Commoner-Origin Officer Volume 1 Chapter 1 part 6

“Why not? Don’t you feel responsible to the families of those who died in battle?”
“They did not die in battle. Violating military code is the same as treason. Therefore, I have no obligation or responsibility to their families.”
Lieutenant Mospitza fell silent again. Hazen deeply pondered what this man was trying to achieve.
“Are you saying we should treat military code violators and battle casualties the same?”
“I’m not saying that!”
“Then what are you trying to say?”
Once again, the captain fell silent, and Hazen was starting to get frustrated. Perhaps there was an issue with this Lieutenant Mospitza’s character.
Deciding it was a waste of time to continue this verbal exchange, Hazen decided to raise a counterargument.
“I’ve checked the records, and all 10 lieutenants and sergeants dispatched with the 8th squad met suspicious deaths.”
“…What are you trying to say? That we should overlook it since Sergeant Chomo was responsible?”
“No. Lieutenant Mospitza, how do you consider the responsibility for the loss of 10 personnel in your squad?”
“…The cause of the suspicious deaths was unknown.”
“10 suspicious deaths and the cause was unclear? Isn’t that a problem?”
“A problem? Hey, you! What are you saying!?”
Lieutenant Mospitza was clearly flustered, looking around.
“If the first casualty had occurred, some kind of countermeasure should have been taken to reduce the options for the cause before the second casualty. If you had continued this for the 3rd and subsequent casualties, you wouldn’t have had 10 casualties. The fact that you did not do this suggests either gross incompetence or a deliberate overlooking of the situation. I can’t think of any other explanation.”
Hazen’s clear statement caused a stir among the surrounding people.
“Don’t be ridiculous! This is an insult to a superior officer!”
“Then do you have a clear reason?”
“Oh, I’m not just looking at the 8th squad. It’s just that I couldn’t spend as much time organizing and managing the other squads as well.”
“Did you have the cause investigated?”
Lieutenant Mospitza’s face quickly grew pale.
“Don’t tell me you didn’t even do that? 10 people died!”
“Of, of course we did it.”
“Then, could I see the report summarizing the investigation results?”
“Wh-why do you need to see that!?”
“As the lieutenant yourself requested, I need to confirm the [objective evidence].”
“I can’t provide that immediately.”
“Where is it stored? If you tell me, I can look for it myself.”
“……I forgot.”
“You forgot? The storage location of the case file for an incident where 10 people mysteriously died, you forgot?”
When Lieutenant Mospitza looked around, everyone had a wry smile on their face, as if they were unwilling to get involved. It seems they think the situation is bad and are choosing to stay silent.
Of course, if responsibility for this case were to be questioned, the higher-ups who turned a blind eye to it would also be implicated. But they were also busy. In other words, they didn’t consider it important. In fact, Hazen doesn’t think it’s important at all.
Nevertheless, the nervous man in front of him has started making a fuss about it. If that’s the case, he needs to provide the evidence that he considers important.
“Lieutenant Mospitza. You had 10 casualties. And the materials from the investigation you specifically sent personnel to conduct, you’ve forgotten where they’re stored?”
“I-I just can’t recall it right now! Unlike you, my company has many missions to handle!”
“If you have so many missions, does that mean you can overlook the loss of 10 people?”
“That’s right! I’m in charge of over 200 subordinates. 10 of them is less than 10%! Do you know how many battle casualties we have every day? I can’t be bothered with such trivial matters!”
“Then, could you please watch your words?”
At those words, Lieutenant Mospitza looked incredulous, and the surrounding people were in an uproar.
“In your logic, since the 10 suspicious deaths are a small number compared to the battle casualties, and less than 10% of your subordinates, you consider them insignificant, right? Then, my 8th squad also had 2 casualties out of 40 people, which is also less than 10%. So, there’s no reason for you to hold me responsible.”
Unable to form another sentence, Lieutenant Mospitza looked like he was about to collapse. Hazen did not relent in his verbal assault, sending a piercing gaze that seemed to reach the depths of his soul.
“If you still insist it’s ‘important’, you’re welcome to have an external investigation. Similarly, I’ll have your case thoroughly investigated as well…”
When Lieutenant Mospitza’s face turned a sickly pale, Colonel Gedol, seeing this, let out a deep sigh and intervened.
“Alright, I get it. In this case, as Hazen Lieutenant said, there’s no problem. Lieutenant Mospitza also seems a bit emotional. That’s it, no hard feelings. After all, you’re the superior officer and he’s the subordinate, right, Lieutenant?”
Lieutenant Mospitza let out a groan that could barely be considered a response.
“Hazen Lieutenant, you too, okay?”
“Of course, Lieutenant Mospitza. Once again, please take care of me.”
Hazen smiled brightly and extended his hand.
As they left the command room, Lei Fa was standing there worriedly.


