Chore Granting Sorcerer Volume 2 Chapter 5 part 3

I realized that its left arm, which had been in a defensive position, was a setup for its second attack.
At this rate, the balance between offense and defense would shift.
I had only one option left: rely on my right arm, which I could still move. I spread both arms wide, exposing my body, but if I could predict its movements, it wasn’t a bad gamble.
With the tip of the sword slightly free, I matched it with the approaching left claw.
I bent my knee and floated in the air, locking my wrist, elbow, and shoulder, using all the energy of this attack to retreat.
In other words, I deliberately allowed myself to be blown away.
Success. I created some distance.
I took a defensive stance and immediately stood up.
I can move quite well. I can fight.”
This might work, right?
With this much leeway, it shouldn’t be impossible to slightly increase the processing speed of the brain.
At ten-thousand times, I feel like I could do a little more.
What do you think? Will I lose consciousness?
No, shouldn’t I do this?
Everyone’s lives are at stake.
Rather than hesitating here for my own safety, wouldn’t that be a mistake?
Well, I have no choice…?
I allowed a little danger.
–It’s here.
It’s here, it’s here, it’s here, it’s here.
“– [Instant Enhancement – Hundredfold Acceleration]”
The scenery became even clearer and slower.
Unpleasant. This is unpleasant.
My head is spinning at full speed.
The augmentation technique code I’m assembling feels like it will disassemble in the air.
If that happens, I’ll be in pieces all over.
If my focus slips for an instant, I’ll lose consciousness or my bones will break or my muscles will tear.
But my body can move faster.
Since I can stack twice as much as before, my available energy will also increase.
Efficiency will also increase, so the duration decrease won’t be that severe. Only the danger increases.
It seems the gorilla also noticed my changed demeanor.
Its fierce eyes narrowed even more sharply, and all its muscles seemed to ripple tautly.
As its bulk increased, its contours became more pronounced and defined.
It still has plenty left in reserve. I’d better increase my own or I’ll be in trouble. Good.
We clashed, claws meeting blade.
Through impact exchange, momentum is transferred between us. The exchange of blows is repeated a few times.
After everything collides and is conveyed forward, all momentum is lost and we come to a halt.
We ended up at each other’s critical distance.
Since its arms are longer, it would want more distance normally, but we had planted our feet firmly on the ground.
Eyes meet eyes.
Ah, this one gets it.
I have twin blades, it has claws.
Twisting my brain like a street performer, matching each other’s constructions while rapidly swinging blades at high speed.
Kicks are out of the question as too crude.
Sparks fly.
The speed goes up and up and up.
Just when imagination seems about to run dry, I wring out new ideas.
It’s the same for my opponent.
But I’m shouldering a more severe danger. A single misstep in choice and my body will split in two.
This is it, this.
The intoxication and flip side of danger.
This sensation of one aspect rising as the other rises in tandem.
I can keep going. Still plenty to grind away at.
At the same time, the danger increases.
My whole body feels on the verge of disintegrating.
Battles can’t be like this. It would just be boring if the next instant were guaranteed.
“[–Hey, young Vim!]”
No good. I can’t endure it.
My cheeks lift.
That’s right, I’ve always wanted this.
It was lonely improving and having the danger decrease.
But safety is important, and deliberately increasing danger is just stupid. But now I have to increase it because…
I endured it but might have let out a sound.
I’m going to die. This will kill me.
But I’m alive now, somehow crossing this crazy tightrope.
This is the best.
Ah, returning, comrades’ lives, what does an–
[Calm down!]
The gorilla suddenly leaped sideways.
It wasn’t reacting to my attack. It was an ambush from outside my awareness. A sneak attack.
“Calm down. Don’t do anything reckless.”
The Decapitator stretched out like a spear, separating me from the gorilla.
“You’ve done very well. So there’s no need to push further. If you reach your limit, we’ll all be wiped out.”
Hearing Camilla’s voice, I came to my senses.
What was I thinking about just now?
The blood rushing to my head rapidly withdrew.
That’s right, that’s what we discussed.
I got carried away. Camilla is correct.
“There’s no need for extermination. We can handle this now as well. So please…”
I lowered the enhancement ratio in my brain.
Yes, there’s no point for me to be reckless here. If we’re going to attack, it would be more efficient to plan it out properly with a full grasp of the hierarchy’s structure and many people.
I got carried away. This was a retreat battle.
“Can you still move?”
Confirming upon being asked.
I’m fine. Raising the ratio was only a little, and I don’t feel fatigued, just some lassitude. But it’s no problem.
“I can go.”
“All right. If you have control, then it’s fine. The vanguard’s response is also going smoothly. We’ll proceed as planned.”
Camilla relayed instructions via telepathy.
From here on, my role is to strike once and withdraw.
To take advantage of the brief opening when the enemy defends against the rear guard’s attacks, just a moment after.
“[Second phase, strike!]”
Fireballs fly through gaps in the trees.
While meant more as harassment, they would certainly prove fatal hits on the other apes. Of course, stronger flames are directed at the gorilla.
I follow up the gorilla slightly delayed.
I thought our blade dance would resume, but its momentum seemed depleted by now, retreating before my onslaught.
I unleash a few light strikes, aiming more to damage its claws than press the attack. From here on, the focus should be weakening its offensive power rather than close combat.
The tide had turned.
The apes’ surprise pincer attack failed, and we had grasped the situation to respond calmly.
Perhaps realizing this, they no longer seemed intent on encircling us, their earlier confidence dissipating in their movements.
The overall transmissions I heard also became increasingly positive.
By the time things were decided, the gorilla turned back as if resigning itself, disappearing into the dense forest. The apes also gradually retreated and withdrew after it.
“[Camilla, how are the reconnaissance teams faring?]”
“[They’re withdrawing further.]”
Tension lingered from having been on high alert. It wasn’t so easy to determine this wasn’t just a feint.
Only over time did a sense of relief at getting through the ordeal begin to spread.
“[Comrades! We have succeeded in repelling the hierarchy sovereign!]”
Everyone cheered joyously at Camilla’s transmission.




