlikely they sought refuge there.”
“In that case, they have nowhere to go but Dorsen. Well, it doesn’t matter. We won’t actively search for them. If you find them, protect them. No need to go out of our way.”
“More importantly, what about the investigation into the destruction of the supply unit that led to our defeat? Were the monster hordes confirmed?”
In this battle, what concerned King Dorsen the most was that. Reports from General Kimblee had suggested it might be the work of Faloon.
“Due to the recapture of northern Cadonia, the investigation is difficult. However, we couldn’t confirm the frequent appearance of monsters in that area. It was an unusual situation.”
“Hmm… Kimblee was concerned, and with Stampede’s movements, it seems the monsters may be acting in Faloon’s favor. The story of King Zeros gaining strength by eating monster flesh may sound absurd, but considering the strength of the Faloon army, it might not be entirely false.”
“We conducted experiments with feeding monster flesh to our subjects, and all of them died.”
King Dorsen had heard rumors, and his country had experimented by feeding monster flesh to criminals, resulting in successive deaths. This happened because they directly fed them the flesh of Lesser Dragons, intermediate-level monsters.
“I understand. However, there might be a way. Continue the investigation. For now, we’ll make peace with Faloon.”
“Are you suggesting signing a peace treaty? Is that acceptable?”
“With 10,000 troops lost, we have no forces to spare for the south. Recognize the current King of Cadonia, pay reparations. If that keeps Faloon in check, it’s a small price.”
It was a favorable condition,
especially considering the threat Faloon had become for King Dorsen.
“Your Majesty, instead of making peace, if you entrust me, I can go and defeat King Zeros for you?”
The one who interrupted the conversation between the king and his aide was a woman, her face concealed by a fan. She had long wavy purple hair, a large chest, and a slim waist. Her porcelain-like white skin was partially visible under her white dress. The word “enchanting” fit her description.
“Camilla. Your duty is to guard the capital. It’s not easy to move you. Besides, with both of our Heavenly Generals defeated, even you might not win.”
King Dorsen wore a troubled expression. Although Camilla, the woman he called by name, appeared disrespectful by joining the king’s conversation, no one dared to reprimand her. Camilla was one of the Five Heavenly Generals, and her fear-inspiring presence prevented anyone from challenging her.
“Oh, Your Majesty. Matheus and Dante are nothing more than inexperienced fools among the Five Heavenly Generals. Please don’t equate me with them. With those two, even I could kill them alone.”
While hiding her expression behind the fan, Camilla’s eyes were smiling.
“…That might be true. But I can’t deploy you recklessly. Stay in reserve.”
The king knew the power Camilla held. Although she held the third position among the Five Heavenly Generals, the difference in strength between her and the second-ranked was minimal. On the other hand, the gap between her and the fourth and fifth-ranked, Matheus and Dante, was clear.
However, with an arrogant and callous nature, she looked down even on the royal family, making it difficult to fully trust her. Despite her undeniable strength, she lacked the personality befitting a member of the Five Heavenly Generals.
The first and second-ranked among the Five Heavenly Generals were deployed near the border to intimidate other countries. Still, Camilla was kept in the capital because deploying her near the border might provoke an unnecessary conflict. For Dorsen, Camilla was a wildcard that couldn’t be used carelessly.
“That’s a shame. I could easily kill a small country’s king by myself.”
With those words, tension spread among the nearby royal guards. It was almost like declaring that she could kill a king on her own.
“Enough. Refrain from acting recklessly, Camilla.”
King Dorsen reprimanded Camilla and waved his hand, indicating the end of the discussion.
Without responding, Camilla left the scene with a constant smile.

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