The Devil Princess Volume 3 prologue


It was desolate. The land, the sky, and even the hearts of the people…  
This entirely ruined land was not suitable for human habitation. That is why, since ancient times, the kings of various countries had designated it as a penal colony, sending a large number of people there in the name of “pioneering”. 
Those who had committed crimes, as well as those who were captured on the pretext of having committed crimes, were sent to this land. But even more numerous were the children born between humans and different races. 
The half-breeds with somewhat human-like demi-human races such as elves and dwarves were relatively accepted. However, those with clearly inhuman, monstrous appearances were shunned by the ignorant humans of that time. 
Those who retained the features of beasts, those with scaly skin, those with horns, or those with reptilian characteristics – though they had a human parent and retained human hearts, the humans still despised them. 
Yet, the humans drove them away to the remote lands, treating them not as people, but as “beasts”. 
In order to survive on the desolate land, they preyed upon their “comrades” in the same predicament, killing, stealing, and raping. The mingling of the blood of these “beasts” gave birth to a new race… 
Grey skin, white eyes – bearing various inhuman features, they took on the name “Demon Tribe”, out of resentment towards the humans. 
The Demon Tribe, inheriting inhuman blood, were physically and magically stronger than humans. Forgetting compassion in order to survive the devastated land, the blood they shed in endless conflict polluted the earth, and the miasma that arose obscured even the sun’s blessing, further ravaging the land. 
If there was anything they believed in, it was “strength”. 
The strong subjugated the weak, the strong fought each other, expanding their power and gradually increasing in number, until they became a single “nation”. 
Gazing down at this desolate nation from an ancient castle, the man let out a faint sigh. 
“This nation is at its limit…” 
The strong did not protect the weak, but oppressed them, and the weak accepted it as a matter of course and resigned themselves.  
The strong did not think of the entire race, believing that if the weak disappeared, the nation would grow stronger. 
At this rate, the Demon Tribe as a species would decline and perish in less than a hundred years. 
The man turned his back on the ravaged castle town and walked alone through the corridors of the royal castle.  
His back was lonely, even though he was at the heart of the Demon Tribe nation. 
(“…A great power is needed.”) 
It is impossible to change the Demon Tribe’s perceptions. To convey the joy of creation to them, who know only how to take, is as difficult as teaching ethics to animals. 
The Demon Tribe believes only in strength. 
Therefore, the only way is to subjugate them with overwhelming “power”. 
Both the strong and the weak, all must be made to submit to this great “power”. 
The man headed to the basement of the castle. There was an altar where an ancient exiled one was said to have enshrined a god, and an enormous summoning magic circle had been constructed there. 
In scale alone, it was several times larger than the magic circle used in the Holy Kingdom’s demonic summoning incident. Accordingly, the required magical power was vastly greater, and more than a hundred Demon Tribe mages had been pouring magic into it for nearly a decade, day and night. 
(“But it is still not enough.”) 
To summon the being the man needed, several more years of magic power infusion would be required. 
According to the ancient legends of the Demon Tribe,  
from the “Great Demon” who had endured the passage of time, a legendary demon would occasionally emerge. 
A “Dominator-class” demon, the god of the Demon World… 
A supernatural existence that could destroy the world, beyond the comprehension of mortals. 
The great power that presides over destruction. 
If he could summon that, he could unite the Demon Tribe with that immense power. 
But if he failed to control it, that day would be the end of this world. 


“Is the progress proceeding smoothly?” 
As the man poured magic power into the summoning magic circle, the large Demon Tribe who was overseeing the operation knelt before him. 
“The current accumulation is around 80% of the minimum required. Even with the current amount, we should be able to summon several Great Demon-class entities, but…” 
“I understand your concern.” 
It was true that the legendary existence whose very existence was uncertain was more risky than a single Great Demon, which could still cause tremendous damage to the human nations.  
Even a Great Demon would require meticulous preparation, or the Demon Tribe nation would be destroyed. 
This one entrusted with such delicate preparations also longed to clash with the “Hero” who would likely appear to defeat the Great Demon, out of the Demon Tribe’s pride in strength. 
But that won’t do. 
Merely destroying and taking over the human territories would only postpone the problem. 
The man was weary. He had long since abandoned the faint hope that by seizing the human territories, the Demon Tribe could live peacefully without conflict. 
The Demon Tribe, who knew not the joy of creation, would only squander everything and walk the path of destruction. 
He must break down all the frameworks – human, demon, and others – and under the great terror, select those who will survive over several generations. 
The culling of the living beings in this world… That was the only way to save the dying Demon Tribe. 
The man had given up on having any expectations for the Demon Tribe as a species. 
“…Continue the operation as is. There is no change to the plan.” 
He sharply declared, and began pouring his own, the Demon Tribe’s mightiest, magical power into the summoning magic circle. 
Seeing the man’s manner, the large Demon Tribe who had watched over him since his childhood days lowered his head sadly, with a newly resolved expression. 
“That order, I shall carry out with my life… “Lord Demon King”.” 
The Demon Tribe has no god to worship. The strongest existence among the Demon Tribe, the “Demon King”, is their god. 
In reality, the Demon Tribe’s king is merely the Demon King, and not a “Calamity-class” being like the Great Demons who can destroy a nation. Yet, to the Demon Tribe, the Demon King is their Demon King. 
The Demon Tribe has no god to worship.  
But they pray to the demonic god who can hear the Demon King’s wishes. 
That one day, peace may come to the Demon King’s compassionate heart that worries for the Demon Tribe… 
Meanwhile, a certain “gentle demon” was pouring a large amount of magical power into the general-purpose summoning magic circle at the magic academy, in the name of an experiment. Somehow, a large amount of seaweed had been summoned from the other side, and the demon’s vassals were now puzzling over how to dry and utilize the seaweed.

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