The mood remained very bright all the way to the teleport formation.
Everyone who saw my battle praised me incredibly, saying I had far exceeded expectations facing a floor boss that should have been a life or death struggle. Perhaps from relief at making it through the encounter safely, the thanks I received bordered on exaggeration.
“Mister Vim! “
Abel rushed over and grasped both my hands tightly.
“That was…really amazing!”
Oh, uh…
NNo, no, no, don’t pull away.
If I receive kindness, it’s not right to misdirect it either.
I force a smile.
All right, project your voice like you mean it. Just the right amount should do it. And openly welcome them in return by opening your arms in a welcoming gesture. Imagine that.
“Thank you! Abel too, everyone, you really saved me! Honestly any further and it might have been too dangerous for me…”
“No no, don’t say such regretful things!”
“You’re exaggerating……. Really, thank you everyone so much.”
Seeing Abel shy back, a slight laugh rises.
Good, it seems I handled that well.
Apparently it’s important to proactively show an approachable atmosphere, or receptiveness to others’ responses from my end.
“Mister Vim Vim, are you alright physically?”
As we waited our turn for teleportation, Hans spoke to me.
“Yes, thankfully. It doesn’t seem I’ll need to go to the hospital.”
“Oh, in that case maybe some food–“
“Hans, after a battle like that even strict Camilla wouldn’t deny the boy some reprieve.”
As Camilla cautioned.
Checking my condition though, nothing hurts. My magical power isn’t depleted either.
“Really, I seem fine. Just a bit tired, similar to after a regular dungeon dive.”
“Is that so. Well then I won’t insist if it’s not necessary.”
With the official approval, Hans turned around and gave a sly smile.
“So, Vim-kun, now that this is settled, how about a meal when we get back to the surface?”

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