Strongest in the Supernatural School Volume 2 chapter 1 part 1

Chapter 1: The Girl at the Library, Hoshina Tsubomi

TL note: Made a big mistake, read the kanji wrong. Atsuharu Eishi should be Netsuhara Nagashi. Gomen

A few days after the request for a battle between Class 1-A led by Netsuhara Nagashi and our class.
Class 1-C was in the midst of a huge boom over Kanade Kurotsuki.
“Kurotsuki! Teach me how to study!”
“Hey, Kurotsuki! Teach me the knack of using my ability!”
“Come on, you guys, Kurotsuki is getting bothered, go away, go away!”
Classmates were gathered around Kurotsuki’s desk.
Moreover, many students were coming from outside the classroom to see Kurotsuki.
I had thought that with his looks and abilities, he would easily overshadow my performance as the opening act. But I never thought he would be this untouchable. I guess this is the power of a handsome guy.
While I was pondering this, a voice came from the seat in front of me, Karasuma’s seat.
“…Geez, what a noisy bunch. They could at least consider us a bit.”
There sat Sakuma Junya, the top of the class hierarchy, who was also an opening act like me. Perhaps he felt something from the battle request, as he has been oddly trying to talk to me lately…
It’s a distance that almost makes me mistake him for a friend, but I don’t remember doing anything to earn such goodwill. As usual, I casually respond.
“But Kurotsuki’s popularity is understandable. He was strong.”
“I think you’re pretty remarkable too. …Well, in the end, that bastard Kurotsuki took it all.”
That’s true. That was my intention after all. …But I have no intention of saying it out loud.
Glancing over, Sakuma seems to be watching Kurotsuki warily, as if he’s on the lookout for something.
“But…you better be careful too. Even though he’s been constrained, Netsuhara isn’t the kind of guy to end it like that. And if I were in his shoes, I’d be more pissed at you than Kurotsuki. …If anyone’s going to be targeted, it’s you, Amamori.”
Hearing his words, I recall the boy we fought in the battle request again.
Class 1-A, Netsuhara Nagashi. His ability was called [Protection of the Heated Iron], if I remember correctly.
He trapped Asahina in a scheme, and crushed Sakuma head-on.
He was defeated by me, and then taken down by Kurotsuki.
In the end, four of us had to deal with just one person. Netsuhara was defeated by Kurotsuki in the end, but he is a strong man who possesses both strategic and violent abilities. That is the current assessment of him.
However, he has been constrained as a result of his defeat in the battle request.
According to Asahina, it’s a prohibition on harming others, or something like that.
I do think it’s quite lenient, and it was a misjudgment not to apply it to the entire Class A. But there’s no use dwelling on the past.
Besides, the negotiating party was too evil. Asahina, and Kurashiki who was present.
They probably didn’t even consider the possibility of their thoughts being manipulated by abilities.
At least from an outsider’s perspective, the leader of Class A is Netsuhara Nagashi.
Given his nature, he’s likely to plot something again, so it’s a normal reaction to be wary of him.
Then, I’ll calmly give a normal response.
“I see, I’ll be careful. …At least, he’s not an opponent I can just run away from and shake off, so if it comes to that, I’ll ask Sakuma for help.”
“Don’t be an idiot, you moron. Netsuhara and I have the worst compatibility, and even if you back me up, the chance of winning is zero.”
Saying that, Sakuma stood up from Karasuma’s seat.
I’m sturdy, so it’s not a problem for me, but Sakuma still seems to be affected by his injuries. He’s dragging one leg as he returns to his own seat.
Looking at the time, it’s already just before homeroom.
It’s about time. Neither Sakuma nor I are at full health, so it’s better to go back and rest early. As I turn my gaze out the window, Sakuma’s voice reaches me.



“But well… when you’re in a pinch, you can count on me. We’re friends, aren’t we, Amamori?”

