Female Soldier Infiltration Volume 2 Chapter 1 part 8

Raze’s eyes focused not on Dieter but on the students listening to the story.
Stones that were transparent like crystals and allowed light to pass through represented whether they had bitten or eaten a human. With that level of transparency, it seemed they hadn’t consumed humans so much, but Raze unconsciously tightened her fist.
Magic stones collected from beasts that were dangerous enough to injure trained soldiers were as clear as they come.
The charms the students at Centrioal carried were all beautiful.
And what was in her own ears was a stone that looked black but had a very high level of transparency, collected from a beast that had been killed while injuring Raze own body.
Raze gently touched it with her hand.
“To go to Baluda to collect magic stones, you need permission from the country. Basically, only those affiliated with the military can go, so it’s not really relevant to you guys, but some might enlist in the military. You should know what they’re using.”
Since there were dead things inside, Dieter opened the cage, which was just a container, and used magic to subdue the beasts.
“I’m going to take out the magic stones now. Anyone who wants to… Well, anyone? Then, let’s go to Granoli as a representative of my laboratory.”
As if he had planned it from the beginning, Dieter’s gaze fell decisively on Raze.
She hadn’t expected her name to be mentioned, so Raze released her hand from her ear in surprise.
She was being handled completely as they pleased. But her classmates didn’t seem enthusiastic, and she couldn’t just refuse after being singled out…
Raze, feeling resentful towards Dieter, stepped forward with heavy footsteps.
Then, a brave student raised his hand. The eyes of the remaining students focused on him.
Raze also stopped and turned back to them.
“Oh. Zarth, can you go too? Then, come forward.”
For some reason, Addis raised his hand at this timing.
“Do you want to do it?”
Ruben, who was next to him, also stared at him with a surprised expression.
“I can’t just let a girl do it alone.”
He replied casually, as always. Several female students who had remained quietly in the class sparkled with their eyes.
(I wish you had done that before I was chosen.)
Raze muttered to herself, raising Addis, who was raising his stock.
Addis, who didn’t know that she was thinking that, came over to their side.
“Is it okay? It’s quite smelly, you know?”
Although she had her own thoughts, it didn’t change the fact that he had volunteered with concern.
Even though it may have contributed positively to his class attitude and relationships,
Raze couldn’t help but ask, as it was not something a noble young master would want to do. The commoner Raze touching unclean monsters was not something the students would care about.
However, for him, born between the prime minister of this country and the princess of a neighboring country, to willingly try to touch such things himself would cause him to be viewed differently from Raze.
Addis was questioned by the surprised Ruben because they had that kind of perception.
Raze was a little worried about this too, as it related to Addis’ future position.
“Since I’ll never get to see monsters again, I just wanted to experience it.”
Though Addis said that, he slightly contorted his face at the distinctive smell of the monsters.
He had no need for the experience of harvesting magic stones, even though he wanted to become a knight protecting the inside of the country.
Raze glanced at the knights watching them nearby.
(They don’t seem to be criticized… That’s a relief.)
If it had been Ruben who was chosen, their expressions might have been different.
Addis, who has a decent backing for the unfortunate commoner girls, seems to be on the commendable line.
It’s a headache to have to consider even this much. It’s tough even for the noble young master who values appearances.
“Are you okay?”
As she spaced out a bit, Addis peered into her face lightly.
” I’m doing it. If you don’t like it, just watch.”
Raze’s eyes widened.
(You’re the one who looks like you don’t like it…?)
Addis accepted the rugged knife and knelt in front of the beast’s head according to Dieter’s instructions.
Raze also crouched down next to Addis, who was about to extract the magic stone, holding a knife.
And then, it happened when he nervously grabbed the beast’s hair.
The moment she sensed an alien atmosphere, it wasn’t from the dead beast, but from its mouth.
Suddenly, a creature resembling an octopus emerges from the gaping mouth.
Rather than surprise, the first thing Raze feels upon noticing it is a determination to crush it.
She instinctively positions herself in front of Addis, who is kneeling beside her, and as the creature lunges, she pushes it to the ground with her left hand and stabs its head with a knife gripped in her right hand.
It’s a quicker response than anyone else in the room.
As several knights notice the abnormality and reach for their swords, the creature is already pinned to the ground.
The weak points of monsters aren’t much different from those of animals. If you deal a fatal blow, you can defeat them. After confirming that she has effectively killed it, Raze releases her grip on the knife embedded in the ground. It all happens in an instant.


