Revenge of the Soul Eater Volume 2 Chapter 6 part 4

“This is an oversight that cannot be overlooked, Sir Elgart. I assume you are already aware of this without my needing to point it out. After all, you are a first-class adventurer.”

Upon hearing that voice, a mixture of disgust and sarcasm, Liddell, who was standing behind Elgart, couldn’t help but lower her eyebrows at a steep angle.

She unintentionally opened her mouth but quickly remembered the other person’s position and refrained from speaking.

If Elgart was the guild master of the Ishka branch adventurers’ guild, the other person before him was Sergei Uri, the guild master of the Horus branch adventurers’ guild (located in the capital, Canaria).

Sergei Uri was a talented young noble, merely twenty years old, who had risen to the position of guild master.

In a conversation between two guild masters, Liddell couldn’t afford to act rashly.

Thus, she had no choice but to keep her mouth shut.

Whether Sergei was aware of what Liddell was thinking or not, he grew even more sarcastic.

“You eliminated an adventurer capable of taming a dragon and establishing an independent clan. Many valuable clients were snatched away. Did you know that? This adventurer named Sora has forged connections with the Duke Dragnote’s household in the royal capital. He has previously exterminated over a hundred orcs that had settled in the south, earning him the reputation of the ‘Indigo Dragon Knight,’ which has even reached the ears of His Majesty the King. This is just a rumor, but it is said that Claudia-sama, the Duke’s second daughter, will soon move to his residence. They might even have a potential marriage in mind.”

Claudia Dragnote, whose engagement with the crown prince had been broken, experienced a significant decline in her standing among the aristocracy.

Nevertheless, she remained the daughter of the Duke Dragnote.

Numerous nobles still harbored aspirations for a betrothal with Claudia, making it relatively easy to find a suitable match for her.

The Duke intended to entrust his beloved daughter to Sora, who was single.

Was it because he liked Sora’s personality? Or perhaps he sought his power as a dragon knight? Regardless, it was undeniable that the Duke held Sora in high regard.

“You eliminated that kind of individual, Sir Elgart. A young man with immense power who could have been an invaluable asset to the guild!”

“I feel responsible, Sir Sergei.”

“It’s only natural to feel responsible. The question is how to compensate for this mistake. Sora, who you eliminated, undoubtedly harbors negative sentiments toward the adventurers’ guild. In the worst-case scenario, we might find ourselves at odds with the Dragnote family, the most influential noble family in the country. It’s distressing, a mistake of significant proportions. And then there’s the matter of ‘Falcon Sword.'”

It seemed like the main topic of discussion, judging by the gleam in Sergei’s eyes.

Elgart narrowed his eyes slightly, and Liddell tightly pressed her lips. “Falcon Sword” — a young and promising group renowned within the Ishka adventurers’ guild.

Or rather, they used to be renowned. The dissolution of this group had already been decided and was being discussed among the adventurers.

“Falcon Sword” had failed to defeat the Griffin commissioned by Count Elbe. The leader retreated to Ishka, leaving behind the Sauzar company’s daughter, who was subsequently rescued from danger by Sora. On the day Sora returned from the royal capital, the leader of “Falcon Sword” pleaded with him and departed on the same day. It was an extraordinary turn of events. Well, and during all that time, what did Sir Elgart and the Ishka branch do? No need to say anything. The result speaks for itself. It’s evident that no rescue team was sent, right?”

“Huh — Wait a moment, please. A rescue team was indeed dispatched!”

In response to Liddell, who inadvertently spoke up, Sergei didn’t shout or display any anger. He simply shook his head ever so slightly.

“You organized it? You’re mistaken, Miss Liddell. You attempted to organize it, but in the end, it wasn’t done in time, so practically nothing was achieved. It would be unfair to compare a ground-traveling adventurer to Sora, who can fly with his dragon, but the Ishka branch should have been aware of the situation well before Sora. It was possible to get ahead of Sora, am I wrong?”


“Sir Elgart, upon hearing about the incident, President Sauzar was furious. It’s understandable. His beloved daughter was nearly killed, after all. We have received significant donations from the Sauzar company in the past, but that relationship has now come to an end. By the way, before coming here, I visited Count Elbe, and he was deeply disappointed. Well, that’s to be expected. It was Sora, someone unrelated to the guild, who came to the aid of the adventurers in trouble, fulfilling the guild’s request and defeating the Gryphon. The adventurers’ guild is quite an irresponsible and heartless organization, amusingly enough.”