Surprised, I look at Sakuma. He glances at me briefly and then starts walking again.
The class is dyed in the Kurotsuki mood, but as soon as Sakuma is alone, his followers head towards him.
Even in defeat, even on bended knee, even injured. No matter how much he changes, the dazzling light never fades.
The pinnacle of the class hierarchy, Sakuma Junya.
…Why is he sitting at the top?
I didn’t really understand it until now, but…that one line of his made me realize.
Sakuma Junya is simply a good guy.
He’s blunt, and his mouth is foul. But he cherishes his comrades more than anyone else.
That’s why he gathers companions, gathers goodwill.
The class revolves around him.
“…So this is another way of being.”
I turn my gaze forward.
There sits a lone girl, her head bowed.
Her usually upright back is now hunched.
A few days after the defeat.
What is she thinking, what is she feeling?
I exhale and return my gaze to the window outside.
Maybe I should care about her a little too.

That weekend, I went to the shopping mall.
To be honest, I haven’t really been shopping much since I trapped Kirido. …Though I did go shopping once after Kirido was expelled, but that’s another story. Nothing special happened. I just got a stuffed animal pushed on me.
The other day, as I looked around my room filled only with stuffed animals,
I suddenly thought, “That’s it, I should buy some furniture.”
And so I came to the shopping mall.
Students of all classes, dressed in casual clothes, were happily chatting and spending time here. I had thought there wouldn’t be that many students given the size of the place, but… I guess the employees use this mall too. It’s quite crowded.
If it’s this crowded, even if I knew someone, I probably wouldn’t notice them.
I thought that, and I still wish for that. In fact, I’m still wishing for it.
But it seems I’m disliked by the goddess of fate.
“…What a coincidence, Amamori-kun.”
A girl in casual clothes stands next to me. She has long black hair and beautiful green eyes.
But her hair is messy, and she hasn’t even fixed her bed-head.
Her dull eyes are clouded, similar to the ones I saw in the mirror this morning.
The former embodiment of justice has no trace of that left, standing like a ghost.
“…Why are you here, Asahina.”
Just a few minutes after entering the shopping mall, I ran into this ghostly girl.
What a coincidence, what a cruel joke of the gods. I felt like cursing the gods.
But that anger was blown away by the voice next to me.
“…Hehe, I don’t really have any particular business here.”
I glance at her. She’s leaning against the wall, idly tracing something on it with her finger.
She seems to have been quite shaken by her recent defeat. One loss was enough to get to her, it seems. But people’s perspectives vary, especially for idiots like her who claim to be “champions of justice.” That single defeat must have really hit her hard, as evidenced by her current state.
Now, what should I do…? Should I just run away?
As I was thinking that, a voice came from next to me.
“…By the way, you remembered my name, didn’t you?”
The weight of it made my stomach twist in pain.
What is this, I really want to go home. I shouldn’t have come to the shopping mall.
Yeah, it was a bad idea to go shopping based on my mood of the day.
The modern era is all about online shopping. Alright, from now on I’m not leaving my room.
“…Well, you know, it’s only recently that my name and face have finally clicked for you. Kurashiki has been nagging me to make sure you remember.”
“…I see, I should be grateful to Hotaru-san, then.”
Asahina-san said with a small smile.
But that smile was fleeting, as if it could shatter at any moment.
The girl from when she first enrolled, the embodiment of justice, should have had that exterior perfected. Yet now, her hair is messy, her casual clothes are rumpled, her voice lacks energy, and there are dark circles under her eyes. …Is this really the same person? I’m starting to have my doubts.
Thinking that far, I let out a deep sigh.
Originally, I was planning to leave Asahina’s rehabilitation to Kurashiki, but in this state, it might be too much for Kurashiki alone. Meeting her here might be fate, so maybe I should lend a hand as well. I avert my gaze from Asahina-san and lean against the wall too.
“…It seems the defeat has really gotten to you.”
A straight, blunt shot. She widens her eyes at my words.
But since she doesn’t respond, I continue.
“Why did you think you could win?”
“…That is…”
I already know the reason.
But I’m not scolding her.
So I shouldn’t be too forceful.
I ask carefully, trying not to break her or make her crumble.
If I don’t rush her, Asahina will surely bring the answer.
“…I admired the champion of justice. They say justice never loses, right? So I couldn’t afford to lose. I absolutely couldn’t…”
Asahina Kasumi starts speaking in a halting manner.
Justice never loses. Well, that’s a fair point.

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