“That was close!”
The surprise that spills from her mouth emphasizes her thoughts.
“Gross, seriously…”
Raze tries to peel off the leg that has attached itself to her left hand, but its suckers make it difficult to remove.
When she tries to force it off, she notices that the area has turned black.
(Is this poison?)
Black marks obtained from creatures of Baluda are called “curses” and leave permanent scars.
The one on Raze’s side was obtained from a type of creature that secretes poison from its claws.
Realizing that the black mark has appeared, she starts to feel a dull pain.
Raze uses magic to prevent the poison from spreading throughout her body.
(I let my guard down. I never expected it to come over here.)
It’s been a while since she got injured. If she had noticed sooner, she could have forcibly sent only the creature back to Baluda, but she didn’t check thoroughly enough. While this injury isn’t a big deal, it’s embarrassing for a titled military officer to be in this situation.
When Addis’s voice comes from behind, Raze turns to see his face close by.
Unusually, he doesn’t call her by her name. Well, that’s not her real name either.
“Why did you go out of your way to save me!?”
Addis, who is normally mild-mannered, raises his voice.
Raze opens her mouth in surprise. She hadn’t expected to be glared at after saving him, and she’s taken aback by his reaction.
“Uh, sorry…? Ah, I’m fine, also please don’t touch.”
She grabs his arm, which he extends from behind, with her uninjured right hand.
“I’m fine!”
There’s no way she could be fine with a discoloration like that. His serious silver eyes plead with her.
“Get out of there already!”
Since it’s not safe, Dieter instructs them to move away.
The knights are confirming the situation and evacuating the students who were observing.
Raze lets go and turns back to face forward. If something else comes out, she had planned to teleport immediately, but since the knights and Dieter are handling the creature, she stands up quickly.
“Sir Zarth, let’s g—oh!”
When she calls out to Addis, who is still crouching, he suddenly stands up and ends up carrying her.
“Hey, wait!”
This is unexpected.
Her field of vision rises, and Addis’s shoulder presses against her stomach. Honestly, she thought she was being tackled.
“Don’t move your arm.”
Addis, in an unusually grouchy voice, warns her, and Raze closes her mouth in surprise.
Once out of the cage, she’s immediately set down on the ground.
“It’s a black mark. We need to extract the poison quickly.”
He squints at the black mark that resembles a tattoo floating on Raze’s arm.
(He knows about this mark.)
Impressed by his diligence, Raze lowers her gaze to the knife still in his hand and has a bad feeling about it.
“It hurts, but please bear with it for a moment.”
Realizing that he intends to draw blood, Raze quickly shakes her head.
“N-no, it’s okay! I’m fine!”
“I’ve done poison extraction before.”
Even though he’s a nobleman, he’s saying something dangerous.
(That’s not what I asked! It’s scary, scary, scary!)
Although she feels bad for causing him worry, she has already removed anything mixed into her skin with the magic of transference.
Raze was unnerved seeing Addis taking aim with a knife in hand.
“Wh-where did you learn to do that!?”
“With poison, it’s a race against time.”
Addis’ eyes shook with unease as he flinched at Raze’s question.
Seeing Addis’s hand trembling slightly, she finally notices.
“Sir Zarth.”
She grabs his trembling hand with her right hand and calls his name.
“I’ve already extracted the poison, so I’m really okay.”
Trying to answer as gently as possible, Raze smiles at Addis.
Although she was shocked by the unexpected turn of events, she feels sorry for worrying him.
She’s always been concerned about golden eggs and the son of the Grim Reaper, but she’s just like the other students here, a commoner.
“You don’t look good. Are you really okay, Sir Zarth? I’m sure you were surprised.”
Although he was confident until now, his expression suddenly weakened, and Raze felt calmer as a result.
Folia who the knight, unable to restrain her,rushed straight towards the commotion, her face turning pale.
“Are you hurt!? Shall I use healing magic!?”
“Thank you. Can you heal the spots where the suction cups left marks?”
“Sure thing!”
She carefully avoided touching the wounds as she cast the spell.

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