Sergei’s triumphant gaze was fixed on Elgart.

“I heard that some members of ‘Falcon Sword’ joined Sora’s clan, ‘Bloody Sword,’ I believe it was called. Words cannot express the pain they must be feeling. It’s a fatal mistake. As you know, even the headquarters in the Holy Kingdom is concerned about this. Sir Elgart, you are one of the five first-class adventurers in this country. Despite the admiration of many adventurers, please be aware that sanctions in this case are inevitable. If possible, I would like to defend you, but I cannot deceive the headquarters. So don’t expect too much.”


“Liddell-kun, don’t pout. It’ll ruin your pretty face.”

“I’m not pouting, Master!”

Liddell couldn’t help raising her voice in response to Elgart’s teasing.

Sergei had already left, leaving Elgart and Liddell alone in the room.

“But Sir Sergei’s remarks were too rude. Firstly, it’s not something that should have reached the confused royal capital after the recent undead attack. Sir Sergei is misjudging the situation!”

“Haha, I see you’re not holding back like Sir Sergei. Well, I can’t deny all of his sarcasm, but…”

Elgart smiled wryly.

Unlike Elgart, who was renowned as an adventurer, Sergei didn’t have a background as an adventurer.

Sergei’s skills lay in negotiations, not adventures. His expertise in dealing with nobles and other organizations, his achievements in sponsorship and other activities, were unparalleled, which was why he had been appointed as the master of the Horus guild branch at such a young age.

However, he wasn’t very attuned to the concerns of adventurers, and his reputation among the community wasn’t very favorable. Elgart was aware of that; as a respected active adventurer, he didn’t hide his admiration for Elgart, which was shared by other adventurers.

“Still, most of what Sergei said about Sora is true. It’s hard not to worry.”

“The expulsion was within the rules. There’s no need to blame the master!”

Liddell believed that although Elgart’s talent had emerged later, it didn’t absolve him of the fact that he had violated the rules.

But those who sought to interfere with Elgart, like Sergei, wouldn’t look him in the eye. And even if they did, they would simply ignore him. That infuriated her.

Elgart wasn’t responsible for “Falcon Sword.” There were no shortcomings in mediating the request for the Gryphon’s subjugation, and Sauzar’s daughter, Miroslav, had chosen to stay on the mountain of her own accord. This had been witnessed by the other members present, and most importantly, by Miroslav herself, who returned on the Wyvern. There was no reason to hold the guild accountable for Miroslav’s predicament.

Yet, Elgart was being blamed. It was emphasized that no rescue team had been organized for the adventurer who stayed on the mountain. Why hadn’t they organized one? That viewpoint wasn’t retracted.

Even though he knew he was being blamed, there was nothing more frustrating than receiving criticism.

Liddell wanted to do something, but she had reached this point without being able to take any action.

With a furrowed brow, Liddell left Elgart’s room. Perhaps because of that, no fellow adventurers approached her upon her return.

Normally, Parfait would have said something like, “Senpai, your face, your face is scary,” but Parfait was lying on her desk, unaware of Liddell’s return.

Parfait, who was in charge of “Falcon Sword,” was the one who directly experienced the repercussions of this turmoil, so her mental and physical exhaustion must have been overwhelming.

As she returned to her seat, Liddell glanced once again at the current situation of “Falcon Sword” while completing her tasks. After what happened with Luna Maria, Miroslav would also be leaving the guild to join “Bloody Sword.”

Lars hadn’t expressed a desire to leave the guild, but he had indicated that he would distance himself from the adventurers, saying, “I’ll go back to the beginning and start over.”

It seemed he would spend some time in his hometown, the village of Melte. Parfait had been quite insistent in trying to persuade him, but judging by his current state, it was clear that her efforts had been in vain.

The only remaining member of “Falcon Sword” was Iria. However, based on her recent behavior, Liddell doubted she would continue as an adventurer once she learned of Lars’ chosen path.

Looking at the facts, Liddell once again realized the truth.

-“Falcon Sword” had effectively disbanded.

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