“I heard a lot of yelling. What happened?”
“Ah, it was with Lieutenant Mospitza. He seems quite neurotic, so we have to be careful.”
“……It didn’t sound like you were being very careful.”
“Is that so?”
I thought I was being quite considerate and restrained in my speech.
“Well, it’s probably useless to say that to Hazen.”
“No, it’s the duty of a soldier to communicate with superiors and align their intentions.”
“……The fact that you don’t understand is precisely what’s so useless.”
Lei Fa sighed, but I didn’t understand her meaning, so I ignored it.
A few days later, during training, Corporal Gabby from the 5th squad came running.
“Lieutenant, the corporals have been urgently summoned. The Kumin tribe has appeared. We’re to gather in the grand conference room.”
Hazen immediately turned around and headed there with Corporal Gabby.
When he entered the grand conference room, most of the lieutenants and corporals were already gathered.
“You’re late! What were you doing!?”
Lieutenant Mospitza was clearly yelling at him.
“I’m not late. I came here as quickly as possible.”
“Shut up!”
As he was about to strike Hazen’s cheek, Lei Fa twisted his wrist.
“Y-you, let go.”
“……Lei Fa, don’t break his wrist.”
The moment Hazen gave that instruction, Lieutenant Mospitza’s face contorted.
“Ugh, let go, let go!”
Although he kept struggling, she didn’t let go, just silently gripping his wrist. Eventually, when Hazen ordered “Release him,” Lei Fa immediately let go.
“I apologize, but as my guards are not part of the military, they do not follow the lieutenant’s orders. I’ve instructed my guard, Lei Fa, to follow only my commands.”
“Of course, I will be punished if I act wrongly. In that case, I’ll instruct Lei Fa not to interfere. However, I have no intention of accepting unreasonable reprimands based on vague criteria. And regarding any senseless or irrational acts of violence, I won’t stop Lei Fa’s action if I deem it appropriate.”
Lieutenant Mospitza’s lips were trembling furiously.

Scene transition

“Be careful. It won’t take Lei Fa even a second to crush an ordinary person’s hand.”
Lieutenant Mospitza’s forehead and back were drenched in sweat, like a waterfall. He was being extremely polite in his warning, but it seemed unclear.
“Let’s get on with the meeting instead. We’ve wasted time with this pointless exchange.”
“……I understand. Where are the Kumin tribe located?”
“About 3 kilometers south of the border,”
answered Sergeant Asarak of the 4th platoon.
“There’s a Kanahal village nearby, isn’t there? How many of them are there?”
“Around 100, I believe.”
“……The 8th platoon, you will defend the village as the advance force. We’ll confirm the situation and provide support as needed.”
Hazen promptly replied and hurried out of the conference room.
“Don’t you want to know the details of the operation?”
Lei Fa followed behind.
“It’s not necessary. It’s more important to arrive at the battlefield as soon as possible.”
Hazen galloped from the stables to the training ground on horseback.
“Gather at coordinates south 55, west 37. Private Edal, confirm the location and lead the infantry. Sergeant Baz, take command and wait.”
“Yes, sir!”
Hazen turned his horse and galloped away, and everyone scattered like bullets. Of course, due to the horse’s speed, the soldiers quickly fell behind. But Hazen didn’t mind, as the commanding officer in the lead has a flagship-like position.
About 5 minutes later, they spotted the enemy Kumin tribe. Hazen instinctively hid in the bushes and stopped his horse. Four minutes later, the infantry arrived at Hazen’s location.
“Good timing.”
“Haa… haa… Thank you, sir,” Sergeant Baz replied, panting.
Hazen continued to observe the Kumin tribe. They were on the march. It was uncertain whether the nearby villages had suffered any damage.
The Kumin tribe are an ethnic minority who live in the mountainous area. They are skilled in using axes and are physically hardy. They wear fur cloaks and have body paint. As they have been living in this land for a long time, they are considered the indigenous people.
“Is there a mage among them?”
“Likely, one – the man with the large headdress,”
pointed Private Edal.
“What’s the basis for that?”
“The headdress is a sign of a warrior among the Kumin tribe. But I’m not sure what kind of staff he wields.”
“Understood. I’ll lure him out. He’ll probably come alone if he realizes I’m the commander. Once we take down the Kumin mage, we’ll ambush them.”
“Yes, sir.”

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