The Deeds of Arrogant Noble Volume 2 chapter 2 part 3

“Watch this.”
“Okay, I’m watching!”
I took the wooden piece that Amelia had prepared and activated a certain magic.
“──[Devouring Darkness]”
Instantly, a small darkness appeared in the palm of my hand.
Not only did I feel my magical power being drained, but there was also a slight lethargy in my body.
This was the current limit. However, this was the culmination of two months of hard work.
This was a magic that I had painstakingly completed. It was no ordinary feat.
I dropped the wooden piece into the darkness.
The wooden piece was slowly consumed by the darkness and completely disappeared.
“Ah… Aah… Aaaaaahhh…!!”
Yes, my dark magic had not only affected magical power, but also physical matter.
This was a significant progress. I couldn’t help but smile.
“──[Darkness Consumes All]… So that’s how it is… The legends were true, they were true…! Whoa!! Luke, that’s just insane!!”
“Ah, yeah…”
As expected, Amelia was delighted to the point of being overwhelming. …Truly overwhelming.
Well, I was able to complete this magic thanks to Amelia as well.
The knowledge I gained from her class, [Applied Attribute Magic], with its abundance of onomatopoeia, had been a big help.
“For now, this is the extent of it, but eventually–“
Her eyes were completely strange, devoid of light.
Muttering under her breath, drooling from the corner of her mouth, and rapidly taking notes. It’s so terrifying, with her wide range of interpretations and the effects on others and whatnot.
“Hey, are you listening?”
I lightly tapped her shoulder.
“…Ah, sorry. Hehe, hehehe… I got a little too excited…”
This person is undoubtedly incredibly talented,
but somehow…something seems broken. It’s been that way ever since I met her.
“Speaking of which, Luke, wasn’t your ranking battle today?”
“Ah, it’s a boring opponent.”
“…He’s a upperclassman, you know.”
My current ranking in the academy as a whole is 81st.
Since I’ve made progress in my magic research, I was thinking of having a ranking battle soon. But to be honest, I’m not really feeling up to it.
I already have information on my opponent. I watched their ranking battle once, but there was nothing particularly noteworthy.
They’re just a user of water magic. The upperclassmen seem to be more skilled in the actual magic battles rather than the magic itself. But it doesn’t really concern me, since I can use dark magic.
Well, it’s not like there aren’t any interesting opponents.
“Huh? Isn’t it about time already!?”
“Ah, we should get going then.”
“…This carefree attitude, it’s so Luke-like. But I’ll be cheering for you! I’m definitely going to watch…hehe…”
” ………… “
The expression on this person’s face is indescribable, but it’s a dangerously ecstatic one.
I wonder what kind of emotions are driving them to come watch.
It’s probably not just pure cheering…



As Luke entered the arena, his second-year opponent, Polpon, followed.
This alone sent the audience’s energy to its peak, with thunderous cheers echoing through.
The rumor is that this year’s first-year students are an exceptionally talented bunch.
That’s why the expectations for Luke, the top first-year, have been continually growing.
And now, their ranking battle is finally happening. It’s easy to understand the frenzy.
“…I’ve heard the rumors about you. They say you’re a monster who uses dark magic. You’re already a topic of discussion among the upperclassmen.”
I see.
“Is that so.”
Luke’s response was just that, not even trying to hide his condescending feelings. With his eyes showing no emotion, it’s no wonder Polpon felt irritated.
(…He really does look young. Is he really an upperclassman? But somehow, I feel like I’ve met him before somewhere…)
Ignoring Polpon’s irritation, Luke was thinking just about that level of things.
There’s a strange sense of familiarity, but I can’t recall it.
“But… I can’t lose. I can’t lose! No matter what, I have to win!”
” ………… “
Polpon’s impassioned voice echoed.
That intense aura managed to stir Luke’s emotions, if only a little.
(…That’s some serious drive.)
But that’s about it. There’s no other emotion beyond that. His thoughts simply turn calmly towards victory.
He imagines all the possible scenarios and comes up with answers for each one.
Luke is only thinking about how to achieve a complete, overwhelming victory.
The two take their distance. Everyone waited for that moment.
On one side, Polpon glares at his opponent, while on the other, Luke wears a thin, mocking smile. The contrast is stark.
Polpon readies his staff, and Luke simply observes without making a move.
The audience’s expectations swell to no end, and then-
The battle is finally set in motion.
In an instant, a spell is activated. But it’s not Luke’s.
“- Flight!”
Watching Polpon take to the skies with good control, Luke thinks,
“That’s a well-practiced [Flight] spell. But can you fly like I can?”
Polpon immediately starts channeling magic for his next spell.
But now it’s Luke’s turn.

“- Wings of Darkness”

Polpon had expected Luke to be able to use the advanced [Flight] spell.
But those black wings were unexpected. For a moment, his eyes were captivated, and his spell activation was slightly delayed. That was a much too big of an opening against Luke.
That was all Polpon managed to recognize before a split-second wing flap.
When he realized it, Luke was in front of him, wearing a gashed grin.
It was an event that was beyond all comprehension.
A strong impact on right cheek. Before he could even realize that he was simply punched, Polpon fell and was slammed into the ground. Intense pain ran through his entire body.
Even so──Polpon did not let his consciousness for casting magic waver.
(I won’t lose, I’ll win no matter what.) It was an insatiable obsession for victory.
“Take this──[Dragon King of Water]!”
Polpon knew that ordinary magic would be meaningless against Luke.
Therefore, no tricks. He released his strongest magic.
The Dragon King born from water ascends to the heavens. Aiming to pierce the hated enemy.
“……Hmm, that’s a good spell.”
Even as the Dragon King, boasting a size many times his own, approached, Luke’s smile did not falter.
Rather, what filled his heart was a delight that exceeded his own imagination, if only slightly.
But that’s all.
“──[Dark Sun]”
He felt no threat at all.
A small dark sun created in the palm of Luke’s hand.
It absorbed the Dragon King with astonishing ease. As if it was nourishment, the small sun grew into a massive one.
The venue fell silent at the spectacle. Shock, excitement, and irresistible anticipation.
What on earth will happen next? What will he show us?
The eruption of cheers after the silence was because this battle had captivated the hearts of the people to the point where blinking felt burdensome.
“Heh, you’re making a good face.”
All expression disappeared from Polpon’s face.
The surging fighting spirit, the unyielding obsession.
Watching them disappear before his eyes filled Luke with an indescribable delight.
“That’s right.”
The massive dark sun that had captivated everyone’s eyes suddenly vanished.
Amid the stunned silence, Luke activated his next spell.

“Let’s see, I believe it was like this? ──[Dragon King of Water]”

The Dragon King of Water appeared.
The word “despair” had become too mild.
How much time must have been spent to master this magic?
Without words, Polpon could only stare at it.
(Huh, that’s strange……Isn’t that my magic……?)
It was a mistake, even thinking of fighting was foolish. His heart sank into darkness.
In that moment, Polpon’s will to fight was completely lost.
Polpon let out a dry laugh.
Approaching was the Dragon King of Water, his supposed ally. Giving up everything, Polpon closed his eyes.
Only the joyful laughter of Luke continued to resound until the very end.


Due to its rarity, [Dark Magic] was not a familiar concept to the majority of the population.
Therefore, the image that everyone had envisioned on the spot became his very epithet.

──【Demon King】

Clad in darkness, with an evil smile, his form of vanquishing enemies was truly that of a Demon King.
From that day on, the number of enthusiastic fans captivated by Luke’s immense power would increase exponentially. And needless to say, that would end up supporting Yorand’s plan to make him a king.

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